IDIOTS GUIDE to Financial Self-Defense For Christian Dummies 101

My Dear Christian People:      The time is once again at hand  ,the time      that    the nation’s  retailers, large and small have been fervently waiting for all these prior months , to finally arrive . And we are surely in the middle of it now .The Christmas  shopping season is upon us, and going full swing.

  But  what surely is missed by many in the Christian Faith Community is that  the same thing that commercial

businesses ,merchandisers and retailers have been rubbing their hands over  these many months ,has also been  highly  hoped  for , as a time of  happy anticipation ,for the organized religion fund-raisers that traditionally come out of the woodwork, in incalculable numbers  .

 And as always, they are   ready to   take advantage of the Christmas Spirit  ;  which  for these money-grubbing vultures has only one meaning ; and that is   how to  best  take advantage of the gullible and soft-headed   among their various fraudulent  Christian ministries.

These clever criminals that have long ago learned the money-making opportunities that exist in peddling the Christian Faith, for their personal financial advantage ,will always count  on the abject stupidity of those in the Christian community that long ago gave up the gift of reason, and have believed every scam artists to come their way.

Why that is ,would  probably take an accomplished psychologist to explain.

But what is for certain is  that the number of these gifted charlatans  would be far less ,if Christians would simply learn to examine  and  evaluate everything they hear ,everything that is presented to them and learn to simply ask questions ,if not to those making requests for cash ,then to themselves.


  One need go no further than to listen to the Sunday sermonette from the mouth of the  pastor ,preacher or minister of the church you attend.  Ask yourself, why is he preaching on subject matter that has little relevancy in today’s world. Can you think of something from the Book of Ruth or from Judges that would be of inspiration for you and your family today ,living in the USA?

The simple reason that these clever church leaders delve into the arcane and unintelligible is because they know you are too stupid to know the difference. They know how willing you are to give them the benefit of the doubt and simply assume that the message was more than your pea brain could handle . And so ,why embarrass     yourself.  The truth is that the majority of subject matter comes out of the pages of  Old  Testament scripture is handed down from one scam artist to another with  little  change.

And at this time of year, a cursory review of the Christmas story is usually enough to get the check books out.

Why change a tried and true method of gaining the trust of the moronic audience in the pews?

And that is  of course  if you were able to stay awake through  all of it!

The more they can confuse you the easier it is for them to resume their true careers of fleecing the moronic membership  out of their cash.

 When the mind is weak it makes their job that much easier  ; it makes it easier for them to convince you to open your wallets or check books, and to contribute heavily into the church coffers,which invariably leads directly into the preacher,s wallet and into all the wallets of those who help facilitate the swindle.

The board of directors would be a  primary source of suspicion.

But if that is too much for you to handle then the nearest radio would serve just as well as a  way to exercise your God-given gift of reason and common sense.

Listen to any of the cheap hustlers you hear on any of  the Christian Radio Broadcast stations  , who  salivate at the thought that  listening to their carefully crafted broadcasts of deceit ,there are many thousands of soft headed jerks listening to their contrived sentimentality and are gleeful that you are especially vulnerable to their biblical charades this time of year.

A time of year that should be spent in reflection and in true generosity towards one’s fellow-man and not to enhance the bloated luxury lifestyles that these on the air pseudo christian religion  swindlers are seriously trying to get you to donate to and to support.


One of the smoothest on the air radio hustles you could ever hope  to hear  is the carefully planned and deceitful operation  daily broadcasting from WPCS Pensacola fla. This outfit calls itself REJOICE RADIO .ORG

And they have one of the cleverest con artists to ever sit behind a microphone  :the voice of this on the air fraudulent  religion business operation , MR. CRAIG MATTSON. Now this character is smooth as he is clever and crafty.

He mixes the daily  programming  with enough subliminal messages for money  ,and with such  lying virtuosity that could alone bend iron beams.  

  But fearing that this would not be enough ,they interject the carefully constructed vignettes from the station manager ,another gifted but less subtle pick pocket ,who reminds everyone what a great and free gift they are getting by listening and enjoying the musical repertoire  of sentimental nostalgia ,and that they need to pay royalties to the artists and writers of the music they have been scamming , for all these many years. No they won’t tell you that. In fact these swindlers will tell you nothing about their financial operations or their salaries ,bonuses and expense accounts.

Reason enough to not support these jokers.

Don’t fall for the HONEY FOR THE SOUL episodes designed to make CRAIG seem like a true spiritual anchor in a storm.

Or the readings from the Proverbist designed to give you free advice . Well, that’s worth a nice donation in the minds of  these  cheap and sleazy radio hustlers.

You see, they want every dollar you have . How else can they pay all the up and coming crooks such as Denille Crummy, whose voice sounds more fitting in an ad for women’s deodorizing solutions ,rather  than Bible solutions.

It’s all big business and Christianity is only a means to rip you off . DON’T LET THEM DO IT!

Need more reasons to write these bastards off your  Christmas list?

Examine their claim of bringing you programming of CHRISTIAN HONOR . yeah right!

Where is the honor in providing air time to   other equally gifted hustlers such as IAN TAYLOR and KEN HAM?


 What about the  free airtime  they provide  the hate mongers over at VCY AMERICA, that produces the crosstalk call in radio swindle? Or the money they receive back in donations.?

Is there honor among thieves?

Don’t fall  for  it ! All they want is to be able to enhance their financial situation at your expense.

Let them find legitimate work.

After listening to CRAIG MATTSON of rejoice radio fame I’m totally convinced the man is a cheap and sleazy  charlatan  ,who  depends totally on the stupidity of the listening audience of REJOICE radio for his livelihood and to support the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to. He is the head of the snake!

 This gang of criminal minded pseudo-christian hustlers is in fact not in any way connected to anything  that’s truly Christian but in fact is under the control of JEWISH MEDIA INTERESTS that enable them to continue their scams with impunity.

The trick is simple; they simply impute to themselves all the pious nonsense you listen to on their carefully selected CD.S and so the hicks believe they are worthy of support ,worthy to be called a ministry.

No ministry here other than a ministry of lies and  deceit , STAY AWAY FROM THESE JOKERS ,you will be happy you did!



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