My Christian  people ..The Future of the Church of the Living Christ is in the hands of our young people. While many may understand this fact ,very few actually make any attempt to cultivate the new generation that will follow us.

In fact it seems that we are doing everything to alienate our children ,not only from the church and the Christian Faith but from their rightful positions in the culture we all live in. They will take our place ,but will they improve upon what we will leave them or will they in fact tear down all that has been built these past generations …of hard work,sacrifice ,and faith.

 Are the churches capable to transfer the mantle of leadership to the up-coming generation? Given the extent of corruption and depravity that exists in our political leadership ,even at the highest levels of government and the inevitable influence it extends throughout society ,one can hardly expect the church alone to have any positive effect.

The responsibility here lies with the families,the parents to the extent possible that they can provide for their children the necessary ingredients that will make of them a vital force for the future.

 My Christian  people : The things people say they hate the most are in fact what they are most envious of. While it may be inappropriate for a teenage girl to dress in a provocative style of clothing in a church ,let us not fail to understand that church attendance has in fact little to offer a young teenage

boy or girl. The clothes they choose to wear may be in fact a sign of rebellion against parental authority. It just may be their way of saying that they do not

feel included in the Christian faith let alone a particular church organization. Given the spirit of the age can we expect our children to see things any differently than what they see in the lifestyle that parents have chosen for themselves?

 Are there women who simply envy the natural beauty of a young female and condemn it for that reason alone?

 The worst thing a father can do is to tell his daughter that the clothes she has chosen to wear make her look like a bordello whore,a street-walker. In the mind of a small child it is hard to separate the description of something from its implied reality.

 In the case of a parent admonishing a young attractive teenage girl that she causes men to sin by exposing her body is a guarantee that in her adult life ,that will be exactly what she will do to gain a sense of power and self-worth in her life.

If in fact her parents whom she regards as knowledgeable and trustworthy believe that there is power in the type of clothing one wears and that exposing body parts can influence others then this statement becomes a confirmed belief in a young mind.

The solution is to teach to the extent possible that sexuality and the body parts that perform its functioning are created by the omnipotent God  ; created    for procreation and recreation in order to bond male and female together .

 and then find something else for them to do rather that having to sit on cold hard pews during church services . And forcing them to listen to boring sermons that put everyone to sleep!


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