Antidote to the Fools and The Deliberate Liars Heard on Christian Broadcast Networks.

  My Christian Folk: The greatest treasure a nation can possess is its own people.

The greatest act of stupidity for a government to commit is to neglect this object of value;namely the people.

My Christian Folk: When Dame Ignorance unites with Sir Apathy they together produce a brood of degenerate off-spring.


The  results of this union have produced cowardice, treason, perversion, moral decadence ,economic slavery,poverty and the last to be born will be  annihilation by the hand of the Almighty.

This is exactly the situation we are currently facing and have been dealing with over these past decades.

  Sooner or later in the life of a nation the people will see that revolution, bloodshed, sacrifice are better than the gradual extinction of  an entire community of people.

We cannot talk about morality and at the same time gloss over the fact that our criminal politicians deprive the american people of the fruits of their  work by confiscating their earnings and giving them to those who never have worked.

We cannot talk about morality  or the lack  of it while we are simply asked to stand still while our children are forced to attend inferior schools and be subjected to acts of criminality every day.

We cannot  hope for a better future while the young folk who represent  our future are allowed to slowly descend into  the muck and mire of a  cultural cess-pool that has been foisted upon us by a clever ,demonic gang of international marxists.

The churches cannot pretend to be blind and fail to see that while workers and small farmers work at wages that can barely cover the basic essentials  of life; the criminal gang on Wall St. earn  billions simply by executing buy and sell orders for the hedge fund swindlers and international racketeers that have plundered this nation’s wealth and  patrimony.

My Christian Folk: The apathy and stupidity of many in the Christian community only exacerbates the social,political,and economic crisis we find ourselves in.

Too frequently they misplace their trust ,preferring to believe in those who would further exploit them.

 Let me ask you to think about the media of radio.

How often to you hear Christian Radio Broadcasters appealing to your sentimentality in order for you to send them donations for one reason or another.

Why are they so successful in getting you to write them a check with no strings attached?

The money they collect is used primarily to maintain themselves in the luxury lifestyle that you enable them to enjoy.

Keep in mind that radio is more powerful an instrument of persuasion  than television.

In Visual media a personal presentation must be made. Props must be used. A stage must be created upon which to make their pitch.On cable or T.V. in general you get to see first and then you can make a  determination later.

This also takes  a lot of skill to pull off. It costs a great deal and requires trained charlatans that can weep and sob  ,jump up and down ,recruit plants in the audience  etc.Remember Benny Hinn ,jimmy  Swaggart ?Or what about Kathryn Kuhlman ,Remember that pathetic disgrace?

It requires those trained in acting to be able to do all this on cue.

But on  RADIO the professional religion scam artists need do very little.

They spin a few sacred listening music  CD.s. Read you some proverbs, editorialize at just the right moment, tell you exactly what you want to hear and the rest is left up to your own imagination.Reason enough to then demand you send them your hard-earned money.

The Cross Talk gang of Christian phonies operates the same way,only they include a  political slant to their well prepared scam.

VCY AMERICA has a long history going back almost 40 years swindling the american people on a daily basis.

This criminal gang uses the audience who call in as their props.

They parade out on  the air all the tragic personal stories they can fit on in order to soften up the listening audience.

Under the guise of a day of thanksgiving ,or electronic Christmas Card or whatever they can think of that will enable them to create in you the required sentiment.

Remember with RADIO your mind is the THEATRE OF YOUR IMAGINATION and that is all they have to work with.

This is how these professional swindlers are able to enrich themselves at your expense.


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