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Author Comment In Response To
  Author Comment In Response To
Submitted on 2010/12/02 at 5:12 amTHIS IS ABSOLUTE HOGWASH! As a long-time student of Dr. Craig Mattson, I am quite certain he has no ties to the KKK, neither is he a swindler nor a crook. You point out a long list of well-deserved charges against Jim Bakker, but you fail to name one time when Dr. Mattson has ever done jail time or been under federal investigation for fraudulent swindling. Share drives are a fact of life as far as Christian non-commercial radio is concerned, but Bakker seeks only to serve himself by promoting the prosperity gospel as a mentor to future crooks such as Benny Hinn and Peter Poppoff. But what has Mattson doing? Only asking for money.Now as far as his ties to the KKK, your argument is flawed in that it presents a song heard in regular rotation on the nyou refer to (“This Ole House” byetwork as its only piece of evidence. This is not journalism; it’s muckraking! For the record, the so the Cathedral Quartet) concludes its refrain with these words: “Ain’t gonna need this house no longer; I’m a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints.” What does the KKK, an organization widely known for cross-burning and mass lynchings, have anything to do with sainthood? Or is it because you’re looking for any possible way to royally tick off the white man and score another propaganda victory for the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, or that Obamination in DC? Or does anything associated with southern American culture turn your stomach? Either way, you are cotton-pickin’ wrong!

 My Dear Christian People: …I often receive responses from some  interested parties who feel I’m picking on  The Rejoice Broadcast Network, and their indomitable staff of on the  Air Crusaders ,Knights of the  Microphone,who claim a ministry of broadcasting music and   sermonettes to the vast audience of   hicks and gullible Evangelicals spread out across the Bible-Belt and now reaching into the American heartland.

They often fail to notice that   the R.B.N .  Christian Broadcast  Gang is affiliated and symbiotically attached to another equally virulent and criminal minded  gaggle of pseudo-christian religion scammers ; THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK,that operate from out of their bunker like studios in Milwaukee .

These jokers are more commonly known as the GANG OF THREE ,consisting of Mr. Vic Eliason the ,ringleader ,Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter ,his ever serious and money   grubbing daughter ,and  Jim Schneider ,the  budding crook ,who    is  finishing up  his apprenticeship with this organization of cheap sleazy swindlers.

Remember that charlatans gravitate toward other charlatans ,crooks work together for mutual support and to exchange notes.

 Recently another well know female con artist  ,Mrs. Janet  Porter ,had a falling out with the Board of Directors of this scam

outfit.. [VCY AMERICA.ORG]..  for not paying her bills on time . The  break was due  to a billing dispute but was presented to the idiotic and gullible listening audience as an unresolvable doctrinal difference between them regarding  ,DOMINION THEOLOGY.

And the  moronic listening audience  who couldn’t care less about such things swallowed it whole!   That is  , if they understood the Doctrine to begin with. While it is true that  deceivers pat each other on the back,they do from time to time having serious falling outs with each other over,you guessed it ,MONEY!

The RBN outfit is engaged in deceit and frauds that would make any one of their donors and faithful  listeners cringe in disgust ,if they were to  ever be apprised of the details.

Mr. Craig ,who happens to be the VOICE OF RBN plays a crucial role in the longevity of this well-organized, day long presentation of biblical charade and false sentimentality.

The scam that Craig and his well paid gang of associates put over on the uninformed and credulous is to impute to themselves the sanctimonious mouthings of the  clever and crafty  preachers they hire to deliver sermons to the radio audience that have a ten second appeal to the futurologists and the general  losers among the incredibly dumbed down hick audience.

It never occurs to these morons that sermons based on the BOOK OF REVELATIONS are meaningless for the average fly by night  travelling preacher to engage in or to  sermonize about   ;especially since this book was not made officially part of church canon until the 9th. century A.D. 

It seems that the early church fathers had such difficulty figuring out its meaning and even its authenticity  that they preferred not to  burden the faithful with all  its eccentricities.

