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January 29, 2011

 My  Christian  people ..: One of their favorite scams that swindlers often use to trick the gullible, and unsuspecting out of their hard-earned money is the old-fashioned charity scam.

This is especially effective when employed by a seasoned pseudo Christian hustler ;the type you run into listening to the Christian radio broadcasters.

File:Vic Eliason in Studio.jpg


The con job is based on nothing but pure confidence in the word of the

hustler ,who puts on a convincing presentation regarding the pressing needs of a particular church or some other charitable Christian organization.

A true dream of these low life scam artists is to learn about an organization in some other country,preferably in Africa.

Here they try to collect money on their behalf ,promising to send them
the proceeds of their fund-raising drive as soon as all the money is received.

The con-artist usually begins his pitch to the gullible listening audience by describing in detail about the perilous living conditions those poor Black African natives endure on a daily basis.

He mixes into it the risks they take just to practice their newly found Christian Faith.

He describes the horrible living conditions,and the poverty,the sicknesses and even the war time perils these folks supposedly face on a daily basis.

When he feels he has everyone listening and is in tune with his phony message of woe,then he makes his pitch and appeal for your cash.

The listening audience ,usually made up of teary eyed credulous and naive types respond by mailing in huge amounts of money to this cheap low life hustler.

After the money is received and either cashed or deposited,very little if anything is ever said again.

The swindler relies on the short memories of the dupes listening and simply counts the days that he can pull the same trick all over again.

My Dear Christian  people :.. This is exactly how OPERATION NEHEMIAH was

conducted over the so- called Christian Radio Airwaves last year by

one of the longest operating pseudo-Christian radio swindlers in the business :The notorious MR.VIC ELIASON.

His game was to convince the idiots
and sycophants who listen to him daily on the CROSSTALK radio program

produced by the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK that the natives of the South Sudan were in desperate need for solar panels to

transmit christian broadcasting to the entire region.

This would help the cause of the church in that area.

The exact amount Vic Eliason demanded from the audience was about $37.000 or more!

And he needed to have it all in a week’s time..

And then after the fund raising drive was completed and the money counted nothing more was ever heard from this well-known trickster.

Was the money sent
to OPERATION NEHEMIAH care of William Levi? Did he receive all the money?

Were the solar panels needed to provide electricity purchased?

Were they installed ? By whom?

How much of the loot did Vic and his depraved money grubbing daughter INGRID SCHLUETER keep for themselves?

This is about the 3rd. or 4th. time this “prayer racket for Africa” scam has been played on some of this country’s
most gullible and ridiculously incompetent bunch of dumb hicks anyone can imagine.

This notorious CROSSTALK operation is the most deceiving enterprise on the morning and afternoon Christian radio dial.

After about a year’s time these jokers feeling the heat decided to post some photos of a tower and the 25cent plastic radios being distributed to some uninterested native women.

Looking at the photos, the ones showing road signs or the primitive looking marquis of this OPERATION NEHEMIAH organization look doctored up.


WHAT IS REALLY NEEDED is for the deceivers and assorted charlatans over at the VCY RADIO BROADCAST STUDIOS ,down there in Milwaukee,is

to post a copy of the cancelled check that was mailed to WILLIAM LEVI in the South Sudan.

We also need to see the amount of the check and exactly where it was deposited.

We need to see how the funds were disbursed in the Sudan and for what purpose.

We need to see an invoice for items purchased.
This will prove it one way or the other.

Of course this will never happen,simply because this was another in a long line of scams and tricks Vic and his criminal family have played over the years on the less astute audience .

The fact that the FCC has allowed him to continue operating is in itself a

scandal on the government agency and the Christian Community at large.

My Christian people : Do not ever support these swindlers ,and If you do,you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

Vic eliason has a long record of making money using similar scam tactics as those herein described. He’s good at it!

He has alot of backup, namely his co-swindlers operating their own con-job at REJOICE  BROADCAST NETWORK. These jokers give VIC all the extra airtime he needs ,free of charge ,in order to continue swindling the idiots and imbeciles in his listening audience.

This is what makes his daughter ,INGRID SCHLUETER happy ,knowing she is appreciated by the gullible members of the Christian Faith community by receiving your envelopes stuffed with checks and cold cash.

WAKE UP MILWAUKEE and tell these criminals to get out of DODGE!



January 26, 2011

National Socialism is not a cult-movement– a movement for worship; it is

exclusively a ‘volkic’ political doctrine based upon racial principles. In its

purpose there is no mystic cult, only the care and leadership of a people

defined by a common blood-relationship…. We will not allow mystically






minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world

beyond to steal into our Movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but

 something else– in any case something which has nothing to do with us. At

the head of our programme there stand no secret surmisings but clear-cut

perception and straightforward profession of belief. But since we set as the

 central point of this perception and of this profession of belief the

maintenance and hence the security for the future of a being formed by God,

we thus serve the maintenance of a divine work and fulfill a divine will– not

in the secret twilight of a new house of worship, but openly before the face of

the Lord…. Our worship is exclusively the cultivation of the natural, and for

that reason, because natural, therefore God-willed. Our humility is the

unconditional submission before the divine laws of existence so far as they

are known to us men.

Adolf Hitler, in Nuremberg on 6 Sept. 1938.

 My Christian people:     Wherever there is  a lack of knowledge  among the people ,you will readily see a gaggle of clever and very gifted swindlers assembling ,ready to pounce  on the unsuspecting and credulous members of society. Wherever ignorance abounds ,charlatanism and clever deceit abound, in even greater amounts.

  Those most readily  exploited are the trusting and naive members of the Evangelical churches in America ,who over the decades have shown a total disregard for scientific truth and by so doing have rendered incalculable harm to the spiritual truths found in the Christian Faith.

All scientific discovery has  a spiritual expression . Anyone studying the beauty of the night sky cannot fail to see the handiwork of Almighty God. All subsequent study in the field of astrophysics and astronomy in general, can only enhance the admiration and utter respect for the physical properties inherent in the universe and the majesty of their creator.

But that does not mean that any ancient literature, in whatever form  or  fashion, that should happen to  contradict what science has clearly proven,  can be  accepted  in the mind of any sane and rational human being.

The Biblical account of creation can only be understood in its poetic appeal to the mind of an honest Christian.

The details in the book of Genesis have no basis in fact . The Bible was never meant to be a biology book or a guide to the various stages  in  human development.  Scientific language can never be understood in its  spiritual context any more than the   Book of Genesis can  conform  to the scientific method.

  They both, can very well be saying the same thing ,but totally independent of each other’s jurisdiction.

Any time    there’s a conflict  between science and religion ,it must be religion that yields.

This was the case  involving Galileo’s theory that the Earth orbits the sun and not the other way around.

   The scientifically incorrect theory ,that the Earth was stationary and that the sun orbited the earth ,long accepted as being biblically correct ,was proven to be wrong ;and yet today there are those who cannot conform themselves to scientific

truth ,preferring to believe the clever lies and deceptions promulgated by charlatans such as the clever and money-grubbing jokester ;mr. Ken Ham. 

