PROFILES OF A STOOGE: Working in the Christian religion Business.

 My  Dear Christian Folk: ..The word stooge conjures  images of comedy acts and routines made famous by the  Three Stooges and  many others . Lewis and Martin is   another well-known comedy team ,and dearly loved by the public.

 The word itself has many connotations, and it’s hard to  find a more recognizable word that  can best describe those in the public arena that have made a travesty  of those things we hold dear  ,by serving as stooges for  those   standing  behind them ,pulling their strings.

For Christians this is something especially hard to contemplate existing  in the religious arena ;

given the faith and trust we place on those who claim to be serving the Almighty in various endeavors .

The hardest thing for many in the Christian community  to accept is  the role they play  in the game of “LET’S MAKE A STOOGE”

A stooge after a while gets so used to this role that he can hardly differentiate between reality and his assigned part in this clever game by which the exploiters  take advantage of the stupid and gullible.

 I wonder how many Evangelicals have ever visited a Roman  Catholic Church during a Sunday  service. It is amazing how few have  had the opportunity to do so.

 For those that have , what seems to be taken for granted, is the artificial lighting  that  fills the interior of the church ,with an eerie twilight   feel and look.

  Add to that the statues of weeping  saints and bloodied martyrs ,along with lighted tapers and the sweet smell of incense

and there you have a very impressive display of sanctity , that in almost two thousand years of history  has yet to be duplicated  or replaced by anything greater.

Depending on the day of the week or the particular day of religious observance ,you may hear the   intonations of an ancient  hymn accompanied by the dulcet  chant of an accomplished choir ,adding to the spellbinding ambience.

 All this has served Catholicism well ;impressing the gullible ,totally unaware that this display is to maintain the appearance of religiosity of those in charge :the priests ,the bishops and His Holiness ,the Pope.

In the hierarchy of things one could say that the priests are the stooges of the bishops ,afterall they do everything in their power  to make them look smart and holy.

 The bishops, one can argue, are stooges themselves in that  they serve to make those above them in authority seem as holy and compassionate as possible. The buck stops with His Infallible Holiness, the sovereign of the Vatican , the Pope,the straight man in this comedy act.

Whereas advantages accrue to both sides of the comedy team in show business ;they  stay employed that is , but in the Church business, that’s not always the case.

Here what  often occurs,  is the fall guy is fired ,and the  straight man    looks for another stooge.

Afterall no one can fire the POPE.

This is what took  place recently when the lawyers for HIS HOLINESS and the VATICAN  refused to  acknowledge  responsibility in the matter of sexual abuse on the part of priests and  its cover up by the bishops. By so doing ,they deny any financial restitution to the victims and  in effect leave the damaged parties out in the cold.

My how compassionate of the HOLY FATHER!

The basis of the denial of payments was made on the grounds that the  priests and bishops involved were not EMPLOYEES OF THE HOLY SEE![VATICAN]

Hey, woh  hoppen?   What ever happened to THE .. [ONE]…TRUE  ,HOLY, CATHOLIC, APOSTOLIC CHURCH and ROMAN?  NOW ,  divided between legitimate employees and what ,day laborers?  WHAT A JOKE.!


But remember this situation is akin to any comedy act involving a team effort , JERRY LEWIS AND DEAN MARTIN ,ABBOT AND COSTELLO etc.  and  even here, someone  eventually gets thrown under the POPE’S LIMO!

The ultimate stooges in this criminal comedy team are the poor jerks sitting in the pews of not only the CATHOLIC CHURCH but in all churches where the people of GOD are abused ,financially ,sexually and every other way ,and where the people are so stupefied and perplexed they don’t know whether it’s raining on them or someone is urinating on their heads.

The  set up is the  APPEARANCE OF SANCTITY, the display , the weeping   saints ,the sacred sounding pronouncements ,this is what gets the jerks every time. 

