By argoweaver

My Dear Christian Folk:   Every nation on  earth has its share of traitors .Every religion has its Judas Iscariot ,willing to betray their own community for  fame  and  fortune.

What   initially causes someone to  betray their faith is a subject for discussion, best suited for those accredited in the  psychology profession.

In the Christian faith community betrayal and treason over the course of many centuries has taken various forms.One of the more usual has  transpired over the road of self promotion and a desire to take advantage of those unable to think independently .REMEMBER JIMMY SWAGGERT AND JIM BAKER’S PTL CLUB? and ORAL ROBERT’S TELEVISED SWINDLE?

The ultimate reason  :to simply enrich their personal fortune.You usually find  those so inclined behind the pulpits of every denomination, but lately behind the microphones of the various Christian Radio Broadcast stations . 

Here they can cast their nets of deception over a very wide audience  ;usually guaranteeing  a modicum of success ;if only over a small minority of the easily tricked .  Operating   behind the cloak of  Christian religiosity they can  comfortably force feed their drivel down the throats of those lacking the education or the analytical mind needed to    penetrate the fog and distortions of history ,these low life scoundrels    calmly peddle for the profit earned on the retail price of a poorly written history book. 

  The purchase of books from these tax  exempt radio ministries is high priority in their drive to not only dumb down the gullible listening audience but as a  means of maintaining their luxury lifestyles.

 Falsifying history can earn someone a good deal of money.

College  professors are constantly badgered by various ethnic and political groups  from off campus to include in their curriculum something favorable and biased   to  their world view or  favoring  their political aspirations.

  This is no less true among the ever resourceful Pseudo-Christian Radio Broadcasters  in America ,ever open to new opportunities to gain riches and celebrity status.

Treason is treason from whatever source it manifests itself.

  Hypothetically , would Christians be interested in attending a lecture given by JUDAS ISCARIOT ,explaining his side of the story?

What would we think of those who would eagerly attend such a gathering?  What would we think of anyone who would give credence to the FALSE DISCIPLE ?

Why should we give any credence to the judases among the ISLAMIC RELIGION  ?Are they really any more credible ?

Should we be suspicious of any person who abandons his religion for notoriety or betrays the suffering of his people  in exchange for  getting his book published .??

While it may be injurious to the  Church of Christ to have deceit and betrayal originating from  within the faith community ,it is quite something different when it originates from without and for reasons that can only be described as diabolical.

Here we have to look hard at those who simply masquerade as a  religious  community in order to disarm  and deceive the    unsuspecting public; allowing them to go undetected while they plunder the country they reside in ;taking over the financial institutions, corroding the public’s sense of morality and decency and eventually leaving behind in its trail, an empty shell,a carcass poisoned  by the biggest lie ever invented by a people  ;The lie that ;the  Jews are a religious community ,harmless ,quaint ,obedient to the mosaic laws and totally trustworthy.

  In order to  shove this lie down the throats of the gullible gentile community they employ all the various means at their disposal.

And if one can measure the rate of decay in American society it would be hard to underestimate their effectiveness.

America’s  ethical and Christian moral standing has diminished in direct relationship to the rate of jewification that  has spread across the U.S.A. at the speed of a highly lethal pathogen , ingested into the nation’s churches and religious institutions.

  One of the many tactics they use is to appeal to the various christian radio broadcasters such as REJOICE RADIO and their evil twins at the infamous VCY AMERICA BROADCAST INC.

 Now under the cover of Christian     communication they penetrate the minds and psyche of the credulous  ;plying their misinformation by means of their willing accomplices of this planned deceit.

The daily drum beat is that Muslims are generally violent creatures who would love nothing better than to behead the infidel.

Never understanding that the JEW has an unequaled aptitude for diverting public attention away from himself and directing it elsewhere ;the listening audience of this talk show is never the wiser.

 The Jew even succeeds in causing the Christian Community to attack one another while the cultural and moral foundations of this country become corroded and filled with  spiritual  dry rot.

Poisoned by the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE!

 What never occurs to the naive listening audience is that more Muslims and even Christians living in occupied  Arab lands are dying as a result of Jewish assaults on their homes,neighborhoods,places of worship.

It never enters into the befuddled mentality of the credulous listeners that Christian countries are standing idly by while the slaughter of small Arab children goes on and  are also  being starved to death on a daily basis.

The Jewish poison creates an unparalleled paralysis of the logic and thought processes of the average stupid Christian who will believe every word that comes out of the mouths of the paid stooges such as the hosts of the CROSSTALK RADIO PROGRAM.

The arch-swindler of this hotbed of paid judases  is so incredibly corrupt that for fame and a chance to  over charge his listening audience for the cover price of a cheap book plus postage and handling costs ;in excess of the actual amount ,will stoop to nothing to cater favor with the murderers of JESUS CHRIST!

This infamy extends just as well to many others including the TRICKSTERS OVER AT REJOICE RADIO.

Ever wonder how the glib story-teller and proverbs reader ever financed his career in RADIO?

Corruption breeds corruption;charlatans attract other charlatans.

Do you really believe REJOICE RADIO AND VCY AMERICA do not work together for financial gain.?


 Demand that the financial records be opened in order to ascertain the financial connection between the two!

Keep in mind that unless  the world eliminates the jewish plague from humanity;the jewish plague will eliminate humanity from the world!  

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