 This joker had on his board of directors a believer in the FLAT EARTH THEORY as late as 1985!

Of course this professional charlatan cannot operate without the blessing of his fellow cheats and swindlers such as INGRID SCHLUETER and Craig Mattson , Denille Combe and all the other money-grubbing scam artists operating THE  ABEKA BOOKS

PUBLISHING CO ; that reap billions selling their poorly written and totally useless books and publications ,trying to explain to their gullible and credulous followers that Evolution and

quantum mechanics and all the latest discoveries are simply a plot to destroy Christianity. In fact the ones destroying the Christian Faith are these very same con-artists ,eager to make a quick buck of the idiots, that believe their every word.

Ken  Ham ,to put it simply,  is a shrewd and clever businessman ,who sees among America’s   dumbed down population ,a thriving market in the kind  of pseudo-scientific sounding nonsense, that appeals to all those incapable of separating fact from fraud ,pith from protracted deception.

The market  for  this literary and laughable museum  garbage ,that Ken promotes ,appeals to all those in need of some reading material they can use to silence a loud mouth  know it all, in the work place that is constantly making them look stupid. And Ken knows what works!

That’s all he is , another scam artist trying to hustle a quick buck off the stupid american public ,eager to buy anything that will make them look smart in nine minutes or less!

Then there’s IAN TAYLOR ,another scam artist ,except this joker has played his con game so long that I truly think he now  believes his own scam.

Ingrid Schlueter is one of the more highly skilled swindlers ,who has learned how to lie with a straight face . I guess being raised by an accomplished liar and inveterate swindler ,Mr. Vic Eliason   ,it must by close proximity have rubbed off on her.

This gal can shed crocodile tears as many others have learned to do ,proclaim her undying love and  fidelity to the WORD OF GOD, declare in deep and somber  tones the need for a return to CHRISTIAN MORALITY and then still go out and do whatever she thinks is in her best interests. And the devil-may-care!

She needs a divorce ? no problem ! Who cares what the scriptures say?  She needs an abortion , doctors at the ready, Who can even remember her accusations of murderer , she constantly levels at all those women  caught in the vise of risking their own lives or having an abortion?

This woman needs  mental health counselling   or better yet ;find some honest work!

The thought disorders that pervade the gang at VCY AMERICA and their fellow facilitators is amusing to say the least. 

And sadly many will wind up like IAN TAYLOR believing their own brand of nonsense . Afterall how could they not. If it works so well on so many of the imbeciles that follow their every word then it must be true . And so they fall victim to their own traps and clever schemes . All those they set for others .

Denille Combe is a prime candidate in this self-delusion  ;thinking she can earn a good living by using her voice that sounds like she is advertising for phone sex ,in order to swindle the jerks in the audience of REJOICE RADIO .

This will exact a huge price on her already weakened mental state.




January 25, 2011


WELCOME TO THE SLICE OF PENSACOLA  CHRISTIAN LIFE .. Life at the beach..or Lifes   a beach!

Imbued with the desire to secure for the German people the great religious, moral, and cultural values rooted in the two Christian Confessions, we have abolished the political organizations but strengthened the religious institutions.

Adolf Hitler, speaking in the Reichstag on 30 Jan. 1934

 My Christian people:..  Now is the time to face reality as it is and not how we would hope it to be.

The stark reality of life in these United States is a far cry from the teachings of the Christian Faith

and has come to the point where little separates  Christians from the primitive savages living in heathen lands.  The wall of separation ,that many in the secular  media are quick to point  to , does not in fact exist between church and state ,but rather between  the Church and its people.

This is the true wall of separation in America  and is the only factor that can explain the moral cesspool this country is now drowning in. The question every true believer must ask is  why is no one holding the   pastors,ministers ,preachers or priests responsible for this great dereliction of their sacred duty?


Is it possible that they have not only failed in the great  ”  Discipleship” they took a vow to undertake and to fight for ,but are also willing participants in the moral turpitude as well?

One glance back in time will reveal the great failures that have brought disgrace and infamy  upon  the Christian Community throughout the world.  The Swaggarts ,the Jim Bakkers and Benny Hinns of the world are not only still with us but in fact have multiplied ,and have in many ways become much more emboldened in their  tactics  and acts of pseudo-christian deceptions.

The underlying motivation that guides their every move is the accumulation of wealth and can be readily seen in the lives of those that over the years have  succeeded in swindling the gullible and unsuspecting members of their churches or other institutions .

Whereas Jimmy Swaggart was banished from the mainstream media and now lives in comfortable retirement ,his years of deceit and swindle have enabled him to purchase many million dollar homes ;all of which can be attributed to the imbeciles that followed him around and supported his lies and criminality.

And not only did this cheap sleazy scoundrel benefit enormously, but also, all those who  facilitated the deceptions ,put over the eyes of the millions of television viewers that saw in him a great and talented TELEVANGELIST . Who now holds any of  this parasitic scum of humanity accountable for their acts of infamy and deliberate   deceptions? The truth is :NO ONE!

This is reality in the highly vaunted    world of CHRISTIAN AND FAMILY VALUES!

And this is A SLICE of this sordid world where religion is legally used as an instrument of fraud and exploitation;where  the mindless idiots that are looking for a sense of belonging and an identity become easy prey for the religion stalker who prowls on the nation’s radio broadcast airwaves looking to ensnare some weak-minded jerk that  can help support the luxury lifestyles that these criminals have grown accustomed to.

 The level of abuse that is inflicted upon the less astute and credulous in the Christian faith community , defies even the fundamental basic human values, that are commonly regarded by primitives and those living in barbaric cultures. The level of abuse is so great and has been made that much more grievous by the utter lack of concern by the imbeciles in the same faith community


 And how much worse can it get when young  women are violated by the Pastors and preachers they sought out in order to obtain help from?

How much worse can it be ,when young teenagers are tricked into performing sex acts with ministers and/or  their parish priests ,minutes after their receiving the sacraments and after assisting  the minister in his clerical  duties? Is there any greater infamy or sense of betrayal that will be borne by these naive and trusting young members of their respective faith communities?

Clearly a great deal of the blame lies as well with all the uninformed and overly trusting church members that simply are too stupid or too lazy to ask some very simple questions ,such as ,why would a pastor take such an interest in me ,over all the others in the church?

Why does he insist in speaking to me in private?  Why does he allow his hands to wander whenever he speaks to me? Why does he insist on helping me to adjust my underclothes and so on.

In the world of    deception and clear-cut fraud  perpetrated on  the stay at home Christian community ,the CHRISTIAN radio broadcasters take second place to no one.

Here you can hear the voices of some professional con artists that employ their talents as actors and professional readers in order to impute to themselves a certain sense of religiosity; that then allows  them to gain the confidence of the imbeciles that are so stupid as to believe their theatrical presentations and calls to sentimentality ,that they roll out as easily as   duct tape.