 This is what leaves the credulous, vulnerable to abuse ,this is exactly what causes so many to suspend their GOD-GIVEN commonsense and the gift of reason and logic.  TOO BAD!

Thev deceit is widespread ,what works for Catholicism can do miracles among the incredibly naive and good natured Evangelicals ,too trusting to ever suspect that their dear old Billy Bob pastor is out having a fling with the church secretary behind everyone’s back.

 Everyone in the fundamentalist  Evangelical type churches   can pass for being a STOOGE .But it’s not limited to them only.

The word stooge can apply in so many different ways ,due to the many layered structure  of CHURCH LIFE.

Your church pastor is usually someone’s stooge but in many cases you will never know. How would you know who is standing behind him telling him what to preach and for what motive?

How would you know what he receives in salary and from whom?

 As long as there are easy to deceive morons sitting in the pews this type of STOOGE MAKING will continue.

As long as there are stooges who in time become aware of the fact ,they in turn ,will endeavor to make stooges of others.

It goes back to the AXIOM that charlatans will gravitate  to charlatans , the deceived will try to deceive others.

In many cases the victimized will look to make victims of others. If they were  abused they have the right to abuse others, so they believe,  and so you have a multi-level pyramid scheme that feeds on itself over the centuries.  Sexual predators were usually abused themselves ,etc.

This is exactly the situation you hear coming from the nation’s Christian Radio Broadcasters everday .

These jokers take on the role of   scam artists that put on a display of Christian Religiosity in order to dupe you into  placing your faith and trust in them ,and by so doing they can fleece you out of your hard earned money. They in fact turn you into being willing accomplices in their scam and in so doing you become the kind of stooge they love the most, : one that makes money for them.

What never occurs to their radio listening audience is that they themselves,the CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS , are stooges to the money bags that stand behind them and pull the strings .

In this day and age where the diabolical jewish money bags have taken over every aspect of American culture including the Christian faith community ,you can bet that scam artists such as the criminal gang that operates out of the PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE RADIO STUDIOS is functioning as the willing stooges to this criminal gang of international parasites.

CRAIG MATTSON , CALEB  and his moonshine boys ,all the southern dames that found employment there ,many of whom are married to wealthy JEWS, are the very epitome of what it means to be both a stooge and a victimizer .

Their demands for money are probably the most cleverly disguised extortion threats ever imposed on a very gullible audience.

This gang of pickpockets masquerade behind a sanctimonious cover of CHRISTIAN MUSIC, HYMNS of one sort or another,pious arcane drivel they try to impress all the hayseeds in the listening audience with and so on.

Here again you have a religious display being erected before your eyes , designed to impress you enough to the point where you fall for the trick and you do something really stupid such as mailing them a donation.

What these deceivers do not tell you is that they really have no legitimate need for your donations since they are funded by JEWISH 

money bags and their incredibly rich FOUNDATIONS. 

The problem for them is simply that  FOUNDATION MONEY comes with some strings to how it is spent!

What they want from you is money they can reload their fun and entertainment credit cards with. This is the operating expenses they are in need of replenishing.

CRAIG MATTSON’S  salary and bonus must come from donated money and not from the rich Jews that support these low life bastards. NOT TO MENTION the bloated salary the corrupted station manager receives . Ever wonder where this degenerate hides his whiskey bottle?

The criminals over at VCY AMERICA are even worse if that be possible. here they outsource  on occasions to some  professional website swindlers such as BRANNON  HOWSE ,who gets to push his stupid website and  those of his fellow con artists ,in exchange for a piece of the action.

The incredibly deceitful VIC ELIASON ,known among his fellow Christian radio scam artists as THE  OLD PICKPOCKET uses his CROSSTALK operation as a form of RADIO PAYOLA for any and all the charlatans that line up to get on his incredibly moronic call in  talk show.

Of course the bottom line is that without you , the naive jerks and assorted stooges in the audience this nonsense would not go on!


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