MAKE BIG BUCKS SELLING ABEKA BOOKS.- true Christians need not apply..

My Dear Christian Folk:  In case you don’t already know ,there’s big money to be made in the book publishing business. People love to read for various reasons ,among them the chance to live life vicariously through  other people’s experiences.

Christians are in reality little different except  when it comes to buying books that deal with the essentials and even the peripheries of the Christian faith.

 In this case the  sky’s the limit as to what might be of interest to  them .Everything from ,what is appropriate attire for church attendance, to what type of music  is spiritually fitting and what isn’t.

This stems from the stark reality  experienced by many  in almost all churches of every denomination in that little is said by the ministers,pastors and elders regarding the subject matter that is of most concern to the bewildered membership.

Most Christians are either too intimidated to speak up and voice their concerns or simply  self-conscious due to their lack of communication skills ;they’re afraid they will sound too  much from the country and in fact their fears are well founded.

 Once a church  pastor ,minister or any of the in crowd hears the unintelligible mouthings  coming forth from the hicks in the church and are  so  labeled  ,they are then made prime targets for every fast talking swindler and scam artist you never knew attended that very same church.

This is the fundamental reason why Christians would prefer to find answers to their many questions answered in a simple to read book than to chance being ridiculed or denigrated by others in the church.

And so to fill this very real need you have a thriving book publishing  industry pumping out some of the most worthless drivel ever imagined and at the cheapest cost possible ;for in this way the profits are maximized and a great deal of personal wealth is amassed.

 One of the lowest forms of deceit ever pushed on an unsuspecting public is the home school scam. This in many ways really takes first prize in taking advantage of the gullible and down right stupid in today’s Christian community.

What goes over the heads of the frightened and naive Christian parents of small children is that those who are pushing this deceit are the very ones that will make the greatest financial killing    pushing this deception off on the easily frightened.

Give a listen to the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST SWINDLE that comes to you from Milwaukee Ws. ;

that first describes the intolerable situation existing in the public schools and guess what.. even in traditional bible colleges!!

The solution they offer is HOME SCHOOLING ;sure you can do it mom!

Forget about that part-time job you were hoping to get to help make ends meet ,;your kids are more important ,RIGHT?

So now when you finally made the right choice and you are ready to sacrifice just start by getting on the phone and call in your anticipated order for the required books and other  materials you will need to teach[DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!]   your dear children.

And who benefits from this con job ?Well I wouldn’t have guessed but it’s INGRID SCHLUETER ,the high priestess of scam who will be financially making a big killing off every sale.

And of course the publishers and color cartoonists and other media providers who will all share to some degree,thanks to your stupidity.

ABEKA BOOKS is the cash cow for all the scam artists and professional clowns over at RBN [THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK].


These jokers have their scam operations down pat. The moronic ,so-called college , THE PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE to be exact is totally unaccredited which means for all you imbeciles that may be thinking of sending your son or

daughter to this school for knuckleheads that the certificate or diploma they receive will not be worth the paper it’s printed on.

No other college or university recognizes these swindlers as being qualified to teach a chimpanzee to count on its fingers let alone the arts and sciences to students [humans] necessary in today’s world.

It’s just another swindle that Christians love to pull on other naive and stupid Christians.

The  Abeka book business has become fabulously wealthy by pumping out the most worthless pulp imaginable and yet the dummies buy it up thinking they will learn some spiritual truth that has escaped them over these many years.

How funny that churches that place great emphasis on the reliance of SCRIPTURE ONLY or[ sola scritura] as  the hillbillies who have finally learned some   Latin enjoy saying ,but continue in their need for discernment by buying up every piece of literary junk that comes their way to help them on their CHRISTIAN WALK. -WHAT A JOKE! 

 So what is it ? SCRIPTURE ALONE or scripture plus all the other poorly written garbage the swindlers at RBN[PENSACOLA ]want to push on you and all the scam artist baloney INGRID wants to sell you?

INGRID would love to head up an operation like ABEKA BOOKS and be the top honcho of such an organization ; that’s what she hopes you idiots will help her  become by  buying up the garbage she peddles every day.



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