SCAM ALERT -SCAM ALERT …All Christians take note ,and BEWARE!

My  Dear Christian Folk:   The latest scam  being promoted by the infamous gang of pseudo-Christian religion hustlers ,operating

with impunity from the  radio broadcast studios of VCY AMERICA NETWORK, is one  very familiar to many in their listening audience.


The sale of merchandise to the incredibly naive  small-minded audience, has been a steady source of income for the money-grubbing operators ,posing as  concerned TALK-SHOW HOSTS 

delivering vital information of deep concern  ,so they claim.

Anyone with a minimal I.Q. would soon realize that the trio of

radio professionals pushing the same blather day in and  day out ,   are only    concerned with enhancing their own selfish luxury

lifestyle that they maintain, free from the public’s prying eyes.

  The current scam  Du Jour is the  promotion of DVDs produced by a seemingly dedicated Christian  individual, who

interestingly ,tried to “make it” in HOLLYWOOD and failed,but became so interested in HELPING CHRISTIANS  and non-believers that he branched out into making morally sound  Christian movies .


 And what better place to push these movie gems than on the incredibly deceptive scam artists  running their mouths on the CROSSTALK radio program!

All movie producers need to find willing publicity outlets for their creations ,and what better way to reach the most gullible listening

audience in America than to arrange for these productions to be sold directly to the mindless dupes ,eager to jump at anything

that might impress their equally stupid friends and family members?

 The tricksters at VCY AMERICA know their clients well, they know how gullible and trusting they are . And all the more eager they become at the smell of money they hope to garner at their expense.

 Whereas people should be free to buy what they wish ,it seems  taking advantage of people, not well versed in the buying and selling of merchandise ,is not the kind or compassionate thing to do.

Selling a DVD of a simple-minded morality play for a twenty dollar donation [postage paid]. is the height of “sleight of hand trickery”

But this is of little importance to  professional con artists that have perfected the art of the religious scam down to the T.

The cost of postage  to a NON-PROFIT  ,[sounds funny],is practically nothing, when sent by bulk mail which may take up to six weeks to deliver.

But to the imbeciles listening, it seems like a charitable concession.  What the scam artists do not tell you is that after a few weeks the same DVD will be available at most Christian bookstores for  3.99$.. Big difference between 3.99 $ and 20.00$!

The difference goes into the pockets of the “DEDICATED CHRISTIAN PRODUCER ‘ ? and the trio of pickpockets pushing this MORALITY PLAY ,starring a few grade B actors and outright degenerates from TELEVISION’S  earliest entry into  depravity !

Bravo! Christian movie producers! You are as phony as anything else currently plaguing  the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY IN AMERICA.

If you want to listen to a morality play and feel the need for it ,just listen to the other moronic production called ADVENTURES IN   ODYSSEY. You know the radio for the simple-minded ,starring CHRIS!.. The Lolita sounding actress  who can change her voice from the young ,pure-minded teen to a sultry ,”better watch out   sounding” vocal personality presentation.

It’s all the same MIDGET MINDED nonsense that goes nowhere .

My Dear Christian Friends ,  you cannot change HOLLYWOOD by trying to compete with them on ANY level.

 The only thing that can make a positive change  in the national cultural morality is to rip HOLLYWOOD  from out of the AMERICAN SOIL ,root and branch!

Pull out this noxious weed once and for all, and toss it into the incinerator!

Enforce  all the Anti Porn laws and round-up the jewish pornmasters that make billions manufacturing this sewage   and ship them into the filthy pig pens that reflect their own image .

 Dear Christian Comrades , Stay strong,stay united and together we will defeat the eternal enemies of JESUS CHRIST , this enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity! 


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