   Duct tape that they will use to bind you hand in foot ,in order to pick your pocket.


   The Rejoice Broadcast Network located in PENSACOLA FLORIDA and broadcasts from the bunker like studios of Pensacola Christian College is one such organization ,that has at its core the sole aim of

living off the stupidity of its listening audience and to  grow in size and scope ; in order to create for themselves a media empire ,encompassing the selling of books , DVD.s all types of recorded music ,produced by the slave labor they employ from out of the unsuspecting student body. This empire would consist and does now control  the christian music media outlets that extend from coast to coast . All this accomplished by the incredibly gullible listening audience, and with the help of the highly paid

stooges such as ;CRAIG MATTSON ,Caleb KEENER ,DENILLE COMBY ,RHONDA AUTRY and at the helm stand the jewish controlled owners and directors of  ABEKA BOOKS,  all of which has grown immensly wealthy, through the carefully hidden  tactics of exploitation and deception.


Anytime a ministry engages in carefully crafted lies and subterfuge of any size ,you can be certain that it’s not  an honest enterprise. Anytime a Christian radio station  engages in half truths or manipulates their audience of any amount, you can rest assure ,you are dealing with criminals that should be incarcerated.

But here again the listening audience that is continuously victimized by these bandits must share part of the blame for not asking the right questions.

In the case of the well known masters of   the ,on the air radio deceit; the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK ,it’s easy  to see how the stupidity of the listening audience has failed to take their responsibility by driving these lying bastards off the air ,many years ago.

Some simple questions the people could have asked ,such as ; What do they do with all the money  they receive ,not only from the gullible morons in the listening audience ,but from all sources?


Given the sordid history of fund-raising scams ,is it pure scepticism to question  the intent of their fraudulent claims? 

Why do they deny the people the right to see a STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL CONDITION since they are appealing to the public for funds?

Do the people have a right to know? If not ,WHY NOT?

Given the proximity to Pensacola Beach ,what assurances can the religion hustlers at R.B.N. give , that no money is being used to purchase the services of the thousands of sex wor kers that ply their trade in perversion to all the students, faculty and administrative staff    of  PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE?

Are they claiming that their students are immune to the vile temptations and  carnal activity that exists in PENSACOLA ,that for decades has been known as the divorce and wife swapping capitol of the state of FLORIDA!

What guarantees can they give to the parents of future students to this institute of higher learning that their sons and daughters will not be raped or assaulted by the many thousands of drunken servicemen that swarm the PENSACOLA area ,day or  night?

Why do they insist on calling their radio theatrics a ministry, when all you hear is a veritable panoply of slick and  conniving voices ,designed to lull the jerks in the audience into a false sense of confidence aimed at picking their pockets?

Why do these lying bastards continue to call this scam a listener supported rado station ,when there’s absolutely no proof of this at all?

It takes only a few listeners to mail them a few dollars and this technically  makes them ” LISTENER SUPPORTED.”

And how do they  accomplish this prodigious feat of exploitation and deceit ? well ,CRAIG MATTSON

is the number one con-artist ,whose voice calms the doubters into accepting all the scams leveled at

the imbeciles listening, by all the other stooges ,such as:   JOHN DUNLAP,  JOEL  MULLINEX .DON  SMITH and the clever and street-walking smart voice and femme fatale; DENILLE COMBY; that comes at the gullible with the voice of a phone sex worker!

Anything it takes to  get the stupid to open

their wallets,.. these  clever scum bags will do it!…And why are they even located in the proximity to this BABYLON on the beach to start with?



 These criminals are not listener supported, but are   dependent on the shock jocks and  fellow swindlers operating from out of Milwaukee ,that provides them with the increase in revenue needed to continue their expansion projects.

The more gross the shock jocks become ,the more money they gross! ..And of course this benefits the VCY AMERICA gang of swindlers who rely on impressing the incredibly stupid members of their audience ; and in recent days, catering to the ghoulish elements,filling their minds with tales of blood and mayhem, that would have appealed to the Marquis de Sade!  And this they do as a ministry ,claiming to promote the integrity of Christian Doctrine and teaching! LISTEN TO THE CROSSTALK AMERICA RADIO SHOW FOR DETAILS!

The lies the three co-hosts disseminate daily ,on the planned radio charade of lies and deceit, is enough to bend iron beams !

But listening to CRAIG MATTSON who earns his living collecting checks from the combined efforts of these two gangs of crooks continues to foment the piety of A Kempis and Aquinas and so on ,in order to cover his rear end and play the pious pity pot that simply enables the RBN to continue with the much-needed cover this criminal bastard provides them.

Ask yourselves ,what interest would the hicks in the RBN audience have in listening to an over educated jerk like CRAIG mattson recite from A Kempis or St. Augustine? Absolutely nothing! All this is done to provide a patina of erudition to a totally corrupt operation.

 Just listen to JIMMY “THE MINT” ,the corrupted and criminal station manager reciting another clever vignette that the crafty  and sly CRAIG MATTSON hurriedly drew up for him to read to the morons in their audience ,hoping to convince them to send in their hard-earned cash . WHAT A BUNCH OF DIABOLICAL AND EVER CLEVER CRIMINALS THESE SWINDLERS ARE!

 Simply ,do not be swayed by their lies and frauds ,they will someday reap their rewards.

All the money they get from the trusting and idiotic audience is spent on whores and alcohol as well as underage teenage prostitutes they smuggle onto the CAMPUS OF PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and in many cases collect a portion of their earnings as well.

We will only be victorious after the LAST BATTLE WE FIGHT and there will be no redemption until the church is washed clean of all the liars ,tricksters and clever charlatans that prey on the gullible and stupid.

None of the swindlers at REJOICE RADIO has become rich serving hot meals to the indigent or to the sick and those confined to hospital beds .

But they have become rich swindling the gullible and naive.

The VCY OPERATED CROSSTALK SCAM is just another facet of this never-ending con job the radio broadcasters enjoy putting over the blinded eyes of the morons in their audience.

Ask yourselves;  why  would anyone with anything worth saying to the general christian public want to appear on the  crosstalk  program, and to be interviewed by morally challenged scum of the  earth variety, such as INGRID SCHLUETER [polygamist or serial marriage person] or mr. STICKY FINGERS VIC ELIASON or the budding crook of the gang ,JIM SCHNEIDER?

Remember charlatans appear together with other like-minded charlatans in order to lie cheat or steal from you, the pigeons in their audience. Just remember that, and that will surely help you the next time they invite a pastor or vice president or a divinity school chancellor to appear on their laughable crosstalk programming.

Stay united ,stay strong and together we will defeat  the enemy of all honest  humanity,whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!


January 22, 2011

  My Christian  people ..The Future of the Church of the Living Christ is in the hands of our young people. While many may understand this fact ,very few actually make any attempt to cultivate the new generation that will follow us.

