Christian Radio Broadcasters; Scam Artists.

My Christian Folk …: It is striking to see the parallels that can be drawn between the  Pharisees  as described in New Testament Scripture,and the toxic pseudo christian radio   broadcasters of today..

.Just as the  Pharisees could once incite the Jerusalem mob to demand the Crucifixion and The Life’s Blood of The Lord Jesus,so today their descendants in  America incite the people of  Christian faith to blindly attack those of the  Muslim religion.

 In particular the Palestinians ;  those who are fighting for their freedom and national independence ,and   are suffering the cruelest   treatment at the hands of the Zionists , direct descendants of the sadistic mob that murdered Jesus Christ..

..And how is the incitement to hatred  accomplished? means of the Christian Media,..Through a well funded gang of corporate  judas iscariots  : The Christian broadcasters.

.This gang of god-less swindlers has accepted the Judas wage and in effect becoming as   modern  day   pharisees themselves. And as in Bible days they condemn the innocent,condoning the murder of  Palestinian children as well as the aged .  This they do with sadistic glee, and relish the  day that the original people of Palestine are wiped off the face of the earth.This they do without a sigh or a wimper or even a blink of the eye. 

..All done for financial and political gain..

.My Christian Folk, not let innocent blood stain your soul and not support the so called Christian radio broadcasters,.

Do not let yourselves be seduced by their lies,and manipulations of select passages in scripture. The Bible can never be used as a first mortgage for middle eastern real estate.

 Would The  Lord allow those who murdered him to  steal,kill ,and exile the inhabitants of ancient   Palestine?  Would he allow the murder of innocent  Arab children ,for them to be deprived of their homes ,a place to sleep ,a place to live  ?

just to allow a race of christ-deniers, agnostics , atheists and degenerates    a convenient homeland? A land stolen , a land usurped away from a hapless ,unsuspecting population? Many of whom are descended from the  early Samaritans!I don’t think so!  

 BEWARE the christian hucksters who rely on you for a living.. Especially the female swindlers many of  you listen to everyday. You know the one who    operates the CROSSTALK.ORG ,web site.. This is one of her main scams ,do not support in any fashion these blood-suckers ,they are all toxic to the soul!

This particular lady is one of the most  TOXIC !  The religion business is thriving in America ,,and in many cases takes the form of a family operation.. It is purely a cash flow operation.. Do not get suckered in by all their deceptions and lying sentimentality. Learn to see through the phoniness.

 Everything you hear or see on the Media is pure theatrics,, and pretense. Don’t get taken in..  by the scam artists in the CHRISTIAN BROADCAST  INDUSTRY!


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