A Slice of Christian Life and ” YOUR DAILY DILLY BOB.”



We are determined, as leaders of the nation, to fulfill as a national

government the task which has been given to us, swearing fidelity only to

God, our conscience, and our Volk…. This the national government will

regard its first and foremost duty to restore the unity of spirit and purpose of

our Volk. It will preserve and defend the foundations upon which the power

of our nation rests. It will take Christianity, as the basis of our collective

morality, and the family as the nucleus of our Volk and state, under its firm

protection….May God Almighty take our work into his grace, give true form

to our will, bless our insight, and endow us with the trust of our Volk.

Adolf Hitler, on 1 Feb. 1933, addressing the German nation as Chancellor for the first time, Volkischer Beobachter, 5 Aug. 1935.. And that was your” DAILY DILLY BOB” ,I admit it,  I love saying ,daily dilly bob.

 My Christian People:  I hardly think that the above excerpt from  a speech by    Adolf Hitler represents the anti-Christian beliefs, that many liars and hypocrites in the Christian Radio Broadcast business , erroneously  ascribe to him.    JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

 My  Dear People:

While it may be true that I have a gift of knowing things deeply ,is it too much to ask ,that those who claim to know the mind of God, or at least claim to themselves a ministry, should also  speak the truth?… At the very least for  the  benefit of  the gullible and less astute members of the Christian faith community.

 Is it too much to ask that those who claim to be ministers and preachers of God’s truth should also live in accordance with the will of the Almighty?

Is it too much to ask that those who enjoy the gifts and tithes ,donated to them by the credulous and trusting ,should use these resources for honest Christian  charity and not  to satisfy their own lusts and private pleasures ?

Is it too much to ask  the ministers ,pastors and priests to control their sexual appetites and to  not give vent to their perverse and sadistic impulses on  those who can least defend or protect themselves; the Christian youth ?

I ask these questions, in all candor and seriousness,  to all those who claim to be missionaries to the heathen ;to those who are involved in teaching our youth and even very small children ;to all those who preach sermons from the pulpit or behind a microphone ,and to those who pressure the faithful into donationg money they cannot afford to give  : Do you have no shame?

Are you all so low and debased that you  would steal from the trusting and innocent? Are you so perverted that you would fondle the genitals of the  young,placed  under  your charge and care?

Is there any life form anywhere on this planet as parasitic and vile, that  could  claim the ministry and swear allegiance to the Gospel ,and at the same time ,lie ,cheat , swindle and abuse all those too  stupid   to discern faith from falsehood ,perversion from piety.

All those who attend local church services must examine the personal lives and habits of those in  church authority and determine whether or not they are deserving of your trust and  your financial support.

I am absolutely certain, that if the average Christian would take the time and do a serious evaluation of the pastor or minister of the church they attend, they would find a good deal of reason to stop attending, or at the very least ,stop any further tithing to that church or to that pastor.

But how can one evaluate those behind the cameras or the microphones of the thousands of Christian radio stations that  stretch from coast to coast?

Here ,there is no personal interaction between parishioner  and purveyor ,no chance of learning of their personal behavior or  how they truly  are when they are away from the studio.

There’s no one who you can ask,  all that you have in front of you is their own conceited and self-righteous opinion of themselves.

Let’s take a straightforward look at the clever claptrap of a Christian radio network by the name ;REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK.

The swindlers that run this operation are as clever as they are criminal  in the way they deceive the public.  The scam usually never goes beyond the crafty way they solicit funds from the dupes who listen and support them.

For this purpose they hired a gifted actor by the name of CRAIG MATTSON who enjoys a very high salary  doing what he loves best , and that is ,acting.

Acting is by no means an easy profession .  Pick up Shakespeare  and try reading one of the many soliloquies found throughout his plays and you will see what I mean.

Acting is no mean skill .  And Craig is up to the challenge , and he’s good at what he is paid to do and this is to pretend to be something he clearly is not.

Without his acting skills the  REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK  would simply be another country western gospel station ,reminiscent of the JIMMY SWAGGART fiasco. And the money bags operating behind the scenes ,surely do not want that!

  What the poor dumbed down listeners to this radio presentation  fail to understand is that acting is just that :ACTING, and does not resemble reality.

So they hired this over educated stooge to ply his trade in deceit ,calming the anxieties of the doubting Thomases and when they make their pitch for your money ,CRAIG makes it easy for you to swallow the bait.

That’s all there is to it.

Remember, acting is just acting and not only is Craig an accomplished thespian but he also teaches the craft   to other would be  actors in the PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE headquarters for budding crooks.

