My Dear Christian Folk , I recall many years ago a Bishop of  a church we used to attend, passing on his way from his church office to his residence and on the way stopping to have a cup of  coffee with us and some conversation.

His short walking trek meandered through a Jewish neighborhood and he would often tell us what he viewed there walking through.

He  remarked how he would tuck  the  gold cross hanging around his neck, into his vest ,so as to not provoke blasphemy from the Jews walking the same street.

 He would only leave the top of the cross exposed ,the very tip of it ,and he would    matter of factly comment :” so the  reflection of the sun would blind the eyes of the JEW demons staring at it”

He would often laugh at the popular opinions expressed by many Christians that demons do not really exist but are  simply products of a vivid imagination . Constructs, in order to explain all the evil that exists in the world and the sins and everything evil that people do.and so on.

He laughed at  this  notion by stating that, simply walking through a JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD  one could see enough demons in one day,  ,enough to convince even the most stubborn of sceptics ,that demons truly exist in this world and can be seen in the faces of the demonic JEWS walking among us.

He understood the JEWS , better than most CHRISTIANS DO  TODAY!

 The Christians of today are a lot like the double talking scam artists that run the RBN [rejewish broadcast network] from oil slick PENSACOLA florida . They refuse to warn Christians of the demonic influence the JEWS have on today’s society and the existential threat they pose not only on the CHURCH OF CHRIST but on the nation as well.

Double talking con artists such as MR.CRAIG MATTSON and his side kick Caleb , his gang of thieves [the moonshine boys] the southern dames they hired off the street to work there in the STUDIOS OF PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE . 

 Many of them are married to wealthy Jews [the scum of humanity] and at the same time try to swindle every last dollar they can get the dopes in their radio audience to send in to them.These swindlers are every bit as bad as the   very JUDAS ISCARIOT that betrayed JESUS for thirty pieces of silver!

Let’s not forget one of the   cleverest  gangs of religious pickpockets on the radio dial. THE VCY AMERICA CROSSTALK AMERICA .COM pack of cheap fast talking con artists .

Headed by lady boo-hoo[MRS INGRID SCHLUETER her hen pecked husband  TOM], the call screener  , and then we have the grandaddy of CHRISTIAN HYPOCRISY  and subtle thievery MR. VIC ELIASON!

JIM SCHNEIDER DOES what he can to bring in the bucks and for this they give him a part-time job learning the ropes and someday he  will graduate as a full-fledged CHRISTIAN PHONY AND BUDDING RELIGION SWINDLER!

Folks ,these people ,all of them, are toxic to true Christian thinking and do nothing to prepare you for your self-defense against the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE that has only one goal and that is your spiritual and financial destruction.

MR. CRAIG MATTSON and that whole clap trap organization[RBN].. is growing richer and richer everyday it   is on the air. And all at your expense. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PROFESSIONAL PHONY CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITES AND GIFTED SWINDLERS , EVER!


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