My  Dear Christian Folk:  Whereas the six-day creation was a prodigious  accomplishment by Creator God  ,certainly deserving of a day of rest ,is it reasonable to believe that having

created the heavens and the  Earth He would retire His hammer and chisel:Would  He  put  down the paint brush of life  and simply   cease all future creative endeavors? 

Would any artist of any age after creating a masterpiece simply rest on his laurels and make no further contribution to the art world?

No one who has witnessed the night sky, free and clear of human contamination, can argue  or deny  the  creative powers of The Almighty : and the majestic brilliance of His pallet of color and  design.

 As far as it is given for man to know the human race is  His masterpiece inhabiting the present world.

And if  Genesis chap.1&2 can be used we clearly see that He

installed His progeny in a garden of perfection, to live  and to enjoy in harmony   ,and commissioned   these  first two humans to supervise

this garden paradise and to act as majordomos  .

The only commandment  they needed to concern themselves with was  to heed the prohibition against picking and eating certain forbidden fruit.

 We all know what then happened  .  You can almost  hear  the HSSSSSSS can’t you….

If you close your eyes and cover your ears from all other sounds you can still hear the HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

But more  importantly ,what happened to  Adam after the expulsion from the garden of bliss?

Was he de-commissioned  by the  Almighty from his position as majordomo first-class, in charge of God’s creation?


The scriptures do not indicate this to be the case.

Therefore are we to understand that   as descendants of Adam we

continue to be the weed pullers and tree pruners of Gods natural creation?

If not us then who?

Who are we to debate how the Almighty chooses to continue His creative work in the world and throughout his universe?

 This act of co-creation ,whereby man using his reasoning powers and his intellect advances the glory of  God among the Peoples of the earth.

Was man created to pull the plow ,to compete with other mammals for his food?

By using his mind  ,man elevated his position in the natural world and in the process created the culture and civilization by which and through which God’s name may be glorified on the earth.

My Christian folk: The subject of  universal access to the abortion

medical procedure is being used to deliberately confuse you and

to frighten you away from your God Given responsibility to care and improve the imperfections that exist within humankind.

While Roe v.Wade is in need of reform since it allows for the destruction of  healthy life.   This reason alone  cannot be used to ban all abortions.

We owe to future generations people who will bring dignity and  honor to God’s creative genius.

Are we not allowing the young and physically fit to be slaughtered  on the battlefields in two wars,while the incapacitated and the unfit are protected and shielded and even are allowed to inundate society?

And how are the unfit being cared for ,or are they  ?

If those giving birth to the sick and feeble refuse to support their defectives then is it morally correct to shift the burden to those who understand the wisdom in practicing reproductive hygiene?


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