The Rev. John Hagee

My  Dear  Christian Folk:  This modern-day image of  Judas Iscariot is only one of many enjoying instant recognition among the millions of mindless evangelicals, anxious to do the bidding of the demon possessed Christ haters that have wormed their way into America’s Christian community.

 This lying fraud of a minister ,who is in fact a  servant  of Satan has grown immensely wealthy doing  the job for the  Jewish cabal

that they themselves would have found difficult.

 Difficult that is until the lure of money,fame and possessions became too much to resist for this bloated termite who betrayed the Christ he had  once  claimed to serve.

The Jews love this type of minister, one they can easily manipulate for their own motives. One that can easily be bribed ,not unlike the greatest thief and traitor of all times ;Judas Iscariot ,the disciple John Hagee loves and adores.

For wealth and flattery this lying bastard has brought upon himself and all the other mindless  and naive members of the CORNERSTONE CHURCH of San Antonio ,tx. the blood of the  innocent children of PALESTINE, murdered at the  hands of all the bloodthirsty Jewish sadists he so willingly blesses and gleefully applauds.

He encourages their murder and blesses the genocide of the hapless Arabs living in GAZA and throughout the West Bank.

He encourages a nuclear first strike by the Israelis against the citizens of  TEHRAN as a further guarantee that the bloody work of the diabolical jewish monstrosities goes unhindered.

How evil can one person be ;disregarding the hideous suffering and destruction that innocent people would  experience. The small children ,the aged ,the pregnant women ,the young teenagers hoping for a decent future ;all meaningless to this high priest of SATAN.

But he is not alone in the world.   In fact he has engendered an entire industry of like minded criminals in the ministry that are all too willing to follow in his bloody footsteps and enlist in the service of this diabolical cabal of Jewish mass murderers .

You can hear them everyday in the service of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE on the radio dial from coast to coast.

You can hear and listen to RBN ;THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK that comes to you on wpcs. PENSACOLA ,fla where they habitually present to the gullible idiots in their audience sermons

designed to paint a more sympathetic understanding of this international pestilence called world JUDEO-MARXISM ,masked in the form of Judaism. They battle everyday trying to convince their moronic listening audience as to the divine plan of returning the Jews from the DIASPORA back to the Palestine they abandoned 2000 years ago.

Of course they fail to explain to the mindless jerks listening how THE ALMIGHTY would sanction the  murder and theft of Palestinian property in the process !

How would a merciful god sanction  and bless the taking of property and the wholesale murder of small children to satisfy the LEBENSRAUM of a race of depraved Godless ,CHRIST HATING ATHEISTS never crosses their mind to explain.

WHAT GOOD WOULD IT DO in any event ,when you are dealing with a mindless  population  of religious morons who only want to hear whatever satisfies their own sense of sadistic pleasure.

If listening to CALEB AND THE MOONSHINE BOYS AND CRAIG MATTSON over at RBN doesn’t quite convince you of the abject

stupidity of today’s CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY then give the professional swindlers over at VCY AMERICA and their deceitful enterprise of lousy book sales, pitched daily on CROSSTALK  PROGRAMMING ,and this should not only convince you but deliver you enough entertainment to get through the day.

Yes ,stupidity on the part of the imbeciles that call this program can be entertaining, especially listening to LADY BOO-HOO also known as MRS INGRID SCHLUETER.

With these operatives in play is it any wonder that the JEWISH PERIL increases everyday  exponentially?

Thanks to those working under the JEWISH WHIP ,Christianity will be nothing but a joke ,something talked about at COMEDY CENTRAL!

GIVE THANKS TO CRAIG MATTSON AND all the southern dames married to wealthy Jews who con you out of your hard earned money. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE JOKERS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!

….Unless humanity rids the world of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE;…THE JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE will rid the world of humanity…


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