I can’t help remembering a story I once heard Charlton Heston tell when he was starring in the Ten Commandments . How during his break from the set ,he would walk to the commissary for a drink and

on the way the  local Egyptian set construction  workers and commissary staff would back away and would start to murmur ,MOSES ,MOSES ,MOSES.. If you are a good enough actor the dupes watching

will even believe you have descended from heaven or are in reality, the  part or role you are portraying.

This lesson holds true for your local pastor or minister  and even the on the  air radio charlatans you listen to daily ,who impute to themselves all the religiosity their arcane and sanctimonious   sermons can muster up in the minds of the imbeciles in their listening audiences.

.MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER knows this scam all too well. She’s good at it. Ever wonder why she always invites other swindlers on her CROSSTALK PROGRAM to discuss the old hymns of the church as well as the old tired sermons of decades and even centuries ago?

A good example is the long gone evangelist , Ravenhall . All the fire and brimstone nonsense he spouted is now equated to the ridiculously conniving INGRID who plays the scam for all its worth.

The dupes ,in their weak  minds, put INGRID in the sanctimonious category  of undeserved credit.

 All INGRID CARES about is how to make the idiots in her audience buy her poorly written books and CD.s It’s all about  money with this neurotic ,double talker and hate monger.

Everyone must understand that there is no such thing as a TAPE MINISTRY or a MUSIC MINISTRY or a hate filled hour of lies and stupidity  ministry ,that comes at you everyday of the week on the money obsessed  CROSSTALK radio call-in talk show.


 The only ministry the Gospel talks about is the one that helps the needy!

Everything else is a swindle and can be easily seen and heard by listening any time of the day to REJOIOCE RADIO.

Whenever these jokers present other equally gifted swindlers on their network , then you know that you are  hearing a clever and very fraudulent presentation designed to separate you from your money.

These scammers have even raised the dead with their offerings  of  sermons   by  deceased preachers such as , J Vernon McGee who is now more popular dead than when he was alive ,and certainly earning more money for the  ghouls and grave robbers that bought the rights to his scratchy voiced sermons and now are earning money  from even the dead.

What kind of ministry would subject  the audience to two of this country’s  most despised con-artists ;the sly and business minded Ken Ham and the equally gifted charlatan ,Ian Taylor ?

These swindlers are part of a clever nationwide scheme to take advantage of the nation’s half-educated population by selling to them ,and receiving donations from them ,to continue this mindless charade of a  six  day creation. And again the result is always the same ;they grow rich and the mindless dupes become poorer.

Both of these jerks are part of the infamous Institute for creation research ,that had until 1985 a member  on their board of directors that seriously   believed the Earth was flat! Too  funny to believe but sadly very true.

The bottom line is that all of these assorted swindlers, including some gifted con-artists that have jumped on the REJOICE RADIO bandwagon such as John DUMLAP and RHONDA AUTRY  have found an easy way to make easy money. All at the expense of the idiots in their audiences.

 Sooner a hyena would surrender carrion than to see vultures such as JOHN DUMLAP and INGRID SCHLUETER and VIC ELIASON ,CRAIG MATTSON,CALEB KEENER the entire moonshine gang, and the ever duplicitous station managers of REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK to  give up their fundraising scams and their offers to provide you with free notes to past programming . DON’T BELIEVE IT! ALL THEY  ARE DOING IS SETTING YOU UP !

Sooner   a vulture would walk away from road kill than to see the arch criminal of CHRISTIAN RADIO  BROADCASTING  give up a chance to gain  market share by offering to mail cards of condolences to a grieving family and giving his worthless promise  to NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPES . Only a gullible fool would  take the word of an accomplished pickpocket that has pulled one scam after another for the last forty years .All on his incredibly criminal CROSSTALK PROGRAM.

Remember the TRANSMITTERS FOR AFRICA SCAM he pulled off successfully, and few of the morons even understood what was taking place or what he was doing with their credulity.

 The Gospel  was never meant to provide a means of employment for those too lazy to find constructive work to do.

Beware of anyone who employs Bible verses to convince you to mail in a donation or to contribute to any of their share a thons.

Keep in mind that Pensacola is in the middle of  SEX  drenched  SIN CITY and  is a favorite area for thousands of sex workers  who  make a living off the self-righteous con artists earning a living, finally off of your generosity. DON’T LET THEM DO IT!

If you still have doubts ,just ask the Swindlers at VCY AMERICA or REJOICE RADIO for a financial statement and that should remove all doubts.


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