WELCOME TO THE SLICE OF PENSACOLA  CHRISTIAN LIFE .. Life at the beach..or Lifes   a beach!

Imbued with the desire to secure for the German people the great religious, moral, and cultural values rooted in the two Christian Confessions, we have abolished the political organizations but strengthened the religious institutions.

Adolf Hitler, speaking in the Reichstag on 30 Jan. 1934

 My Christian people:..  Now is the time to face reality as it is and not how we would hope it to be.

The stark reality of life in these United States is a far cry from the teachings of the Christian Faith

and has come to the point where little separates  Christians from the primitive savages living in heathen lands.  The wall of separation ,that many in the secular  media are quick to point  to , does not in fact exist between church and state ,but rather between  the Church and its people.

This is the true wall of separation in America  and is the only factor that can explain the moral cesspool this country is now drowning in. The question every true believer must ask is  why is no one holding the   pastors,ministers ,preachers or priests responsible for this great dereliction of their sacred duty?


Is it possible that they have not only failed in the great  ”  Discipleship” they took a vow to undertake and to fight for ,but are also willing participants in the moral turpitude as well?

One glance back in time will reveal the great failures that have brought disgrace and infamy  upon  the Christian Community throughout the world.  The Swaggarts ,the Jim Bakkers and Benny Hinns of the world are not only still with us but in fact have multiplied ,and have in many ways become much more emboldened in their  tactics  and acts of pseudo-christian deceptions.

The underlying motivation that guides their every move is the accumulation of wealth and can be readily seen in the lives of those that over the years have  succeeded in swindling the gullible and unsuspecting members of their churches or other institutions .

Whereas Jimmy Swaggart was banished from the mainstream media and now lives in comfortable retirement ,his years of deceit and swindle have enabled him to purchase many million dollar homes ;all of which can be attributed to the imbeciles that followed him around and supported his lies and criminality.

And not only did this cheap sleazy scoundrel benefit enormously, but also, all those who  facilitated the deceptions ,put over the eyes of the millions of television viewers that saw in him a great and talented TELEVANGELIST . Who now holds any of  this parasitic scum of humanity accountable for their acts of infamy and deliberate   deceptions? The truth is :NO ONE!

This is reality in the highly vaunted    world of CHRISTIAN AND FAMILY VALUES!

And this is A SLICE of this sordid world where religion is legally used as an instrument of fraud and exploitation;where  the mindless idiots that are looking for a sense of belonging and an identity become easy prey for the religion stalker who prowls on the nation’s radio broadcast airwaves looking to ensnare some weak-minded jerk that  can help support the luxury lifestyles that these criminals have grown accustomed to.

 The level of abuse that is inflicted upon the less astute and credulous in the Christian faith community , defies even the fundamental basic human values, that are commonly regarded by primitives and those living in barbaric cultures. The level of abuse is so great and has been made that much more grievous by the utter lack of concern by the imbeciles in the same faith community


 And how much worse can it get when young  women are violated by the Pastors and preachers they sought out in order to obtain help from?

How much worse can it be ,when young teenagers are tricked into performing sex acts with ministers and/or  their parish priests ,minutes after their receiving the sacraments and after assisting  the minister in his clerical  duties? Is there any greater infamy or sense of betrayal that will be borne by these naive and trusting young members of their respective faith communities?

Clearly a great deal of the blame lies as well with all the uninformed and overly trusting church members that simply are too stupid or too lazy to ask some very simple questions ,such as ,why would a pastor take such an interest in me ,over all the others in the church?

Why does he insist in speaking to me in private?  Why does he allow his hands to wander whenever he speaks to me? Why does he insist on helping me to adjust my underclothes and so on.

In the world of    deception and clear-cut fraud  perpetrated on  the stay at home Christian community ,the CHRISTIAN radio broadcasters take second place to no one.

Here you can hear the voices of some professional con artists that employ their talents as actors and professional readers in order to impute to themselves a certain sense of religiosity; that then allows  them to gain the confidence of the imbeciles that are so stupid as to believe their theatrical presentations and calls to sentimentality ,that they roll out as easily as   duct tape.

   Duct tape that they will use to bind you hand in foot ,in order to pick your pocket.


   The Rejoice Broadcast Network located in PENSACOLA FLORIDA and broadcasts from the bunker like studios of Pensacola Christian College is one such organization ,that has at its core the sole aim of

living off the stupidity of its listening audience and to  grow in size and scope ; in order to create for themselves a media empire ,encompassing the selling of books , DVD.s all types of recorded music ,produced by the slave labor they employ from out of the unsuspecting student body. This empire would consist and does now control  the christian music media outlets that extend from coast to coast . All this accomplished by the incredibly gullible listening audience, and with the help of the highly paid

stooges such as ;CRAIG MATTSON ,Caleb KEENER ,DENILLE COMBY ,RHONDA AUTRY and at the helm stand the jewish controlled owners and directors of  ABEKA BOOKS,  all of which has grown immensly wealthy, through the carefully hidden  tactics of exploitation and deception.


Anytime a ministry engages in carefully crafted lies and subterfuge of any size ,you can be certain that it’s not  an honest enterprise. Anytime a Christian radio station  engages in half truths or manipulates their audience of any amount, you can rest assure ,you are dealing with criminals that should be incarcerated.

But here again the listening audience that is continuously victimized by these bandits must share part of the blame for not asking the right questions.

