A LETTER TO MAUREEN.. And to the Nation.

Submitted on 2010/11/18 at 7:13 pmArgo, while it is true that these con artists use various tactics to cheat people out of their money, including property and life savings, for you to try some Jewish conspiracy of puppet masters behind these greedy Judases destroys your own argument about how these people are using Christians. The simple fact is these con artists are just plain greedy and vain. They don’t need some Zionism conspiracy controllers to okay their own despicable behavior.

 My Dear Christian Folk:…   I recently received a very thoughtful letter from Maureen ,a very concerned Christian lady who asks a

question that I truly believe is on the minds of many  others ,equally  saddened by the dismal conditions that prevail in our Faith Community ;our  churches , our schools , our families and in our nation today.

Her question  reflects the position found among large numbers of dedicated Christians ,who find themselves unable to break loose from the position that  Evangelical churches have historically taken regarding Israel ,its  modern establishment , and the Jewish people generally.

These views,  having been dogmatically established, are extremely difficult to disregard or to alter ,for fear of violating some verse of scripture or settled belief.

And this is understandable. At some point objectivity appears and the thought enters the mind as to just what is the connection between Zionism, Judaism, the Jewish people in general with the  critical state of affairs the church finds itself in today.

  What need   do the con-artists ,assorted swindlers , within and without  the Christian religion institutions ,who have been preying and feeding off the gullible and less astute Christian faithful  ,  to be directed or encouraged by   Zionists or by any of those representing the  Jewish community in America ?

What escapes the attention of many of these dear people, of which Maureen is just one of many, is that we live in a nation that has slowly over a period of time ,fallen under the control and influence of  Christianity’s sworn enemies:the Jewish plague.

Christianity and all true religion  is just one facet of American life.    But when one looks with icy clarity at the prevailing culture of this country ,it would   difficult not to see  the grinning face of  the implacable enemy of all honest humanity.

It is beyond any doubt that many Jews exercise an extremely pernicious influence in almost every sector of modern civilization-And it  has been my unalterable  determination to expose this

poisonous influence ,and in fact combat it ,to the end of eliminating  this running abscess from the hearts and minds of the  American people…It is my firm belief and conviction that this same goal should in fact be the solemn obligation of every informed Christian.

While it is   true , that to those who simply see Christianity as a means  by which they can swindle the gullible and soft-headed  out of their money; and in  so doing reap a bitter harvest of ill-gotten gains for themselves , it doesn’t mean that they can   pull off this  unholy and sacrilegious enterprise without the  implicit approbation from those who have a vested interest in the desecration  ,humiliation and denigration of  True Christianity.

Whereas those who would lie ,cheat and steal from the faithful would be  so inclined ,with or without the help from  rich influential  Jews , being able to  do so using the airwaves ,the nation’s broadcast networks, and the electronic media ,by necessity, requires something of a blank check on the part of those who  dominate or are in full control of this very media :The Jews.

Once the American people begin to understand the tremendous influence the Jewish media moguls have over the minds of the uninformed public ,then they may start to see a connection , a common thread that connects all that is  impure , all that is ungodly ,all that is corrupt and vile ,to the very purveyors of these abominations ; the international maggots.

 The more Christianity is held in contempt by the general public ,due to the criminality of  America’s pseudo-Christian religion, radio and televangelist hustlers ,  the more these parasites chuckle up their sleeves  ,all the while   pretending to be sympathetic to  those who have been victimized .

 And this filth and corruption extends to the entertainment media. Anyone that doesn’t know who controls  Hollywood must have arrived from a distant planet.  The entire pornography industry is the brain child of the eastern European Jews that settled in this country during the 1920 and also the vermin that fled the 3rd.  Reich.

But to the issue of the criminals and assorted crooks in the  Radio Broadcast media , that thrive off the  abject stupidity of the Christian public ,does anyone ever wonder why these jokers last as long as they do before they are exposed and are either ridiculed or arrested?