In fact it seems that we are doing everything to alienate our children ,not only from the church and the Christian Faith but from their rightful positions in the culture we all live in. They will take our place ,but will they improve upon what we will leave them or will they in fact tear down all that has been built these past generations …of hard work,sacrifice ,and faith.

 Are the churches capable to transfer the mantle of leadership to the up-coming generation? Given the extent of corruption and depravity that exists in our political leadership ,even at the highest levels of government and the inevitable influence it extends throughout society ,one can hardly expect the church alone to have any positive effect.

The responsibility here lies with the families,the parents to the extent possible that they can provide for their children the necessary ingredients that will make of them a vital force for the future.

 My Christian  people : The things people say they hate the most are in fact what they are most envious of. While it may be inappropriate for a teenage girl to dress in a provocative style of clothing in a church ,let us not fail to understand that church attendance has in fact little to offer a young teenage

boy or girl. The clothes they choose to wear may be in fact a sign of rebellion against parental authority. It just may be their way of saying that they do not

feel included in the Christian faith let alone a particular church organization. Given the spirit of the age can we expect our children to see things any differently than what they see in the lifestyle that parents have chosen for themselves?

 Are there women who simply envy the natural beauty of a young female and condemn it for that reason alone?

 The worst thing a father can do is to tell his daughter that the clothes she has chosen to wear make her look like a bordello whore,a street-walker. In the mind of a small child it is hard to separate the description of something from its implied reality.

 In the case of a parent admonishing a young attractive teenage girl that she causes men to sin by exposing her body is a guarantee that in her adult life ,that will be exactly what she will do to gain a sense of power and self-worth in her life.

If in fact her parents whom she regards as knowledgeable and trustworthy believe that there is power in the type of clothing one wears and that exposing body parts can influence others then this statement becomes a confirmed belief in a young mind.

The solution is to teach to the extent possible that sexuality and the body parts that perform its functioning are created by the omnipotent God  ; created    for procreation and recreation in order to bond male and female together .

 and then find something else for them to do rather that having to sit on cold hard pews during church services . And forcing them to listen to boring sermons that put everyone to sleep!


January 19, 2011

The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind


My Christian People:   Spiritual vision can only come when the sightless  truly desire to see it.  We cannot pretend to see things as we would hope them to be ,for in so doing we enter into the world of self-delusion, that cannot be easily overcome.

Self delusion is the thing that creates in our psyche a comfort zone  ;it becomes a reason to do nothing ;it grants a respite from our daily toils and apprehensions ,but also puts off a certain day of reckoning ,that will surely come upon all those who draw from the elixir of blessed  contentment and  refuse to open their eyes and stare into the icy cold  face of reality.

Those who opt to  remain  with  this opiate will surely  suffer the  pangs of withdrawal, and in fact will experience an even greater sense of anxiety and pain as a result , than had they opened their eyes to life as it truly exists.

This is the true meaning of THE PARABLE spoken by the founder of the Christian Faith ,that describes THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND and everyone eventually falling into the ditch.

When  well-meaning Christians shirk their solemn obligation to discern fact from fiction ,and choose rather to follow charlatans and assorted con-artists and professional swindlers  ,are they not also following the blind? Are they not also blinding their own eyes to the truth?

How many Christians blindly follow the conniving and scurrilous scoundrels that dominate the Christian Radio Broadcast Networks and yet fail to understand how they are being tricked and deceived?



 And how many fail to see  that the root of their  deception lies in the misplaced trust and confidence the gullible listening audiences place in those behind the microphones emitting their daily dose of deceit  and swindle?

The more trust and faith you place in them the greater their demands will be on your intellect and on your wallet.

Remember ,they are dealing in a  mind drug called  spiritual contentment and self-righteous apathy, designed to keep you hooked to their  drivel for as long as it takes  for them to drain you of your financial assets.

Keep in mind that these jokers use the same tactics as any drug pusher ,who starts off his relationship with  his customers   with his make-believe concern for their physical and emotional well-being.

He pretends to care for  their  suffering and pain, and this is why he is willing to sell you your much-needed MEDICATION .

He continues this line of reasoning until he sees how addicted you have become and how great the need  you have for an ever-increasing amount of his  MEDICATION and that’s when he increases the price you must pay.

The criminal minded jokers you listen to daily on CHRISTIAN RADIO PROGRAMMING such as R.B.N . [rejoice broadcast network] and VCY AMERICA ,producers of a well-know scam operation called

CROSSTALK AMERICA operate with the same end in mind : get you into their listening audience ,create  a sense of urgency; and then they begin their clever sales pitch for all the useless

books ,CD.s and reading material needed to maintain that false  sense of security and pretentious knowledge they claim to impart to all those   stupid enough to fall for their pitch and gimmicks.

 One thing all con-artists ,pseudo-religion swindlers , and CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS have in common is that they shrink and start to melt away as soon as someone challenges  their  claims or exposes their deceitful and lying enterprises for what they are.

[THESE SCAM ARTISTS,  are not even Christians to start with :no Christian attempts to swindle anybody ,no less another Christian : Just for the record]

This is  comically what happened on one of the biggest con-jobs on the radio dial: THE CROSSTALK

AMERICA scam ;when the idiot ,fill-in  co-host  BRANNON  HOWSE  ;after mouthing another long-winded diatribe against MORMONISM, received a call from a polite AIRFORCE  serviceman who was a MORMON and who calmly explained to the moron what MORMONS TRULY believe ;which ran counter to everything MR. HOWSE had been reading to the idiots in his audience ,for over thirty minutes or more.

The amusing part was  BRANNON’S response which came in the form of thanking the serviceman for his COURAGE   to call and disagree. IMAGINE the courage it takes to disagree with a fool!

Instead BRANNON should have pleaded with the mormon military guy not to make a greater idiot out of him than he already had!

Instead of claiming that he had no intention of being disrespectful to the Airman ,he should have pleaded with him not to ever call him back again and   thereby relieving him of any further embarrassment !

NOW THIS WAS ONE FUNNY CROSSTALK EPISODE! and I’m still laughing at the big jerk ,BRANNON :the bumbling idiot and self-proclaimed  exponent of Biblical exegesis  and GOSPEL TRUTH .DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH AGAIN!!


How many of you  my dear Christian people, have the courage to challenge other cheap and sleazy scam artists who prey on you in their various forms and disguises?

Ever stop to think that the REJOICE RADIO operation is yet another scam presentation ,filled with nothing but overpaid actors who do a good job in deceiving you into thinking that they are concerned for your spiritual well-being?

Stop and think how many theatrical presentations they offer you on a daily basis. You can start with  Odyssey RADIO THEATRE starring several Lolita sounding actresses and a few OLD FARTS that entice the perverted and  depraved in their audience.

And then you have the HEAD OF THE SNAKE ,MR. CRAIG MATTSON who is himself a highly paid actor and among his many  duties  at RBN is to   teach the skill to others, at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.