But for slick religion hustlers such as JOEL MULLINEX ,this affords him a chance to impress the gullible that comprise the REJOICE RADIO listening audience ,and so he ventures to translate a book of the Bible that heretofore was left unread for the sake of the Church’s credibility . Leave it to Joe and the other professional radio theatre hustler by the name of JOHN DUMLAP

with his folksy sounding intro:  a Prayer ,a Song for the Day and a STRAIGHTFORWARD LOOK AT THE  BOOK.

The only straightforward look at the book this cheap scam artist is interested in is HIS BANK BOOK! : Getting fatter everyday by the likes of all the gullible and impressionable idiots that listen to  this former professional mystery  radio theatre   actor: [GRADE B]

But REDNECK4CHRIST , with all due respect I can hardly believe that MR.  CRAIG MATTSON would have you for a student.

But if it is true that someone such as yourself truly studied under the master  Craig that serves to increase my suspicions of his former or current political affiliations ,namely with the KLAN.

You should know better than most of MR.MATTSON’S eclectic tastes in fine music ,a truly  well-educated individual with world-class sophistication ,rooted in Renaissance study.And so , does it not seem strange that he would choose to play “AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER”

on a continuous basis. Sometimes as frequently  as two or three times an hour? Given the rather offensive lyrics found in one verse in particular ,why would he choose to air this old number ,long forgotten by the public? 

I never stated that MR.CRAIG MATTSON was an active member of the KLAN but given his love for this  song ,it made  me wonder.

Here are the offensive lyrics ,offensive to the African-American Community:








Could this be lyrics Craig is using to honor a retiring KLANSMAN? For all those who listen to this pre-planned deceit on the internet and who may not reside in the U.S.A…and are not  familiar with the   lexicon of the american south,the word COON is a synonym for an AFRICAN-AMERICAN. It’s a pejorative . Look up the meaning of the word!

Are these lyrics more fitting for a KLAN retirement ceremony than for a Christian music radio station?

Or is it a reflection of CRAIG MATTSON’S long association .

I can’t even imagine the sense of bewilderment and dismay and even deep hurt, felt by the African-American audience upon hearing these highly charged lyrics.

Keep in mind,there are other versions of this catchy tune that CRAIG COULD HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY. BUT NO, HE CHOSE TO PLAY THE VERSION WITH THE OFFENDING WORDS.

The NAACP in northern Florida has been notified and I believe that the administration over at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and the money bags over at ABEKA BOOKS have made the needed changes  to CRAIG’S LIST of  musical choices and may well

have reprimanded him as well.

Now, REDNECK 4 CHRIST ,you said that all CRAIG MATTSON DOES IS ASK FOR MONEY. And I agree . But on what basis does he and all the other lying bastards that operate behind the microphones of RBN demand donations to be made?

 RBN, a  radio network I refer to as the REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK ,for all their close connections with jewish media moguls,without whose help and assistance they would not be able to  continue.

The scam these jokers use to increase their income is to fool the gullible by imputing to themselves the religiosity that the listening audience hears whenever they play one of their more soulful  numbers filled with sentimentality;never realizing that the artists may well be atheists ,and the sales of this music may fill the coffers of jewish entertainment moguls.

The average listener gets caught hearing the stirring music of Southern Gospel Music and fails to realize that this is just a performance provided by REJOICE RADIO and has nothing to do with the Christian  integrity or honesty of either the performers or the gifted on the air swindlers that broadcast this music to them.

In fact their honesty has always been in question since they have used the BIBLE READING OF ALEXANDER SCOURBY without the permission of those whose property it is. How much money do they now owe to the true owners of this Classic Bible Reading is anyone’s guess. But the need to pay will be put on the shoulders of the incredibly stupid listening audience that thought they  were being gratuitously blessed by the  money-grubbing vultures of REJOICE RADIO.

People are so stupid ,especially the dumbed down Evangelical crowd!

My ministry is to reveal the true nature of crafty and clever swindlers that make a sweet living ,preying on the helpless and gullible in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY.

Mr. REDNECK4 CHRIST ,I thank you for your thoughtful letter and wish to say that  I indeed am picking on the RBN and VCY AMERICA network because they represent a  microcosm of what’s wrong with the CHURCH ,OUR COMMUNITY ,OUR NATION. And I will continue to expose their criminality.


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