GYPSIES ,TRAMPS ,and THIEVES: The greyish anatomy of a pseudo-christian swindler’s money making operation.


 My Dear Christian Folk:  I wondered what title to give this article, written to warn all those who may have tried to put a face on those who daily try to deceive you and cheat you ;and who may  only know them by their well-trained radio voices .

The title song of one of CHER’S many hit numbers came to mind ,especially after realizing that the origins of all the fly by night televangelists in this country ,along with all those who

operate behind the microphones  of Christian Radio and on stage performing their phony acts of deliberate falsehoods in various ‘outreach and revival “scam operations across the country  , got their start  with the snake oil salesmen  , gypsy fortune-telling operations

 and the travelling evangelist shows  that  invaded the American west ,throughout the mid 1800’s  These gangs of swindlers plied their trade in deceit on a very gullible easy to persuade audience and bilked many of them for all they were worth. And these jokers were never to be seen again.

Is this what most of you are facing today whenever you tune in to listen to the  CROSSTALK AMERICA broadcast network?

Or even THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK that comes to you every day via the WPCS PENSACOLA ,  Minnesota stations?

Both of these scam operations are designed to create an emotional uncertainty in the lives of their listening audiences and  thereby  create a sense of dependency in the minds of the naive and stupid.

A dependency that quite often translates into many of the less astute listening to them to buy the useless reading material,INGRID SCHLUETER pushes on them  every chance she gets and by so doing has made a small fortune for herself and her equally corrupted father who is in fact the   ringleader of this group of con-artists ,MR.  VIC ELIASON. 

JIM SCHNEIDER ,the young squirt , is merely the in-house stooge ,or the fall guy in this professionally organized scam game.

The tramps are the ones that come and go and simply use the CROSSTALK operation as their base from which they can piggy back their criminal activities at someone else’s expense.

BRANNON HOWSE immediately comes to mind as the expert in this game of religious razzle dazzle.

 He in effect operates a pyramid operation or a multi level sales business whereby those who attend his idiotic conferences ,for a price ,then get pitched into organizing a similar conference where they also can have the exclusive opportunity to repeat the swindle on another moronic group, that they organize themselves  ;again for a price. And so it goes..

The price of doing this is the purchase of all the mimeographed handouts and cheap  take home posters and pamphlets to be given out to the incoming set of pigeons.

This is how these criminal minded parasites operate and they have done very well for themselves;and all this doesn’t even begin to take into account the other business tricks these jokers have  developed over the years in order to lighten your wallets.


The REJOICE RADIO scam is equally deceptive and in fact far more lucrative .

 These scammers have the big bucks backing their every move ;and it all comes from the good for nothing PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN  COLLEGE  that yearly swindles the bible belt dummies out of millions by offering them an education and a

diploma that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. By offering them a course of study that is not recognized by any other institution of higher learning in the country. Nothing about this ridiculous COLLEGE is accredited in any field  ,not even in Divinity Studies.

If your son wants to be a pastor then have him do what they all do and  have him mail in for one after completing a mail in course of

study  that will only cost  less than a hundred dollars and he then will be good to go. on to bigger and better checks ,or are they called share partnering?

Being a SHARE PARTNER resounds big over at the REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK IN PENSACOLA , especially now that they  will be kicking off yet another one of their highly deceptive SHARE-A-THONS!

I call them THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK because of their ties with the jewish media moguls ,without whose support they would be off the air!

With the ABEKA BOOKS publishing arm of this highly organized enterprise of hucksters they can afford to pay the high salaries demanded by the likes of CRAIG MATTSON , Caleb ,the high

executioner of this scam .and all his gang of low  lives that swindle the audience out of their pledges when and as the need arises.

The usual con will be that there is someone out there listening who has agreed to match dollar for dollar any amount up to   30000$  .so come on everybody ,here’s your chance to double the value of your donation.

WHAT A JOKE . for heaven’s sake wise up people or you will be surely listed with all those in the past that have supported equally criminal fund raising swindles such as the JIMMY SWAGGART fiasco and the infamous Oral Roberts scam and never forget the PTL CLUB!


it’s now in your court ,what will you do my Dear christian Folk? Will you continue to allow these swindlers to take advantage of you or will you fight back. Remember a back-bone is hard to come by and your neighbor cannot grow one for you!

JUST SAY NO TO ALL OF THEM and you will be playing it SAFE!


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