Then you have BIBLE READING by Alexander Scourby ,another very accomplished actor and highly skilled reader.

Followed by the little old WINEMAKER himself ,the professional old-timer MR. DON  SMITH ,who comes  at you with a heavy heart and tears of compassion, for all those in pain and misery and by the way would you send in your checks in on time folks ?

This  fraud is another in a long list of tricksters and  goof offs who have never learned the meaning of a hard day’s work!

TONITA ,RHONDA AUTRY , and the other lounge lizards that take a cut from every dollar you morons send to these crooks are also acting their way into easy money.

Have you ever thought of challenging these clever scam artists by asking to see a copy of a financial statement ,and by the way ,would they care to reveal their salaries?

What about the half-educated station manager [jimmy boy] and the soft-spoken chiseler ,CALEB KEENER who lurks in the background but always shows up when the checks are handed out? WHAT ABOUT ANY of  these swindlers?

WAKE UP AND STOP SUPPORTING THEM and face the truth and the truth will only come when you  desire to open your eyes as well as your ears. AND THE TRUTH will set you free of these parasites!

When you hear them claiming a desperate need for more money due to END OF MONTH OPERATING EXPENSES ,just remember the AIRTIME they get is FREE ,it’s  the public  airwaves , and REMEMBER FOLKS ,there is something called AUTO-PILOT which means they can program a weeks worth of radio time in advance and this allows them to go back to what they know best: bending elbows at the best watering holes in PENSACOLA FLORIDA . Wish you were here!

And with the slave labor they enjoy from the student body and all the other benefits from this body ,they can hardly claim any expense at all!



January 15, 2011



 My Dear Christian Folk: There are those who assume positions of leadership within the broad Christian faith-based community based on nothing more than their communication skills.

While it may serve a good purpose to speak well and communicate God’s truth ,does it enable the person so gifted

to comment without fear of contradiction?

While many who belong to the myriad number of Protestant denominations point to the exclusive prerogatives enjoyed by the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic church;The Pope ,with a certain degree

of derision or criticism at the very least; Does it escape the pastors and ministers and all who sit behind a microphone that they are in danger themselves of trying to imitate the Pope’s claim of infallibility..?

This is seen and noted among the sermonizing and fly by night clergyman that cluster round the microphones of various Pseudo-Christian Broadcasters :THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK
being one such enterprise.

Here the high priest of 24 hour Christian music and mini sermons [sermonettes] [HONEY FOR THE SOUL]: It should be called “MONEY FOR THE GREEDY”:

The very articulate ,erudite and smooth talking MR.MATTSON…
loved by one and all ;by the naive,unsuspecting,gullible gang of

Poorly educated ,fearful , listeners in his vast audience.

What gives anyone the right to attack another church if one knows nothing about the other church?

How would we feel if a member of the Mormon church took upon himself the duty to sermonize about the LUTHERAN CHURCH or the BAPTIST CHURCH.
Would we question his authority to do so?
Would we wonder how a Mormon became so well versed in matters
foreign to his particular field of expertise :MORMONISM!

And so it goes with MR.MATTSON who feels the need to play POPE on the air ,trying to impress his cowboy Christian audience
into believing he is a man of letters and learning.


How easy this over paid stooge fails to understand the meaning of humility as outlined in HOLY WRIT.

A proud heart can never be pleasing to God.

There you have it. My sermon in a sentence!

Add to that his utter hypocrisy in failing to deal with the “wizards of deceit ” who make their living dumbing down the Christian believers.
  I’m sure the Pensacola cowboy preachers love the likes of INGRID and  MR.VIC

 Are they too unsuspecting to ever believe these two jokers are masters in deceiving large audiences.
They love those hot button topics ..Such as ABORTION,EVOLUTION ,Parental rights ,,and whatever else INGRID can
make a buck off of!

Mr. Mattson of course takes that all in stride. Nothing ruffles his feathers . No not even the “back to Genesis “scam artists..

If this very well-educated person is so blind to the scientific truth
of the natural evolutionary process, that has been proved over and over. Then he forfeits any right to call himself an educated person. Or at least an HONEST ,EDUCATED person..

No ,my Christian Folk: He’s    no different from any of the other religion scammers you sadly listen to on a daily basis.

A gutless wonder, afraid to stand for the truth..
But why risk the big bucks he’s drawing in.. All at your expense ,my CHRISTIAN FOLK,
All compensated by your common sense.

Resist the desire to ever take these foolish folks seriously .All they want is your money.

This is clear listening to MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER and the depraved religion hustler :the dishonorable MR. VIC ELIASON A.K.A. “Sticky Fingers”


My Christian Fighters : Stay strong,Stay united! And together we will defeat the power that is the mortal foe of any true CHRISTIANITY!


January 14, 2011


  Ingrid Schlueter
Ingrid Schlueter has been producer and co-host of the Crosstalk Radio Talk Show on the VCY America Radio Network for 18 years. She is author of numerous articles on current issues and is a regular columnist for Wisconsin Christian News. Ingrid has a blog located at





VCY America Headquarters:  THE VERY CITADEL OF




 My Christian people :  Many of you well know that the




sacred listening music as well as the Gospel songs you have

come to know and love over the years   ,heard on Rejoice 

Radio ,can be  bought at any Christian music store.

Many Christian book stores also have a music section where you

can  select the same music you hear almost 24 hours a day on

 Rejoice  Radio  Network  ,but without having to listen to the endless

 demands  for cash donations they bombard you with.

 Buying the music you enjoy the most  ;you can listen to it

whenever you choose at your heart’s content.

What a pleasure being spared having to hear the  effete

sounding announcer, disc-jockey,trying to impress the silver

and blue haired medicare ladies in the audience.

You know  this   character ;he’s the   Proverbs reader,he’s the glib

popinjay whose  smooth,oily voice is better suited  for   an

announcer on a T.V. game show ,telling the winners the prizes

they will go home with….That  type announcer!

But I’m sure he gets the little old ladies to open their check

books….That’s his job!  That’s how he  gets paid. There are other

names that befit his job description..  Left unsaid…


When it comes to pure fraud ,it’s hard to match the tenacity of

the good folks over at VCY AMERICA and their outlet for this fraud


Many of you are seeing them for the scam artists they are and

given the economic down turn they are now resorting to the

most crass  form of raising money;selling you books from the secular press.!!!…

.So much for the Bible’s way or the highway philosophy  they usually beat you up with.

At huge mark-ups.

Afterall they have their luxury lifestyle to maintain,they have their financial empire that keeps growing every year.

They have their private jet and the high cost of fuel etc.etc.

What a joke..

What is really sickening is how these scoundrels   still rely on

pure manipulation  in order to suggest to you the idea of opening

your wallets,writing them a check for their

{Don’t make me laugh}…THEIR MINISTRY!! 

how funny and sad that many will believe this fraud and swindle..

