How Christian Radio Broadcasters serve the interests of THE ANTI-CHRIST!

How Christian Radio Broadcasters serve the interests of THE ANTI-CHRIST!

 My Dear Christian Folk: Every Christian has the right to understand the Scriptures as he sees fit. Every Christian has a God-given right to deceive himself into accepting as truth whatever belief he chooses ,no matter how fallacious it may turn out to be.

It’s an entirely different story when that same individual is deliberately deceived by an outside source, for the express purpose of rendering him incapable of learning the truth for himself,or to cheat him financially.

This is what usually happens to all those in the Christian community who rely on professional religion hucksters that ply their trade in deceit on this nation’s radio airwaves.

What bedevils most of the “stay at home” members of the Christian Community is that they fall prey to some of this country’s biggest scoundrels who rely on donations and the sale of books and CD.s and DVD.s in order to profit, and to live a life of luxury; all at the expense of the unsuspecting listening public.

These conniving scam artists are really a dime – a-dozen ,but the more credulous the public becomes ,especially in matters of CHURCH HISTORY and BIBLICAL INTERPRETATIONS the more of these pickpockets it seems to engender and spawn.

The added encouragement for these criminals comes from those in our society who have a vested interest to weaken the Christian Faith,our culture ,our values .
The Jewish cabal of international maggots ,is one such group that tirelessly works to demean,ridicule and to destroy all that remains of our FAITH IN CHRIST!

The Jews hate us and want to eradicate us from the face of the earth!

But in order to bring us to this stern fate it must enlist the efforts of some very willing accomplices, who serve as instruments of our destruction.
These professional Judases are found in every Church,every Christian organization and in these last days dominate the Christian Radio Broadcast Dial.

VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK ,using some of the cleverest techniques designed to trick their listening audience ,has been able to grow rich ;and all those associated with this pseudo-Christian gang have been able to live in the lap of luxury ;all the while their idiotic supporters in the audience are too stupid to understand how they are being tricked and cheated .

They employ many deceptive devices but one that they can capitalize on is to hire a controversial rabble-rouser ,record the drivel that he spouts over the course of an hour and then package and sell it to the emotion driven imbeciles taken in by the rhetoric.

The basis to all this, is the abject stupidity of many in the Christian community and this fact alone is the driving force behind all the double talk that goes over the airwaves from broadcast studios in PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and VCY AMERICA .The headquarters of this gang of swindlers is in Milwaukee!

Everything you hear these jokers present is carefully pre-planned and in the case of [RBN] is pre-recorded ,in order to lower their monthly operating expenses.

From the calm and reassuring voice of GORDY MORRIS of the VCY AMERICA CON-JOB ,who remains a relative unknown, to the strident voice of INGRID SCHLUETER who constantly berates any and all who voice a differing opinion ,so much so that all who listen to her androgynous sounding voice wonder if she needs additional hormonal therapy to just get through her anxiety ridden day??

Then there’s the ringleader himself Mr. Vic Eliason who wrote the manual on: HOW TO GROW RICH SWINDLING THE GULLIBLE IN THE CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY!

Later on you will hear the erudite sounding MR. CRAIG MATTSON pouring out his PROVERBS AND OTHER CAREFULLY ARRANGED SOUND BITES ..All serving to instill a sense of calm and confidence in the moronic audience that believes these jokers to be inspired God -Fearing men of God.

Lies and half-truths abound to whomever you listen to . Their goals are the same in any case i.E. to cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

These scam artists at REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK broadcasting on WPCS PENSACOLA are driven by the Jewish whip and serve the interests of this diabolical plague on mankind that has ushered in the AGE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST!

Remember the more they dumb down their audience, the happier they make their JEWISH BOSSES!

The best reason to bring joy to the Satanic and malice ridden jewish vermin is to denounce the MUSLIM community and by extension to dehumanize the valiant Palestinians fighting for their independence and to regain their lost HOMELAND!

Would we as God-Fearing Americans do anything less?

Keep in mind the fact that when Christianity was first recognized by the Romans as a legal religious entity ,the church was not content in sharing their newly found freedoms with any other competing faith.

They did not content themselves in simply building and erecting their own altars ,they insisted on digging up the altars of the earlier pagan religions.They did not tolerate any competing points of view. In fact early Christianity introduced SPIRITUAL TERRORISM into the Roman Empire enabling it to reign supreme in a matter of just a few years.During the earthly ministry Of OUR LORD ,he warned about the perils of hypocrisy and about looking to remove the mote in our brother’s eye and neglecting the beam in our own!

Ever think about reminding the fast talking slime buckets at RBN about the last pledge drive they had to build a radio station in the midwest? Did the funds go to pay off VIC ELIASON ? for past favors? Just wondering.

The best thing that one can do is to avoid these con-artists and hopefully they will wither away!Hopefully they will be brought to account by the authorities that have as their sworn duty to protect the public from clever scams no matter from where they may originate.

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