The Fund Raising Schemes and The Great Betrayal of Christianity.

C. Mattson 


My Dear Christian Folk: …..There are hundreds of thousands of churches in this country  representing thousands of denominations.    In addition we have many hundreds of thousands of  clergy that go  by  the names of pastor, priest ,minister and so on.

Added to these impressive numbers are hundreds if not thousands of revivalist leaders, street preachers and self-appointed missionaries of one sort or another.

But the list goes on with thousands of televangelists ,faith healers and Christian radio operators and stations stretching from one end of the country to the other.

These organizations of varying size and influence gather for themselves billions of dollars annually, supposedly to spread the Gospel and to do the Lord’s Work.

But despite these great efforts ,and the magnitude and size of some of these organizations ,the U.S.A. remains one of the most depraved nations in the world. A nation that is so  morally degenerate that new-comers to the American scene and soil, routinely remark how depraved and dysfunctional  society is here.

What is  sometimes hard to hear from the newly arrived ,especially those from totalitarian societies such as Red China and the former Soviet Republics ,is how much greater sense of personal morality existed in their homelands than what exists in the U.S.A.

This of course is heartbreaking. In some instances many of  them had been forewarned that America is all about sex and money, and sadly that seems to be the case . In a country where sexual suggestions are used to sell toothpaste on television and a woman’s breast size is far more significant than her

moral standing or I.Q.  ;In a nation where the main  preoccupation is  the size of  one’s genitals and waistline ,is it too much to ask ,what the hell have all of our gifted pastors ,preacher ,prophets and apostles been doing with their time and money, they have been receiving  for all these many years?

 The uncomfortable truth is that  the vast majority of this country’s Christian clergy ,of all confessions ,  have used the Christian Faith , the very Gospel as a means of personal self-enrichment, and having been doing  so  for most of this country’s  history.

 In the final analysis  PLAYBOY is the only gospel this country reads; and the pursuit of the  BIG “O” is the only SPIRIT the American female is in hot pursuit  of .  Orgasm is the main preoccupation of  the American  housewife and  surpasses in sacredness anything derived in the reading of ROMANS.chap.1

Whereas the houses of worship are myriad in number , they are merely fund-raising operations designed to  give the average church member a sense of belonging ;a means by which to ameliorate a

wounded ego ; a way of obtaining a sense of relief for wrongs committed ,and a green light to continue doing  as before , founded on a false sense of moral justification achieved by  a temporary submission to a psychological release  ,made palatable by a willing clergyman ,eager to keep his fish on the hook .

In light of this, is it any wonder that America has become a moral depraved cess-pool ;the laughing-stock of the progressive industrialized world ;not only for its obsession with  pornography and breast size but also its self-defeating and laughable relations with other countries.

Understandable when the only thing our politicians think of is cornering some young  female into a secluded part of  their tax funded office and to give vent to their depraved impulses on a defenseless individual.  No time to think of the best way to deal with Islamic militancy.

  The stupidity of claiming GROUND ZERO  as sacred ground when there are dozens of sex shops and brothels that pervade the area   , where the morally chaste and modestly  dressed Muslim community members  desire to build a house of worship ,at their expense. AMERICAN  HYPOCRISY , Where is thy shame?

The Rejoice Radio Broadcasters operating their fund-raising swindle out of the studios of Pensacola Christian College are at it again.

 And the photo you see at the start of this article is provided so that you may know to what  extent the criminal minded gang in charge of REJOICE RADIO; I keep calling it REJEWISH RADIO for all the sympathy and support they provide the jewish blood poisoners of America, will go, in order to convince you that they are a legitimate CHRISTIAN MUSIC RADIO MINISTRY.

They hire this pasty-faced gentile looking character with an erudite ,well-educated  radio voice ,lending credibility to the mantra they like to repeat that they are a Christian program of  honor ,when they are nothing of the sort.

What the average Christian fails to take into account is that this gentleman is nothing but a highly paid actor with a good radio voice.  In fact all of them are former radio actors who found a steady means of employment working for RBN. PENSACOLA.

Whether it’s the folksy and grandpa sounding DON SMITH [stage name] or the eerie and   uncanny ,frightful    sounding JOHN DUMLAP ,who sounds like the announcer of  MYSTERY THEATRE or imagination radio and tales of suspense ;they are all designed to provide employment to a wide variety of Christian  Radio  scam artists.

The mantra that these jokers use is that they provide programming of  honor. To that I respond ,where is the honor in deceiving the radio audience ? Where is the honor in affiliating with a notorious gang of criminal swindlers operating THE VCY AMERICA SCAM ?

Where is the honor in telling the American People that   Evolution is a fraud and the incredibly stupid  mouthings of IAN TAYLOR and his equally deceiving counterpart KEN HAM are correct and true?

Where is the honor in not telling the Christian radio audience that no intelligent Christian still believes in a six-day creation story or that the universe is less than six thousand years old.

Just as no Christian still believes the Earth to be flat as Christians once did.And this was based on scriptural reading.

The reason this nonsense goes on the Christian radio   airwaves is because there is a market for the poorly written and totally fraudulent material KEN HAM and IAN TAYLOR promise to send you for a donation of any amount . Just to get your name on a mailing list of other fools is worth its weight in gold.

What better way to impress  your fellow workers or friends who do  understand Evolutionary Science than with some poorly written nonsense provided to you by these two con-artists  ;who understand how to appeal to the low ego and inferiority complexes of this niche in the Christian population ;who have a need to challenge accepted science and thereby stand out as erudite souls equal to the “scientific know it alls”  they have learned to hate through the years.

Yes, indeed ,Ken  and  Ian are no dummies.

But this is just the tip of the ice cone over at RBN.

The coming share-a thon will once again highlight how deceptive these jokers can be. They will hit you with verses of scripture such as the one that states;” Give and it will be given back,pressed down and shaken together”  WOW !

what an investment that is. This gimmick was craftily used by the religion criminals over at the ORAL ROBERTS INSTITUTE of  scam and deceit.

And then you will hear about you becoming a share partner. Isn’t that nice. These con artists want you for a partner!

Your pledge will have eternal rewards ,another good investment !

In the meanwhile they all will be laughing behind your backs for the fools and idiots you are!

Just say  no to scammers such as  JOEL MULLINEX and CALEB and his gang of alcoholics that laugh at your gullibility all the while they are living it up at all the posh watering holes in PENSACOLA BEACH . JUST SAY NO TO THESE RELIGION CRIMINALS and let them find some other means of support!


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