During these times of economic  uncertainty  ,what better way to

manipulate your minds than to remind you of times past when things were hard.

When other folks 80 years earlier had it much worse than you!

So stop your complaining and be happy you have running

water,in-door plumbing, electric lights ,,gee it makes you feel blessed already!

You  even feel wealthy.. even wealthy enough  to think you just

might be able to afford to send them a few bucks.


What a bunch of despicable low lifes.

Ms Ingrid Schlueter is the most pathetic of the trio of co-hosts that man the microphones each day.

She learned how to lie with a straight face from childhood.

And she plies her trade in deceit and half-truths for all she’s worth!!

 Funny they never talk about doing with less!


It’s only you poor slobs that have to tighten your belts.

Give up this and that,but for them their private jet,their condos in luxury resort areas, their private secular enterprises you know nothing about,well that keeps rolling along.

All while you gullible types wonder how you are going to stay in your homes or live under a bridge.

Their private jet will come handy if the authorities decide to put the kabash on them .They can scram before anyone is the wiser.

That’s how these Gypsy fortune tellers operate  :here one day gone the next!

Someday they will be off the air.

Either  Pensacola Christian College or the local  station that carries this organized swindle will  come to their senses and cancel them or the authorities will.

Remember  JIM BAKKER and the P.T.L. Club??

The Jet aircraft sticky fingers Vic uses will come in handy .Leaving their property to relatives ,they will reclaim it later.

Afterall isn’t this how their jewish patrons have instructed them?

A Slice of Christian Life and ” YOUR DAILY DILLY BOB.”

January 12, 2011



We are determined, as leaders of the nation, to fulfill as a national

government the task which has been given to us, swearing fidelity only to

God, our conscience, and our Volk…. This the national government will

regard its first and foremost duty to restore the unity of spirit and purpose of

our Volk. It will preserve and defend the foundations upon which the power

of our nation rests. It will take Christianity, as the basis of our collective

morality, and the family as the nucleus of our Volk and state, under its firm

protection….May God Almighty take our work into his grace, give true form

to our will, bless our insight, and endow us with the trust of our Volk.

Adolf Hitler, on 1 Feb. 1933, addressing the German nation as Chancellor for the first time, Volkischer Beobachter, 5 Aug. 1935.. And that was your” DAILY DILLY BOB” ,I admit it,  I love saying ,daily dilly bob.

 My Christian People:  I hardly think that the above excerpt from  a speech by    Adolf Hitler represents the anti-Christian beliefs, that many liars and hypocrites in the Christian Radio Broadcast business , erroneously  ascribe to him.    JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

 My  Dear People:

While it may be true that I have a gift of knowing things deeply ,is it too much to ask ,that those who claim to know the mind of God, or at least claim to themselves a ministry, should also  speak the truth?… At the very least for  the  benefit of  the gullible and less astute members of the Christian faith community.

 Is it too much to ask that those who claim to be ministers and preachers of God’s truth should also live in accordance with the will of the Almighty?

Is it too much to ask that those who enjoy the gifts and tithes ,donated to them by the credulous and trusting ,should use these resources for honest Christian  charity and not  to satisfy their own lusts and private pleasures ?

Is it too much to ask  the ministers ,pastors and priests to control their sexual appetites and to  not give vent to their perverse and sadistic impulses on  those who can least defend or protect themselves; the Christian youth ?

I ask these questions, in all candor and seriousness,  to all those who claim to be missionaries to the heathen ;to those who are involved in teaching our youth and even very small children ;to all those who preach sermons from the pulpit or behind a microphone ,and to those who pressure the faithful into donationg money they cannot afford to give  : Do you have no shame?

Are you all so low and debased that you  would steal from the trusting and innocent? Are you so perverted that you would fondle the genitals of the  young,placed  under  your charge and care?

Is there any life form anywhere on this planet as parasitic and vile, that  could  claim the ministry and swear allegiance to the Gospel ,and at the same time ,lie ,cheat , swindle and abuse all those too  stupid   to discern faith from falsehood ,perversion from piety.

All those who attend local church services must examine the personal lives and habits of those in  church authority and determine whether or not they are deserving of your trust and  your financial support.

I am absolutely certain, that if the average Christian would take the time and do a serious evaluation of the pastor or minister of the church they attend, they would find a good deal of reason to stop attending, or at the very least ,stop any further tithing to that church or to that pastor.

But how can one evaluate those behind the cameras or the microphones of the thousands of Christian radio stations that  stretch from coast to coast?

Here ,there is no personal interaction between parishioner  and purveyor ,no chance of learning of their personal behavior or  how they truly  are when they are away from the studio.

There’s no one who you can ask,  all that you have in front of you is their own conceited and self-righteous opinion of themselves.

Let’s take a straightforward look at the clever claptrap of a Christian radio network by the name ;REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK.

The swindlers that run this operation are as clever as they are criminal  in the way they deceive the public.  The scam usually never goes beyond the crafty way they solicit funds from the dupes who listen and support them.

For this purpose they hired a gifted actor by the name of CRAIG MATTSON who enjoys a very high salary  doing what he loves best , and that is ,acting.

Acting is by no means an easy profession .  Pick up Shakespeare  and try reading one of the many soliloquies found throughout his plays and you will see what I mean.

Acting is no mean skill .  And Craig is up to the challenge , and he’s good at what he is paid to do and this is to pretend to be something he clearly is not.

Without his acting skills the  REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK  would simply be another country western gospel station ,reminiscent of the JIMMY SWAGGART fiasco. And the money bags operating behind the scenes ,surely do not want that!

  What the poor dumbed down listeners to this radio presentation  fail to understand is that acting is just that :ACTING, and does not resemble reality.

So they hired this over educated stooge to ply his trade in deceit ,calming the anxieties of the doubting Thomases and when they make their pitch for your money ,CRAIG makes it easy for you to swallow the bait.

That’s all there is to it.

Remember, acting is just acting and not only is Craig an accomplished thespian but he also teaches the craft   to other would be  actors in the PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE headquarters for budding crooks.

I can’t help remembering a story I once heard Charlton Heston tell when he was starring in the Ten Commandments . How during his break from the set ,he would walk to the commissary for a drink and

on the way the  local Egyptian set construction  workers and commissary staff would back away and would start to murmur ,MOSES ,MOSES ,MOSES.. If you are a good enough actor the dupes watching

will even believe you have descended from heaven or are in reality, the  part or role you are portraying.

This lesson holds true for your local pastor or minister  and even the on the  air radio charlatans you listen to daily ,who impute to themselves all the religiosity their arcane and sanctimonious   sermons can muster up in the minds of the imbeciles in their listening audiences.

.MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER knows this scam all too well. She’s good at it. Ever wonder why she always invites other swindlers on her CROSSTALK PROGRAM to discuss the old hymns of the church as well as the old tired sermons of decades and even centuries ago?

