P T L CLUB: The very template of deception in the pseudo-christian religion ministry :REJOICE RADIO LISTENERS ,TAKE NOTE.

Jim Bakker’s claim to fame

Jim Bakker then

Real Name: Jim Bakker
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Posted Date: 2004-01-02
Last Modified: 2009-03-16
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 My Dear Christian Folk:       During times such as these when truth  and integrity are scarce commodities and when veracity is not the strongest point of today’s pastors and preachers ,it would be useful to  take a glance back in time when the Jim Bakker P.T.L. club held sway over America’s televangelist airwaves.


  •   This sad episode in the lives of all those who looked at the baby-face leader of this gang of swindlers that preyed upon the naivety and abject stupidity of their viewing audience,as a paragon of innocence  ,will not soon be forgotten.
  • What Jim Bakker and all the scam artists associated with this unique  con-job artist , put over on the gullible among the Evangelicals, was to promise what they could not deliver. In fact they  had no intention of delivering ;And that was to appeal to the family oriented instincts of the  most credulous  ,overly trusting members of the Christian Faith Community ;And by offering them a lifetime of family vacations. 
  • This appeal took the  form of a time share at their exclusive Christian theme park resort. And it all could be had for a one time payment of 1500 or 3000 dollar,  to the criminals operating the fraud.
  • And while the  gullible and inattentive started pouring in their money into the
  • coffers of these vultures   ,it never dawned on them that if they had actually tried to make a reservation to stay at the hotel it would have taken 35 to 75 years before they would actually be allowed to visit and use the fabulous heritage USA theme park,water slide included.
  • What marks this scam as unique was the audaciousness of it all. But always in keeping with the template of all professional scam artists and that is to appeal to the weak side of human reasoning ,and take advantage whenever possible.Jim Bakker was not a one man show ,he had a large crew of fellow swindlers backing him up,who simply left him to take the fall. Bakker was in effect ,the stooge.
  • Counting on the incredible stupidity of today’s Evangelical crowd ,the money  grubbers pulling the strings behind Jim were simply using his boyish look of innocence and his practiced sincerity to pull the wool over the eyes of millions viewing his daily presentations of  heart-felt sincerity.
  •  But was there more to it than just a cheap hustle ?

    Could it be that those who are duped cannot accept the fact that they have been so easily tricked. ,or that they  have  behaved so irrationally ?

    Could this be why the little old ladies continued sending in their fifteen dollar checks to these criminals ,even after the authorities arrested poor Jim and shut down the Heritage  USA con-job?  

     Afterall how could anyone suspect that the boyish looking and very married  JIM BAKKER could be  having sex on a daily basis with the professional whore JESSICA HAHN?

      Jessica who routinely offered her services to the Evangelical crowd of pastors and youth leaders ,many of which have ties to the infamous REJOICE RADIO gang that operates out of Pensacola FLORIDA and  transmits Christian music to the hayseeds of the BIBLE-BELT and the Midwest.

    This leads me into warning the current crop of gullible and overly credulous types who listen to today’s assortment of phony  scam-artists, who have grown rich off the hard-earned money of the less

    astute residing in the Christian community ;and who daily listen to lucrative Christian Radio Operations such as the  REJOICE RADIO station and the VCY AMERICA scam ,highlighted by their flagship operation called CROSSTALK AMERICA.

    To understand how  REJOICE RADIO manages to swindle millions of dollars out of their trusting listening audience you have to see them in a different light than a PTL CLUB or a more  aggressive operation such as that often seen on the ORAL ROBERTS SHOW.


     These jokers use the same template of deceit used by all the others but they have learned all the mistakes of the past.  Remember ,JIM BAKKER got caught and  did time in state prison . Not long enough, but he did have a few years to repent   of his incredible disregard for other people’s religious sensibilities.

    The REJOICE RADIO gang use the same cast of characters but they supply them with different reading parts . Remember this is radio .

    Instead of the BOYISH AND INNOCENT  looking JIM they use the erudite sounding swindler ,CRAIG MATTSON.

     Instead of Tammy Faye[jim’s wife]  they use the cast of Odyssey ,radio theatre. Or the folksy sounding southern gal named TONITA . 

    Especially during their many Share-A-Thons . The money they get from the idiots in their audience comes to them as donations with no strings attached .  All they promise you is a lot of hot air from Craig and the gang and of course FREE MUSIC.  No chance of anyone accusing them of fraud;it’s all free will gifts and a pledge can always be reneged on…See how it works .

    What could be more honest and  forthright? Don’t be fooled, this gang of crooks are nothing but  snakes in the high grass.

    It’s what they don’t tell you that is deceptive and fraudulent . The best way to see what they are all about is to demand to see a financial statement indicating their expenditures and salaries for themselves ,including the gifted swindler , CRAIG MATTSON and his hayseed pitchman CALEB KEENER ;how much do these two jokers make every year and how much do they get as a  bonus.

     If they want tears ,they just use the sentimentality of the in-house senior citizen DON SMITH to begin his family prayer time and the stay at home idiots will always fall for it. it works all the time.

    My Dear Christian Folk; I am totally convinced that CRAIG MATTSON is a fraud and a cheap on the air , Christian Radio swindler who relishes   the fact that he can demand the salary he receives due to his expertise in the area of conning the helpless and stupid out of their money. He gets off on that.

    This goes just as well for TONITA ,Denille crummy  and all the other folksy dames from the deep south ,many of which are married to wealthy jews and routinely laugh at the idiots in the radio audience.

    What was incredibly amusing during  their share-a-thon [4 days worth] how many pledged and stated how they love all the fine Christian music heard on RBN daily.

    And immediately thereafter CRAIG begins playing one of his finer selections :”AIN’T GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER”

    I guess he could have played :”IF I VUS A RITZ MEN,YA DA Da DA DA DE”

    Playing “aint gonna need this house” as many times as CRAIG MATTSON loves to do, seemed at first glance, to be for obvious reasons.  Many seniors in their last years may be tempted to fork over their property to these money-grubbing vultures.  Subliminal suggestions work for advertisers ,why not for these pseudo-christian thieves?

    But then after researching the lyrics ,I discovered another reason that CRAIG loves this tune so much.

    Here are the lyrics of the last stanza;








    Could this be lyrics Craig is using to honor a retiring KLANSMAN? For all those who listen to this pre-planned deceit on the internet and who may not reside in the usa and are not  familiar with the   lexicon of the american south,the word COON is a synonym for an AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

    Are these lyrics more fitting for a KLAN retirement ceremony than for a Christian music radio station?

    Or is it a reflection of CRAIG MATTSON’S long association with the   K.K.K.?

    an association of years ago to be sure. yes ,Craig has some interesting friends from the past.

     Listen to these jokers for the entertainment value ,just as you listen to the professional swindlers over at VCY AMERICA and their crosstalk America claptrap program.

    It’s good fun.  What is especially entertaining is the poorly thought out sermonettes from the sermonizer in chief  over at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE :JOEL MULLINEX . now this crook has his act down pat. just give a listen to this con-artist . And pay attention to all his monotone presentation designed to convince you of his heart-felt sincerity.

    Remember how sincere JIM  BAKKER SOUNDED and the automatic tears coming down the cheeks of TAMMY FAYE?

    And look how many were deceived. How much better, if at all ,do you know this current gang of high paid swindlers?



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