Anyone with even a modicum education can clearly see through their scams and deceptions. So why are they allowed to continue getting richer and richer for many years before any governmental or policing watchdog group takes action against them?

 The truth is that these lying criminals, such as those that many listen to on a daily basis  ; the  VCY AMERICA and the  REJOICE RADIO.ORG  outfit are just two radio scam operations that have been around for decades ,ripping off the incredibly gullible and  moronic sounding jerks who support them financially.

But because they support the causes of the  Zionist blood suckers they are simply allowed to continue their vile con-jobs with impunity. They are in effect under Jewish control while pretending to be a Christian ministry ,offering the public a PROGRAM OF HONOR…. WHAT A JOKE!

Do you wonder how it is that a lying ,deceitful bunch of ignoramuses ,that have been operating the CROSSTALK call-in talk show ,produced by the clever and crafty VIC ELIASON and his sinful and adulterous daughter INGRID SCHLUETER  have been able to stay in business for over 50 years?

In each and every case and this applies to the clowns in the criminal televangelist operations ,there is never a single word of criticism directed at the degenerate and blackmailing Zionist gang

or at any of the local Jewish extortioners operating in this country as a religious community ,fulfilling bible prophecy… GIVE ME A BREAK!

In other words ,if you are in sympathy with the  Jewish blackmailers and extortionists    that control the media on which the televangelist scams and the Christian radio broadcasters need in order to swindle the public ,the better your chances are in  staying in business.

Unless you turn out to be too wild or uncontrollable due to moral  degeneracy  ,as happened with JIMMY SWAGGART AND JIM BAKKER.  Then the Jews stop supporting the sinking ship!


The Christian Radio broadcasters are especially vile in this day and age and should be ignored at all costs.

So Maureen , without the jewish and pro-zionist connection it would be difficult ,to say the least ,for most of the present day religion scam artists to stay in business for long.

 Without the jewish protection racket providing them cover , normal  law enforcement agencies would be able to provide oversight , legal remedies  and would expose these frauds to the public for what they are.

Always keep in mind that the  scam artists operating behind the cash registers of ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING CO. need the goodwill of the jewish blackmailers in order to stay open for business.

This is why you never hear a disagreeable word from out of the mouths od CRAIG MATTSON, CALEB KEENER or JIMMY THE MINT regarding the JEWISH PLAGUE or the filth that the jews in the media and in government splash in the faces of otherwise dedicated Christians. ..SOME MINISTRY THEY PURPORT TO HAVE!

Vic Eliason and the entire gang of on the air swindlers ar VCY AMERICA are the best friends that the bloody Zionist vampires have in America ,Second only to the REV.  JOHN  HAGEE .

A true JUDAS ISCARIOT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, but his treason to the cause of Christ has paid him well.  THE JEWS REALLY APPRECIATE THE WORK HE HAS DONE ON THEIR BEHALF….Hopefully ,he will also receive the same end that his  role model ,JUDAS ISCARIOT  received for betraying the CHRIST!


Those who listen to rejoice radio and the other radio scammers need to know that each con artist has his own particular modus operandus.  Don’t look for the same tell-tale signs you now have become acutely aware  of after the P,.T.L. scam ,to be repeated  in   enterprises such as :THE REJOICE RADIO or at the  PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE outlets.

The best way to discern what these criminals are all about is to call them and ask them to fax you a copy  of their financial statements for the last two years . Ask them if their end of month expenses are to provide bonuses and increase of salary for

PASTOR JOEL MULLINEX …. ,CRAIG MATTSON ,,,,, CALEB KEENER ,JIMMY THE MINT,or for any personal expenses that they may incur during the year.


Given their proximity to PENSACOLA BEACH ,I have no doubt that a good portion of the tax  free money they get is spent  on the local sex workers and bar tenders  in the  immediate area and close proximity to their broadcast studios ,located right there on the college campus of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.



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