A good example is the long gone evangelist , Ravenhall . All the fire and brimstone nonsense he spouted is now equated to the ridiculously conniving INGRID who plays the scam for all its worth.

The dupes ,in their weak  minds, put INGRID in the sanctimonious category  of undeserved credit.

 All INGRID CARES about is how to make the idiots in her audience buy her poorly written books and CD.s It’s all about  money with this neurotic ,double talker and hate monger.

Everyone must understand that there is no such thing as a TAPE MINISTRY or a MUSIC MINISTRY or a hate filled hour of lies and stupidity  ministry ,that comes at you everyday of the week on the money obsessed  CROSSTALK radio call-in talk show.


 The only ministry the Gospel talks about is the one that helps the needy!

Everything else is a swindle and can be easily seen and heard by listening any time of the day to REJOIOCE RADIO.

Whenever these jokers present other equally gifted swindlers on their network , then you know that you are  hearing a clever and very fraudulent presentation designed to separate you from your money.

These scammers have even raised the dead with their offerings  of  sermons   by  deceased preachers such as , J Vernon McGee who is now more popular dead than when he was alive ,and certainly earning more money for the  ghouls and grave robbers that bought the rights to his scratchy voiced sermons and now are earning money  from even the dead.

What kind of ministry would subject  the audience to two of this country’s  most despised con-artists ;the sly and business minded Ken Ham and the equally gifted charlatan ,Ian Taylor ?

These swindlers are part of a clever nationwide scheme to take advantage of the nation’s half-educated population by selling to them ,and receiving donations from them ,to continue this mindless charade of a  six  day creation. And again the result is always the same ;they grow rich and the mindless dupes become poorer.

Both of these jerks are part of the infamous Institute for creation research ,that had until 1985 a member  on their board of directors that seriously   believed the Earth was flat! Too  funny to believe but sadly very true.

The bottom line is that all of these assorted swindlers, including some gifted con-artists that have jumped on the REJOICE RADIO bandwagon such as John DUMLAP and RHONDA AUTRY  have found an easy way to make easy money. All at the expense of the idiots in their audiences.

 Sooner a hyena would surrender carrion than to see vultures such as JOHN DUMLAP and INGRID SCHLUETER and VIC ELIASON ,CRAIG MATTSON,CALEB KEENER the entire moonshine gang, and the ever duplicitous station managers of REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK to  give up their fundraising scams and their offers to provide you with free notes to past programming . DON’T BELIEVE IT! ALL THEY  ARE DOING IS SETTING YOU UP !

Sooner   a vulture would walk away from road kill than to see the arch criminal of CHRISTIAN RADIO  BROADCASTING  give up a chance to gain  market share by offering to mail cards of condolences to a grieving family and giving his worthless promise  to NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPES . Only a gullible fool would  take the word of an accomplished pickpocket that has pulled one scam after another for the last forty years .All on his incredibly criminal CROSSTALK PROGRAM.

Remember the TRANSMITTERS FOR AFRICA SCAM he pulled off successfully, and few of the morons even understood what was taking place or what he was doing with their credulity.

 The Gospel  was never meant to provide a means of employment for those too lazy to find constructive work to do.

Beware of anyone who employs Bible verses to convince you to mail in a donation or to contribute to any of their share a thons.

Keep in mind that Pensacola is in the middle of  SEX  drenched  SIN CITY and  is a favorite area for thousands of sex workers  who  make a living off the self-righteous con artists earning a living, finally off of your generosity. DON’T LET THEM DO IT!

If you still have doubts ,just ask the Swindlers at VCY AMERICA or REJOICE RADIO for a financial statement and that should remove all doubts.


January 8, 2011


Colorful Clown Playing an Accordian - Royalty Free Clipart Picture 

Colorful Clown Holding a Rose and Box of Candy - Royalty Free Clipart Picture 
Colorful Clown Making a Funny Face - Royalty Free Clipart Picture
Left to right:… CLOWN #1, INGRID SCHLUETER ,neurotic.  CLOWN #2 MR. VIC ELIASON a.k.a. Sticky fingers Vic .
 CLOWN #3 JIM SCHNEIDER  [porn distributor] ..

  My Christian Folk: ..  The Emergent Church looms large over at the  VCY  America Broadcast network  ,heard daily on the radio ,by satellite and on the net.

The exact reasons for the animosity between Rick Warren who  stands out as the self-appointed guru of this emergent church   phenomena and the deep thinkers over at the  cross-talk radio spectacle ,produced by the VCY AMERICA , PHONY CHRISTIAN BROADCAST NETWORK is unclear …

 Whether Warren agrees with their narrow positions or disagrees , his name still elicits acrimony that  drips like venom from the corners of Ingrid Scheister’s ever expanding mouthpiece.

One accusation they  direct at all emergent churches ,whatever  that means ,is that they are akin to a three-ring circus.

Funny how it never occurs to the gang at the VCY studio that a three-ring circus is exactly what they offer the  public everyday they are on the air.

Let’s look at the three-ring masters of this three-ring circus.

First we have Mr. Jim Schneider .  A likable sounding fellow with a well modulated inflection ,the voice of a real penitent . An acolyte at the very least. What’s not to like about him..

Who isn’t convinced   of his sincerity in all that he says ..

Don’t be tricked by his trained voice .All it is,  is nothing but pure religious theatre!

This joker  is as phony as the other two co-hosts he shares the microphone with.

 Mr. Jim is really the studios  ,Mr Fixit-man.. When their credibility wears thin they call on Jim  to calm the doubts. 

Whenever they need a  good salesman  to come on the air they pick him to do the show ,counting on his   feigned pious  demeanor and the sincerity, he is trained  to portray over the air in order to bring in the money.

Whenever they need an intense  book  selling session to increase profits, they know who to call!

In fact Jim Schneider will go anywhere ,do anything,  say anything ,for anybody for car-fare and a  twenty-dollar bill.

He is reliable Jim..!  To the other two ring masters .

Let’s look at The mastermind of this organized fraud and deceit.

Here we have a true professional, a grandfatherly type  who goes by the name  of  Mr. Vic Eliason..

Someone who you would trust with your mutual fund retirement account. ..Someone who would always tell you the truth.Has your best interest at heart.

Someone revealing God’s truth to  all  and to whosoever will.

Has anyone noticed how quiet he got after he collected the pledged donations for the PRAYER RACKET FOR AFRICA SCAM he pulled off last summer?  TOTAL SILENCE!

This was the second scam he pulled off within one year.Second  Africa prayer racket! 

 Where did the money go? How do we know? Do you really believe he will tell you?

Can you ever again believe someone who has sticky fingers?

Hardly the first time. This guy is a  real pro.

Whenever funds get a little low he knows who to contact.

He can always count on his Jewish buddies to come through . All he has to do is devote some time and energy bad mouthing those terrible Muslims and those  terrible  Third  Reichers and his rabbi friends toss him his thirty pieces of silver..

 Money well spent they figure, to have this kind of jew-lackey on their side.Especially with a large easy to manipulate audience .

