The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind


My Christian People:   Spiritual vision can only come when the sightless  truly desire to see it.  We cannot pretend to see things as we would hope them to be ,for in so doing we enter into the world of self-delusion, that cannot be easily overcome.

Self delusion is the thing that creates in our psyche a comfort zone  ;it becomes a reason to do nothing ;it grants a respite from our daily toils and apprehensions ,but also puts off a certain day of reckoning ,that will surely come upon all those who draw from the elixir of blessed  contentment and  refuse to open their eyes and stare into the icy cold  face of reality.

Those who opt to  remain  with  this opiate will surely  suffer the  pangs of withdrawal, and in fact will experience an even greater sense of anxiety and pain as a result , than had they opened their eyes to life as it truly exists.

This is the true meaning of THE PARABLE spoken by the founder of the Christian Faith ,that describes THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND and everyone eventually falling into the ditch.

When  well-meaning Christians shirk their solemn obligation to discern fact from fiction ,and choose rather to follow charlatans and assorted con-artists and professional swindlers  ,are they not also following the blind? Are they not also blinding their own eyes to the truth?

How many Christians blindly follow the conniving and scurrilous scoundrels that dominate the Christian Radio Broadcast Networks and yet fail to understand how they are being tricked and deceived?



 And how many fail to see  that the root of their  deception lies in the misplaced trust and confidence the gullible listening audiences place in those behind the microphones emitting their daily dose of deceit  and swindle?

The more trust and faith you place in them the greater their demands will be on your intellect and on your wallet.

Remember ,they are dealing in a  mind drug called  spiritual contentment and self-righteous apathy, designed to keep you hooked to their  drivel for as long as it takes  for them to drain you of your financial assets.

Keep in mind that these jokers use the same tactics as any drug pusher ,who starts off his relationship with  his customers   with his make-believe concern for their physical and emotional well-being.

He pretends to care for  their  suffering and pain, and this is why he is willing to sell you your much-needed MEDICATION .

He continues this line of reasoning until he sees how addicted you have become and how great the need  you have for an ever-increasing amount of his  MEDICATION and that’s when he increases the price you must pay.

The criminal minded jokers you listen to daily on CHRISTIAN RADIO PROGRAMMING such as R.B.N . [rejoice broadcast network] and VCY AMERICA ,producers of a well-know scam operation called

CROSSTALK AMERICA operate with the same end in mind : get you into their listening audience ,create  a sense of urgency; and then they begin their clever sales pitch for all the useless

books ,CD.s and reading material needed to maintain that false  sense of security and pretentious knowledge they claim to impart to all those   stupid enough to fall for their pitch and gimmicks.

 One thing all con-artists ,pseudo-religion swindlers , and CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS have in common is that they shrink and start to melt away as soon as someone challenges  their  claims or exposes their deceitful and lying enterprises for what they are.

[THESE SCAM ARTISTS,  are not even Christians to start with :no Christian attempts to swindle anybody ,no less another Christian : Just for the record]

This is  comically what happened on one of the biggest con-jobs on the radio dial: THE CROSSTALK

AMERICA scam ;when the idiot ,fill-in  co-host  BRANNON  HOWSE  ;after mouthing another long-winded diatribe against MORMONISM, received a call from a polite AIRFORCE  serviceman who was a MORMON and who calmly explained to the moron what MORMONS TRULY believe ;which ran counter to everything MR. HOWSE had been reading to the idiots in his audience ,for over thirty minutes or more.

The amusing part was  BRANNON’S response which came in the form of thanking the serviceman for his COURAGE   to call and disagree. IMAGINE the courage it takes to disagree with a fool!

Instead BRANNON should have pleaded with the mormon military guy not to make a greater idiot out of him than he already had!

Instead of claiming that he had no intention of being disrespectful to the Airman ,he should have pleaded with him not to ever call him back again and   thereby relieving him of any further embarrassment !

NOW THIS WAS ONE FUNNY CROSSTALK EPISODE! and I’m still laughing at the big jerk ,BRANNON :the bumbling idiot and self-proclaimed  exponent of Biblical exegesis  and GOSPEL TRUTH .DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH AGAIN!!


How many of you  my dear Christian people, have the courage to challenge other cheap and sleazy scam artists who prey on you in their various forms and disguises?

Ever stop to think that the REJOICE RADIO operation is yet another scam presentation ,filled with nothing but overpaid actors who do a good job in deceiving you into thinking that they are concerned for your spiritual well-being?

Stop and think how many theatrical presentations they offer you on a daily basis. You can start with  Odyssey RADIO THEATRE starring several Lolita sounding actresses and a few OLD FARTS that entice the perverted and  depraved in their audience.

And then you have the HEAD OF THE SNAKE ,MR. CRAIG MATTSON who is himself a highly paid actor and among his many  duties  at RBN is to   teach the skill to others, at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.

Then you have BIBLE READING by Alexander Scourby ,another very accomplished actor and highly skilled reader.

Followed by the little old WINEMAKER himself ,the professional old-timer MR. DON  SMITH ,who comes  at you with a heavy heart and tears of compassion, for all those in pain and misery and by the way would you send in your checks in on time folks ?

This  fraud is another in a long list of tricksters and  goof offs who have never learned the meaning of a hard day’s work!

TONITA ,RHONDA AUTRY , and the other lounge lizards that take a cut from every dollar you morons send to these crooks are also acting their way into easy money.

Have you ever thought of challenging these clever scam artists by asking to see a copy of a financial statement ,and by the way ,would they care to reveal their salaries?

What about the half-educated station manager [jimmy boy] and the soft-spoken chiseler ,CALEB KEENER who lurks in the background but always shows up when the checks are handed out? WHAT ABOUT ANY of  these swindlers?

WAKE UP AND STOP SUPPORTING THEM and face the truth and the truth will only come when you  desire to open your eyes as well as your ears. AND THE TRUTH will set you free of these parasites!

When you hear them claiming a desperate need for more money due to END OF MONTH OPERATING EXPENSES ,just remember the AIRTIME they get is FREE ,it’s  the public  airwaves , and REMEMBER FOLKS ,there is something called AUTO-PILOT which means they can program a weeks worth of radio time in advance and this allows them to go back to what they know best: bending elbows at the best watering holes in PENSACOLA FLORIDA . Wish you were here!

And with the slave labor they enjoy from the student body and all the other benefits from this body ,they can hardly claim any expense at all!



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