The Synagogue of satan.

 My Dear Christian Folk :  

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

New Living Translation (©2007)The  Face of the international maggot, the human bacteria poisoning the Christian faith community and ridiculing all that is decent,sacred and of true religion.–

 The Synagogue  is not simply a place where Jews  visit  with demons ,but where  the demons  there assembled ,  are the Jews themselves.

This is where the  destruction of Christianity is thoughtfully planned and the fine details of its execution are reviewed.  

The prophetic words of John the  Revelator have  great significance for all true followers of Christ   in today’s world , where a small minority of demon inspired Christ haters

have wormed themselves into positions of power and threaten  to annihilate  all that is decent, ethical,and  sacred from off the face of the  earth.

Here they employ tactics that are so clever that few Christians  are able to defend themselves against the  Jewish poison,  injected    into the veins of the unsuspecting and credulous public.

One tactic they have learned to use over the years is to employ the very CHRISTIANS they wish to destroy as an instrument    and a weapon   in their own self-destruction.

This is easily accomplished by appealing  to  the naivety and  trusting nature of the average Christian.

By opening the media  to  those who they can easily influence and control ,they are guaranteed close allies in this diabolical plan.  

  Using   weak and greedy    Christian charlatans and frauds to act as ministers ,they are guaranteed the cover they need to remain undetected by the Christian  public. 

 Here the role of music plays an integral part of the deception  process.What can be more convincing  of the false sincerity of a minister ,pastor or one of the many RADIO MEDIA CELEBRITIES than the playing of traditional country gospel sound music ,designed to appeal to the most traditional elements found in the Church?

What can be more deceptive than conducting a daily program consisting of pious readings, sermonettes, proverbs and

prophecies ,intermixed with a medley of soul-stirring music aimed at THE HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD in the listening audience ,in order to trick them into swallowing the JEWISH AGENDA ?

 For all this they are granted the freedom to swindle their radio audience out of as much money  their clever and misleading pleadings for donations will get them.

The problem is not entirely theirs but a good portion of the blame must be laid at the feet of the less astute who fail to put TWO and TWO TOGETHER. A good example is the daily  dunning for

contributions that one hears coming from the [RBN]:REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK,PENSACOLA,FLA.   This outfit is as phony as  they  come and yet ,as crafty and clever, their demented brains allow them to be.

Here they employ a trained actor ,skilled in the ways of duplicitous speaking and experienced in the fine art of impressing the hayseeds in the vast audience of Christian listeners.

 Hiring CRAIG MATTSON to M.C. this organized swindle was probably the smartest thing the money-grubbing media moguls at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE  ever thought of.

By using his talents   to impress the masses with an amateur’s knowledge of CHURCH HISTORY and Culture,   he lends a modicum of legitimacy  to a CHRISTIAN RADIO ENTERPRISE  that would otherwise be seen as yet another hillbilly operation .

Is it any surprise that the incessant demands for money ,that border on extortion, are necessary, so as to pay this clever joker, the salary his skills demand.

But for you MY DEAR CHRISTIAN ,what obligation do you have to provide this actor with a huge salary in order to maintain his luxury lifestyle at your expense? What reason is there to provide any of those in this  fraudulent scam with any funds whatsoever?

There is nothing  scriptural that demands that those who call themselves Christians have a right to deceive you or cheat you;….nor do they have a right to demand that you furnish them with a lucrative   means of employment.

But what makes this scam even worse is that RBN and their affiliates over at VCY AMERICA have joined forces with the eternal enemies of JESUS CHRIST in order to facilitate

your spiritual and financial destruction….

What many have overlooked in their demands for your cash, is the never-ending claims that they cannot meet their “end of month operating expenses”.This is a false statement and can be easily proven if they were to reveal a FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF CONDITION to the public. 

 But what right do they have to  make this continuing statement and at the same time be expanding their operations in the BROADCAST INDUSTRY? Remember their much touted expansion into the midwest ,Minnesota to be exact! A reason for which they conducted a three-day SHARE-A-THON  :that’s what they like to call it. 

Would any responsible CHRIST HONORING ORGANIZATION be so irresponsible as to expand their ministry at the same time they were failing to meet their budget?But yet the idiots cannot discern fact from fiction and continue to take these swindlers at their word.

This could not be allowed but for their close relationships they all have with the parasites poisoning the faith and morals of GOD’S PEOPLE ,the  vile international  maggots, spreading the poison of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE.

 The answer is clear, the choice is your ,continue supporting these JUDASES such as CALEB and his moonshine gang, CRAIG MATTSON and his incredibly false FIBERS OF FALSEHOOD , HIS PITH FOR PERVERSION,HIS  DAILY DILLYBOPS , HIS INCREDIBLY  IDIOTIC PROVERBS READING and the HONEY[ MONEY] FOR HIS   rotting  SOUL .

Don’t fall victim to their  diabolical schemes to defraud you.REMEMBER that SALVATION is not of the JEWS but FROM the JEWS!




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