Best investment they could make… All you have to do is listen to the callers to this cross talk program.

Listen to the delusional, and the imbeciles that call in from Hattiesburg  miss. or Pensacola,Mobile . Mary Esther ,Fla. All within a short driving distance of each other.

This is the type of idiot audience they fleece everyday they are on the air.

 Ingrid  SCHLUETER  is probably the most pathetic of the  three.

The passionate stands she takes probably  reflect the nagging doubts she has within herself,rather than from anything  else.

A real basket case… Listen to them for the entertainment value only!

But what can we say about the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK operating out of Pensacola Florida?

This long-established scam outfit follows along ,picking up the loose change left behind by the  clever  swindlers of VCY AMERICA . 

They are credited with providing free airtime to the blood sucking  VCY operation and they never fail to remind the dupes in their audience .

The audience needs to be reminded as  well ,that charlatans support each other and work together . And the hicks again need to be reminded that while REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK provides ‘free” airtime ,the time they donate is free to them   to begin with as well. It’s the PUBLIC AIRWAVES they have swindled the FCC and the American people out of!

It may be a free donation to VCY but it’s one never paid for to start with!

But that means nothing to the glib con-artists at Rejoice radio.

They have NO PROBLEMS dealing with criminals and liars ,as long as it brings in the bucks.

Listening to the endless charade of sentimentality produced by CRAIG MATTSON and his crew of con-artists will do you about as much good as it did the passengers gathered around the orchestra pit playing ” NEARER MY GOD TO THEE” on THE TITANIC!

America’s ship of faith ,called Christianity has run aground and   is sinking fast.

The lying ,fast talking hypocrites at Rejoice Radio, such as; CRAIG MATTSON ,CALEB KEENER ,RHONDA AUTRY and all the

lounge lizards that have been ripping off the gullible idiots in the Christian listening audience have their life boats at the ready ,and will abandon ship as soon as they pick up the

remaining loot ,from out of the desperate ,soon to be drowning idiots that support them financially!

Learn the truth and the truth will set you free!

THE SLICE OF CHRISTIAN LIFE: How Christian Broadcasters Deceive and Grow Rich,VCY AMERICA,REJOICE RADIO are dangerous to your wealth.

January 7, 2011



 My Dear Christian Folk:  While I encourage you to listen to CROSS-TALK call-in program,produced by VCY AMERICA for the entertainment value , there is a two-fold purpose to this ;

 and that is the instructional  aspect to this one hour program.

Here, anyone even with a minimal education can  understand how the Christian community of America is victimized by this

on the air religion swindle.

The entertainment value is in listening how the producers and co-hosts attempt to explain biblical principles while having to

carefully avoid falling into the traps they build for themselves.

Ever wonder why the executive producer and co-host of the cross-talk  radio show INGRID SCHLUETER rants about being faithful to the literal interpretation of  scripture ,especially the six-day creation episode ,but slyly avoids the part in  Genesis 2;24 ..where it clearly states the definition of marriage;

 “Therefore a man shall leave his father  and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall be one flesh”

Why would she ? Why would any polygamist accept this verse literally ,and this is what  multiple marriage and divorce is in our modern society,a more acceptable form of polygamy.

At least the Muslims are far more practical about it.

Ingrid wants you to throw your gift of reason down the garbage disposal  when it comes to settled science, but she reserves for

herself  the  right to interpret  verses regarding marriage and divorce as  she sees fit . As long as they do not impinge on her comfort zone ,which for her ,is pure business and  big bucks.


How is it they take a pro-life position when it comes

  to the Abortion issue 

  and remain quiet or even supportive of the Zionist killers in  Gaza dropping cluster bombs on small children?

Do you know what one of these bombs can do to an adult  ,let alone a small child?

Why do we need to see posters of aborted fetuses and not posters of small Palestinian children after  their small arms ,legs and

stomaches receive the fiery blast of one of these American donated instruments of death??

Is there humor in this.. The joke is on the credulous , the gullible the unsuspecting ,the uneducated who will continue to support the scam artists working at the VCY AMERICA RADIO STUDIO!

It’s easy for these charlatans to conform to whatever opinions the jewish lobbyists demand of them.

 Of course the humor never ends, once these gullible folks start to call in ,when the phone lines are opened.

They usually rely on the  usual gang of plants in the listening  audience  and other stooges to call in and start things off.

They dread when the calls come in from Mary Esther Florida  ,or   Mobile Alabama .or from the Dear Lady from Hattiesburg Mississippi,etc.

They are mindful of their image ,you know!

Recently some of their guests, or should I say paid stooges caused me to laugh so hard, I got stomach cramps.

A certain Dr. Kissler ,an advocate of the Puritan ideology gave us to understand the temptations he faced in the french Quarter of  New Orleans ,sometime back .

Trying to decide whether or not to  enter  a hootchie -kootchie  bar  on Bourbon st. caused him  to have a crisis in his Christian confidence.

Should he or shouldn’t he ,that was the moral question he faced.

The bar with all their young attractive bosomy LADIES and  a possible encounter with one or two in the rooms set aside in the

back of the strip club for this purpose was almost more than he could bear.

 My Dear Christian Folk: Even an avowed  atheist or agnostic with an ounce of common sense would know  better than to risk his health and money or even his life  ,entering a Strip-club,bordello in the french quarter of New Orleans.

Can you imagine if the Rev.d Dr. Billy Graham at  the start of one of his crusades,

were to begin by  saying : “I thought of  visiting  a bordello and enjoying the company of some of the more attractive whores here in the french quarter of  New Orleans,

I sure was tempted by the young ladies ,they sure looked mighty fine

and after all I needed some rest and relaxation,

but thanks to my faith in the Lord I decided not to. But it sure was tempting.. And really  :I am recognizable “  ..”My picture would be in the papers ,by morning edition..”

How much credibility do you think he would have after revealing  that?

 Be not impressed by anyone with the title Doctor in front of his name. This title is as easy to obtain as the title PASTOR.

All it takes is a few dollars and then answer a few questions at the end of each chapter of your enrolled correspondence course and there you have it!

All of these Gentlemen,whether they are Presidents of Baptist theological seminaries or pastors ,or Doctors of divinity.

All fit the profile of those who given the opportunity would sell out their faith in the Lord Jesus for just an hour with some young hottie and still remain anonymous.

Am I being too cynical? Should we not laugh?

Those who are laughing the loudest are those scam-artists such as Ms.Ingrid  Schleuter ,Jim Schneider and the mastermind of this criminal gang ; MR. Sticky fingers: VIC  ELIASON. 

 These folks not only laugh hard at the incredible stupidity of their listening audience and how easily they are duped,but they

laugh themselves sick all the way to the BANK!!

These are the Folks that you hear on CROSS-TALK ,call-in talk program , Tell a friend about them and enjoy them together!

Stay strong, and may the Almighty Bless All Our Endeavors.