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JIM BAKKER , He says he was wrong, but where’s all the money Jim?

September 11, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:

this photo of a very sad looking JIM BAKKER is an image that few people can relate to.

 It merely states how far the high and mighty have fallen. It also speaks to the abject stupidity of all those gullible and trusting Christians who supported him financially and made him one of America’s wealthiest scam artists.

This is the reason why so many in the Christian Community are repulsed by this depressed and forlorn looking king of the nightly  pseudo religion con job commonly referred to as the infamous PTL CLUB!

But what should this photo tell some of you today about how far the unscrupulous and ambitious money-grubbing gang of religion swindlers are willing to go to swindle you out of your hard-earned money?

The appearance of repentance is common to all those who have earned a living taking advantage of the gullibility in the churches and various electronic media outlets on television and on the radio dial.

But what is usually left out in these photos and in the lame explanations these deceivers give to the credulous public is ,what happened to all the money? Of course the money is gone, swallowed up by other less known religion crooks that had a hand or two in the financial pie.


This is small comfort or no comfort to all those many thousands that were tricked out of their money.

 The question that remains to be asked ;is this religion swindle going on today as much or more than   it was during the heyday of  televangelist primetime swindlers? such as Oral roberts ,jimmy Swaggart?

The truth can be discerned as far as the individual gullible or stupid Christian that cannot separate fact from fiction ;pith from practice ,faith from fraud ,con-job from Christianity and so on ,by simply examining all the claims being made by today’s current crop of scam artists.

Some of you listen to RBN [rejewish broadcast network] that daily provides you with an opportunity to support  all the dubious sounding con-artists that draw huge salaries behind the scenes at the RBN  .


Soon they will be conducting another one of their phony fund-raising  stunts  they  fondly refer to as SHARE-A-THONS.

The best way to deal with them is to totally ignore their sentimental pleas  for your money ;but if you need proof as to who they really  are and as to what their true intentions are ,just call them and ask them to fax you or mail you  a copy of their last two financial statements . And then judge for yourselves.

I can assure you they will not do it and they will quickly hang up the line.

They don’t want you to know the millions of dollars they get every year from morons just like you.

They don’t want you to know about all the money they spend living in the luxury lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

 Of course they  know well that if you knew where they spend the money they receive ,you would be repulsed by this information.

remember that these jokers who operate out of the Pensacola Florida area have   every opportunity to misuse the funds they receive ,owing to all the  immorality that is easily procured among the thousands of sex workers that live off the phony hypocritical Christian Community living in the BIBLE BELT.

Keep in mind how well hidden JIMMY BAKKER and his corrupted wife TAMMY FAYE kept their immoral lifestyle from public view.

This is nothing new . Remember that those who promote family values such as Haggard and BAKKER and  CRAIG MATTSON are the ones who usually fall flat on their faces when it comes to practicing what they preach to the already dumbed down listening audience.

This is exactly what you can expect from all the loud mouths in the pseudo-Christian religion business  that ply their trade in deceit and swindle on the RADIO AIRWAVES of this country.

All you will receive from them are lies , falsehoods ,fear-mongering and financial swindle.

Another way for you to discern how easily they take advantage of you my Dear Comrades is to learn with whom they are affiliated with.

The Christian sounding frauds at RBN who hire other charlatans along with CRAIG MATTSON and the entire staff at ABEKA BOOKS and Pensacola Christian College  ,such as the phony Pastor who lies to you on a daily basis ,the skilled swindler PASTOR JOEL seduce you and  to incite your emotions ,engendering a sense of urgency. 

  Pastor Joel Mullinex is a shrewd and crafty charlatan who depends on the stupidity of his audience not to see  how poorly thought out his incredibly cheap and childish sermons sound.

But all this is par for the course ;this is how tricksters and con-artists  operate.

And just look with whom the RBN NETWORK is actually affiliated with;why with none other than another equally fraudulent  enterprise known in the Mid-West as THE VCY AMERICA INC. and their

flagship con job the CROSSTALK AMERICA SWINDLE [ a call-in radio program] hosted and produced by one of the most amoral female fraudsters in the phony religion business ;the queen of hate and scam MRS INGRID SCHLUETER!

 The only thing that makes this cheap gang of tricksters smile is when they open the envelopes with your checks stuffed inside for payment of  all the incredibly poorly written books INGRID loves to swindle her sycophant audience with.

Yes,  my  Dear Christian Folk,things are  really that bad in America due to the lax enforcement of the radio and public transmission of information Laws , on america’s airwaves.

How many of you know what the VCY AMERICA gang  of swindlers do with the money they get ?

Do you want to keep supporting the corrupted gang of co-hosts that operate this daily swindle called CROSSTALK AMERICA?

Do you enjoy having Ingrid live in a luxury lifestyle by  buying her idiotic books she tries to sell you on a daily basis?


JUST SAY NO to all of them and remember to ask them for a financial statement indicating INGRID’S SALARY and don’t forget to ask about the hustler in chief over there; MR.VIC ELIASON . Ask him as well, for a financial statement outlining how much money he siphons off out of  this  claptrap outfit.

This will help you decide what to do, meanwhile keep listening to them for the entertainment they provide you especially the morons that call in on a daily basis. It’s the usual dirty dozen,mainly from the Milwaukee area that call in. As dumb as  dry piece of lumber, that’s what they sound like;but funny nevertheless.