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Left to right:… CLOWN #1, INGRID SCHLUETER ,neurotic.  CLOWN #2 MR. VIC ELIASON a.k.a. Sticky fingers Vic .
 CLOWN #3 JIM SCHNEIDER  [porn distributor] ..

  My Christian Folk: ..  The Emergent Church looms large over at the  VCY  America Broadcast network  ,heard daily on the radio ,by satellite and on the net.

The exact reasons for the animosity between Rick Warren who  stands out as the self-appointed guru of this emergent church   phenomena and the deep thinkers over at the  cross-talk radio spectacle ,produced by the VCY AMERICA , PHONY CHRISTIAN BROADCAST NETWORK is unclear …

 Whether Warren agrees with their narrow positions or disagrees , his name still elicits acrimony that  drips like venom from the corners of Ingrid Scheister’s ever expanding mouthpiece.

One accusation they  direct at all emergent churches ,whatever  that means ,is that they are akin to a three-ring circus.

Funny how it never occurs to the gang at the VCY studio that a three-ring circus is exactly what they offer the  public everyday they are on the air.

Let’s look at the three-ring masters of this three-ring circus.

First we have Mr. Jim Schneider .  A likable sounding fellow with a well modulated inflection ,the voice of a real penitent . An acolyte at the very least. What’s not to like about him..

Who isn’t convinced   of his sincerity in all that he says ..

Don’t be tricked by his trained voice .All it is,  is nothing but pure religious theatre!

This joker  is as phony as the other two co-hosts he shares the microphone with.

 Mr. Jim is really the studios  ,Mr Fixit-man.. When their credibility wears thin they call on Jim  to calm the doubts. 

Whenever they need a  good salesman  to come on the air they pick him to do the show ,counting on his   feigned pious  demeanor and the sincerity, he is trained  to portray over the air in order to bring in the money.

Whenever they need an intense  book  selling session to increase profits, they know who to call!

In fact Jim Schneider will go anywhere ,do anything,  say anything ,for anybody for car-fare and a  twenty-dollar bill.

He is reliable Jim..!  To the other two ring masters .

Let’s look at The mastermind of this organized fraud and deceit.

Here we have a true professional, a grandfatherly type  who goes by the name  of  Mr. Vic Eliason..

Someone who you would trust with your mutual fund retirement account. ..Someone who would always tell you the truth.Has your best interest at heart.

Someone revealing God’s truth to  all  and to whosoever will.

Has anyone noticed how quiet he got after he collected the pledged donations for the PRAYER RACKET FOR AFRICA SCAM he pulled off last summer?  TOTAL SILENCE!

This was the second scam he pulled off within one year.Second  Africa prayer racket! 

 Where did the money go? How do we know? Do you really believe he will tell you?

Can you ever again believe someone who has sticky fingers?

Hardly the first time. This guy is a  real pro.

Whenever funds get a little low he knows who to contact.

He can always count on his Jewish buddies to come through . All he has to do is devote some time and energy bad mouthing those terrible Muslims and those  terrible  Third  Reichers and his rabbi friends toss him his thirty pieces of silver..

 Money well spent they figure, to have this kind of jew-lackey on their side.Especially with a large easy to manipulate audience .

Best investment they could make… All you have to do is listen to the callers to this cross talk program.

Listen to the delusional, and the imbeciles that call in from Hattiesburg  miss. or Pensacola,Mobile . Mary Esther ,Fla. All within a short driving distance of each other.

This is the type of idiot audience they fleece everyday they are on the air.

 Ingrid  SCHLUETER  is probably the most pathetic of the  three.

The passionate stands she takes probably  reflect the nagging doubts she has within herself,rather than from anything  else.

A real basket case… Listen to them for the entertainment value only!

But what can we say about the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK operating out of Pensacola Florida?

This long-established scam outfit follows along ,picking up the loose change left behind by the  clever  swindlers of VCY AMERICA . 

They are credited with providing free airtime to the blood sucking  VCY operation and they never fail to remind the dupes in their audience .

The audience needs to be reminded as  well ,that charlatans support each other and work together . And the hicks again need to be reminded that while REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK provides ‘free” airtime ,the time they donate is free to them   to begin with as well. It’s the PUBLIC AIRWAVES they have swindled the FCC and the American people out of!

It may be a free donation to VCY but it’s one never paid for to start with!

But that means nothing to the glib con-artists at Rejoice radio.

They have NO PROBLEMS dealing with criminals and liars ,as long as it brings in the bucks.

Listening to the endless charade of sentimentality produced by CRAIG MATTSON and his crew of con-artists will do you about as much good as it did the passengers gathered around the orchestra pit playing ” NEARER MY GOD TO THEE” on THE TITANIC!

America’s ship of faith ,called Christianity has run aground and   is sinking fast.

The lying ,fast talking hypocrites at Rejoice Radio, such as; CRAIG MATTSON ,CALEB KEENER ,RHONDA AUTRY and all the

lounge lizards that have been ripping off the gullible idiots in the Christian listening audience have their life boats at the ready ,and will abandon ship as soon as they pick up the

remaining loot ,from out of the desperate ,soon to be drowning idiots that support them financially!

Learn the truth and the truth will set you free!


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