My Dear Christian Folk: …This photo of Jews  conspiring together is as close as it gets to the actual event described in the GOSPELS ,where the enemies of Jesus  Christ  began plotting  His Crucifixion.

 Two thousand years ago there were no digital cameras , u tube videos , or i phones to record the event.

But this is basically what it looked like…

 In this modern depiction you can practically hear these two demons in human likeness discussing the details  of the TRIAL of Christ in front of the  Sanhedrin ,the false witnesses ,the accusations and finally the blackmailing of  Pontius  Pilate.

All eventually leading to the sadistic murder of the founder of the Christian Faith.

What needs to be added here is the clever and crafty connivance on the part of the Pharisees, to include as many of the gentile stooges in their diabolical plans  ,to provide cover for them ,should they be blamed.

And we can see this being played out in the modern media such as the incredibly treasonous CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS  who  collect their Judas wages from these demon possessed  parasites.

 Some of the more notable judases can be heard everyday of the week on WPCS Pensacola Fla. and followed by the tricksters that wrote the manual on how to betray the people of GOD; the three stooges operating their scam programming from VCY AMERICA, Milwaukee WS.

They call their infamous well known scam ,the  ‘crosstalk ,call-in program.’  Here they pretend to talk about vital issues of interest to the CHRISTIAN LISTENING AUDIENCE,but in fact all they do is shill for some very clever Jews that have for fifty years bankrolled their operation. 

This is also true of the above mention RBN that is totally beholden to JEWISH INTERESTS . To such an extent that I have seen fit to dub their religious programming THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK! rather than their scurrilous label calling themselves the Rejoice Broadcast network.

 Just give a listen to their PRO-JEWISH NEWSCAST ,and that should convince any and all.

The only thing these jokers rejoice at is opening all the donation envelopes they receive from all the gullible idiots in the audience that believe these scam artists are really sincere in delivering GOOD MUSIC, SERMONS , and CRAIG MATTSON’S PROVERB READINGS .

They love getting all that easy money . This way they can go out on the town , in Pensacola ,known as the swinger’s capitol of the FLORIDA PANHANDLE.

Pensacola is the major SIN CITY in northern Florida . This town is lined with bordellos ,strip joints ,bars ,massage  parlors and bikini clad young women by the thousands.

Guess where CALEB and his moonshine boys are going to be spending the FOURTH OF JULY?

The same place that the entire staff of RBN will be , bar hopping and visiting all the many bordellos [cathouses] for all you imbeciles living out there in places such as MILTON,MARY ESTER , NICEVILLE ,FLA. These places make RIO LINDA ,Ca. look like a center of sophistication .

Just  the type of pseudo religious gang the JEWS love to work with, gullible, stupid , lovers of money, and willing to deceive and sell out all the good natured folks in the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY!



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