My Dear Christian Folk:..  The biggest problem with  America’s current infatuation with the TEA -PARTY movement is just that  :an infatuation, that will soon become a mere footnote in the history books of   twenty-first century,  know nothing  politics.

The problem centers around the rank and file protestors and  other vocal types hoping to make an impression on those possessing the iron grip  of  power and influence in this country.

It simply isn’t going to work. 

  Whereas those who dare to be heard are acting out of a legitimate concern for the nation’s welfare  ,the fact that they have a lot to

lose ,or at least something to lose ,automatically disqualifies them from advancing any real changes in the status quo.

Having something to lose ,great or small ,means you  HAVE something!

And history clearly shows that little is ever accomplished by those in society who own property,have positions in the

community , are members of various churches, send their children to private school,pay their bills , are part of the professional caste , etc.  ;  primarily because they have in fact  ,too much at risk ,  TOO MUCH to lose.

If appearances mean anything, this is the political and demographic make up of the outspoken TEA PARTY MEMBERS.

These  folks have yet to feel the police truncheon across the back of the neck, or yet to  inhale  tear  gas, that  marinates

the lungs and causes  stinging blood to choke the throat.  These dear people have never heard  a  volley of fire    directed at their ranks, and the screaming that most assuredly follows.

 Remember the highly vaunted STUDENT UNION PROTESTS that rocked the nation for a short while?

Can anyone forget how quickly this movement of very dedicated American students  protesting the  VIETNAM WAR ,on-campus

recruiting  privileges  granted to the military, and  injustices world-wide, came to a sudden crashing end ,after the national guard opened fire on them at…… KENT STATE? 

American memory lasts about as long as it takes a lying Jew to finish his speech  in front of the cameras of ABC and FOX NEWS.

Or on the floor of the SENATE  : At the most!

  If something more recent is needed to understand that  changes in a non-responsive  government  need more than prayerful gatherings ,one only need look at the highly publicized protest movement that went on for weeks in IRAN. WHERE IS IT NOW?

These folks were also  responding to various restrictions and demands made upon them by a very exclusive religious and political minority : The Mullahs .

They also were part of the large middle class of reasonably well off ,educated and young professional types that took to the streets.

They suffered from the same problems  found in America’s current protest fad . These Iranians had too much to lose and when the security police appeared and started to swing their police batons ,breaking teeth and jaws , blinding eyes and breaking noses ,things started to slowly quiet down again.


The IRANIANS, generally toughened by years of religious  instruction in the world’s most zealous religion lasted probably longer than most would have predicted.

How long do you really think these grandmas and  assorted hayseeds will last ,once things start

getting serious and go over the top? Once the military is called to break things up ,once the police start using their clubs to disperse the crowds ,and live ammo is distributed to national guardsmen?

All there present, will start to suddenly think about little Billy’s football practice and let’s not forget the coffee and cookies down at OUR WONDERFUL FIRST  BAPTIST CHURCH ,that recently found a wonderful young pastor .- You really must come for prayer services . -WHAT A JOKE!

Prayers have never liberated a nation and never will.

Change will only come when you see the glazed over stare of a religious fanatic on the faces of America’s youth. Only when the workers and small farmers begin a slow deliberate march with

nothing but pitch forks and meat cleavers   ,moving ever forward  with all the determination of a Buddhist monk  spinning his prayer wheel .

America’s vocal but impotent malcontents will  never pose a threat to anyone simply because they have SOMETHING to lose.

Things will never need to go to  extremes, in fact the best way to disarm any protest movement is to simply invite the protesters and the LEADERS inside the halls of power for a BEER or a free lunch.

The leaders of the Tea Baggers need to be told how wonderful they are and called by their correct  titles ; Governor ,congressman etc. They need to be told how compassionate and caring they are for bringing mentally challenged children into the world . And what a credit they are for their profound  civic-mindedness.

In fact even more , they should be offered positions within the political establishment,positions of importance, cabinet positions , promises for future support should they wish to run again for office.

That’s the civilized way of disarming ANY protest movement and without having to resort to more  persuasive tactics.

 But for all others,those who work and raise children to be moral and law-abiding,the small farmers who till the soil and put bread and butter on the kitchen tables  of this nation ,the workers and the industrious ,they will forever be taken advantage of.

They will forever be lied to. Thanks to the false and deceptive practices of America’s Christian clergy and those that operate in the fringes.

Criminal minded Christian radio broadcasters that continue to shill and cover for the international jewish maggots that represent a real existential threat to our very existence.

 Herein  lies the problem that remains hidden from view.

 And without the solution nothing else matters.

All one need do is listen to the criminal connivance of talk show hosts such as the ever lying VIC ELIASON that daily rapes the gullible imbeciles in his listening audience with an endless stream of

falsehoods and half-truths designed to mask the life threatening actions of the most vile minority existing in this country. 

 This parasitic gang has plundered the nation’s wealth,destroyed the pensions and savings of America’s middle class with impunity ,and have perverted the nation’s morals and sense of ethics through their outlets of perversion in HOLLYWOOD and other media .

The VCY AMERICA enablers have taken money from jewish interests for the express purpose of redirecting the natural ire and frustrations of the Christian public away from the JEWS and  towards those whose only crime is to desire to live free from THE JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE! IN PALESTINE.

VIC ELIASON and his totally deceptive and lying daughter MRS.  INGRID SCHLUETER,  whose  only claim to fame is her ability to lie with a straight face, have done a great service  for  the enemies of JESUS CHRIST and a diservice to his holy cause to bring morality and decency to the peoples of the world.

Unless the people truly apprise themselves of this danger and resolve to stamp out this peril to our very existence ,no other mass effort on anyone’s part will ever be  sufficient to defend ourselves against the  implacable foe of all that is CHRISTIAN ,decent,kind ,compassionate.


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