In the case of the well known masters of   the ,on the air radio deceit; the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK ,it’s easy  to see how the stupidity of the listening audience has failed to take their responsibility by driving these lying bastards off the air ,many years ago.

Some simple questions the people could have asked ,such as ; What do they do with all the money  they receive ,not only from the gullible morons in the listening audience ,but from all sources?


Given the sordid history of fund-raising scams ,is it pure scepticism to question  the intent of their fraudulent claims? 

Why do they deny the people the right to see a STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL CONDITION since they are appealing to the public for funds?

Do the people have a right to know? If not ,WHY NOT?

Given the proximity to Pensacola Beach ,what assurances can the religion hustlers at R.B.N. give , that no money is being used to purchase the services of the thousands of sex wor kers that ply their trade in perversion to all the students, faculty and administrative staff    of  PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE?

Are they claiming that their students are immune to the vile temptations and  carnal activity that exists in PENSACOLA ,that for decades has been known as the divorce and wife swapping capitol of the state of FLORIDA!

What guarantees can they give to the parents of future students to this institute of higher learning that their sons and daughters will not be raped or assaulted by the many thousands of drunken servicemen that swarm the PENSACOLA area ,day or  night?

Why do they insist on calling their radio theatrics a ministry, when all you hear is a veritable panoply of slick and  conniving voices ,designed to lull the jerks in the audience into a false sense of confidence aimed at picking their pockets?

Why do these lying bastards continue to call this scam a listener supported rado station ,when there’s absolutely no proof of this at all?

It takes only a few listeners to mail them a few dollars and this technically  makes them ” LISTENER SUPPORTED.”

And how do they  accomplish this prodigious feat of exploitation and deceit ? well ,CRAIG MATTSON

is the number one con-artist ,whose voice calms the doubters into accepting all the scams leveled at

the imbeciles listening, by all the other stooges ,such as:   JOHN DUNLAP,  JOEL  MULLINEX .DON  SMITH and the clever and street-walking smart voice and femme fatale; DENILLE COMBY; that comes at the gullible with the voice of a phone sex worker!

Anything it takes to  get the stupid to open

their wallets,.. these  clever scum bags will do it!…And why are they even located in the proximity to this BABYLON on the beach to start with?



 These criminals are not listener supported, but are   dependent on the shock jocks and  fellow swindlers operating from out of Milwaukee ,that provides them with the increase in revenue needed to continue their expansion projects.

The more gross the shock jocks become ,the more money they gross! ..And of course this benefits the VCY AMERICA gang of swindlers who rely on impressing the incredibly stupid members of their audience ; and in recent days, catering to the ghoulish elements,filling their minds with tales of blood and mayhem, that would have appealed to the Marquis de Sade!  And this they do as a ministry ,claiming to promote the integrity of Christian Doctrine and teaching! LISTEN TO THE CROSSTALK AMERICA RADIO SHOW FOR DETAILS!

The lies the three co-hosts disseminate daily ,on the planned radio charade of lies and deceit, is enough to bend iron beams !

But listening to CRAIG MATTSON who earns his living collecting checks from the combined efforts of these two gangs of crooks continues to foment the piety of A Kempis and Aquinas and so on ,in order to cover his rear end and play the pious pity pot that simply enables the RBN to continue with the much-needed cover this criminal bastard provides them.

Ask yourselves ,what interest would the hicks in the RBN audience have in listening to an over educated jerk like CRAIG mattson recite from A Kempis or St. Augustine? Absolutely nothing! All this is done to provide a patina of erudition to a totally corrupt operation.

 Just listen to JIMMY “THE MINT” ,the corrupted and criminal station manager reciting another clever vignette that the crafty  and sly CRAIG MATTSON hurriedly drew up for him to read to the morons in their audience ,hoping to convince them to send in their hard-earned cash . WHAT A BUNCH OF DIABOLICAL AND EVER CLEVER CRIMINALS THESE SWINDLERS ARE!

 Simply ,do not be swayed by their lies and frauds ,they will someday reap their rewards.

All the money they get from the trusting and idiotic audience is spent on whores and alcohol as well as underage teenage prostitutes they smuggle onto the CAMPUS OF PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and in many cases collect a portion of their earnings as well.

We will only be victorious after the LAST BATTLE WE FIGHT and there will be no redemption until the church is washed clean of all the liars ,tricksters and clever charlatans that prey on the gullible and stupid.

None of the swindlers at REJOICE RADIO has become rich serving hot meals to the indigent or to the sick and those confined to hospital beds .

But they have become rich swindling the gullible and naive.

The VCY OPERATED CROSSTALK SCAM is just another facet of this never-ending con job the radio broadcasters enjoy putting over the blinded eyes of the morons in their audience.

Ask yourselves;  why  would anyone with anything worth saying to the general christian public want to appear on the  crosstalk  program, and to be interviewed by morally challenged scum of the  earth variety, such as INGRID SCHLUETER [polygamist or serial marriage person] or mr. STICKY FINGERS VIC ELIASON or the budding crook of the gang ,JIM SCHNEIDER?

Remember charlatans appear together with other like-minded charlatans in order to lie cheat or steal from you, the pigeons in their audience. Just remember that, and that will surely help you the next time they invite a pastor or vice president or a divinity school chancellor to appear on their laughable crosstalk programming.

Stay united ,stay strong and together we will defeat  the enemy of all honest  humanity,whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!

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