THE SLICE OF CHRISTIAN LIFE: How Christian Broadcasters Deceive and Grow Rich,VCY AMERICA,REJOICE RADIO are dangerous to your wealth.




 My Dear Christian Folk:  While I encourage you to listen to CROSS-TALK call-in program,produced by VCY AMERICA for the entertainment value , there is a two-fold purpose to this ;

 and that is the instructional  aspect to this one hour program.

Here, anyone even with a minimal education can  understand how the Christian community of America is victimized by this

on the air religion swindle.

The entertainment value is in listening how the producers and co-hosts attempt to explain biblical principles while having to

carefully avoid falling into the traps they build for themselves.

Ever wonder why the executive producer and co-host of the cross-talk  radio show INGRID SCHLUETER rants about being faithful to the literal interpretation of  scripture ,especially the six-day creation episode ,but slyly avoids the part in  Genesis 2;24 ..where it clearly states the definition of marriage;

 “Therefore a man shall leave his father  and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall be one flesh”

Why would she ? Why would any polygamist accept this verse literally ,and this is what  multiple marriage and divorce is in our modern society,a more acceptable form of polygamy.

At least the Muslims are far more practical about it.

Ingrid wants you to throw your gift of reason down the garbage disposal  when it comes to settled science, but she reserves for

herself  the  right to interpret  verses regarding marriage and divorce as  she sees fit . As long as they do not impinge on her comfort zone ,which for her ,is pure business and  big bucks.


How is it they take a pro-life position when it comes

  to the Abortion issue 

  and remain quiet or even supportive of the Zionist killers in  Gaza dropping cluster bombs on small children?

Do you know what one of these bombs can do to an adult  ,let alone a small child?

Why do we need to see posters of aborted fetuses and not posters of small Palestinian children after  their small arms ,legs and

stomaches receive the fiery blast of one of these American donated instruments of death??

Is there humor in this.. The joke is on the credulous , the gullible the unsuspecting ,the uneducated who will continue to support the scam artists working at the VCY AMERICA RADIO STUDIO!

It’s easy for these charlatans to conform to whatever opinions the jewish lobbyists demand of them.

 Of course the humor never ends, once these gullible folks start to call in ,when the phone lines are opened.

They usually rely on the  usual gang of plants in the listening  audience  and other stooges to call in and start things off.

They dread when the calls come in from Mary Esther Florida  ,or   Mobile Alabama .or from the Dear Lady from Hattiesburg Mississippi,etc.

They are mindful of their image ,you know!

Recently some of their guests, or should I say paid stooges caused me to laugh so hard, I got stomach cramps.

A certain Dr. Kissler ,an advocate of the Puritan ideology gave us to understand the temptations he faced in the french Quarter of  New Orleans ,sometime back .

Trying to decide whether or not to  enter  a hootchie -kootchie  bar  on Bourbon st. caused him  to have a crisis in his Christian confidence.

Should he or shouldn’t he ,that was the moral question he faced.

The bar with all their young attractive bosomy LADIES and  a possible encounter with one or two in the rooms set aside in the

back of the strip club for this purpose was almost more than he could bear.

 My Dear Christian Folk: Even an avowed  atheist or agnostic with an ounce of common sense would know  better than to risk his health and money or even his life  ,entering a Strip-club,bordello in the french quarter of New Orleans.

Can you imagine if the Rev.d Dr. Billy Graham at  the start of one of his crusades,

were to begin by  saying : “I thought of  visiting  a bordello and enjoying the company of some of the more attractive whores here in the french quarter of  New Orleans,

I sure was tempted by the young ladies ,they sure looked mighty fine

and after all I needed some rest and relaxation,

but thanks to my faith in the Lord I decided not to. But it sure was tempting.. And really  :I am recognizable “  ..”My picture would be in the papers ,by morning edition..”

How much credibility do you think he would have after revealing  that?

 Be not impressed by anyone with the title Doctor in front of his name. This title is as easy to obtain as the title PASTOR.

All it takes is a few dollars and then answer a few questions at the end of each chapter of your enrolled correspondence course and there you have it!

All of these Gentlemen,whether they are Presidents of Baptist theological seminaries or pastors ,or Doctors of divinity.

All fit the profile of those who given the opportunity would sell out their faith in the Lord Jesus for just an hour with some young hottie and still remain anonymous.

Am I being too cynical? Should we not laugh?

Those who are laughing the loudest are those scam-artists such as Ms.Ingrid  Schleuter ,Jim Schneider and the mastermind of this criminal gang ; MR. Sticky fingers: VIC  ELIASON. 

 These folks not only laugh hard at the incredible stupidity of their listening audience and how easily they are duped,but they

laugh themselves sick all the way to the BANK!!

These are the Folks that you hear on CROSS-TALK ,call-in talk program , Tell a friend about them and enjoy them together!

Stay strong, and may the Almighty Bless All Our Endeavors.


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