A SLICE OF A FOOLISH AND GULLIBLE CHURCH..Who hath beguiled you and turned your brains into mush?





My Dear Christian  people..: If there ever was a demographic in America that has suffered abuse ,both in matters spiritual,and in the natural realm ,it is the Christian Body of Believers residing in the U.S.A.

 The history of the church in America is replete with instances where a few very clever charlatans exerted their power of persuasion onto a desperate, frightened minority of Christians in order to exploit them to the fullest.

One good example is the Mormon Church in America.

 All one has to do is to read  the founding document of this church :The Book of Mormon, to realize that early in  the history of this church a great fraud and  deception  came upon an otherwise decent group of folk.

Whereas the ideology apparent in Mormonism may be a product

of someones imagination to the end of committing fraud on a gullible and desperate group back some  150 years ago ,no one can deny that the Mormons and their church have made something good of themselves.

 No  one   deny that the Mormons as a group or individually have proven their positive influence and contributions to the over all society.

Their current standing covers a multitude of past sins.

But can the same thing be said of other  churches?

What is it about the Christian Faith that leaves so many open to exploitation and abuse ?

What is it about our love for the  Lord that opens us up to every scheming charlatan that comes down the pike?

What is it about our  faith that leaves us so easily intimidated by those without scruples.

My Christian Folk:Does the Doctrine of Papal infallibility leave you  scratching your head?

Is the  Pope really infallible:He cannot err ?


Who and how and why did this idiocy come to be?

Are the  Dear Catholic Christians so befuddled they cannot understand that this teaching ,binding on all catholics ,was

promulgated and foisted upon the hundreds of millions of Roman Catholics some 160 years ago for the obvious   political reasons?

In fact this one doctrine was the biggest single attempt to exert

raw mind control over an unsuspecting church membership in the entire history of Christendom.

Again ,through intimidation and the power of superstition this teaching still holds sway over the minds of over one billion souls.

What about the Pentecostals who writhe and twist ,rolling on the floor screaming and crying in a self-induced hypnotic trance?

Who deceived them into this idiotic practice?

Who induced them into believing that they were speaking in ‘other tongues,as the spirit gives the utterance’??

You can be assured it was not the Holy Spirit!

Again ,the vulnerability of the Christian mind ,open as it is to these suggestions and ridiculous mindsets and bizarre bible interpretations     came about by some very unscrupulous scam

artists whose gifts of persuasion have resulted in their earning a fortune from the slavish  followers of these demonic  cult leaders.

In fact their church membership has grown over the years thanks to the re-packaging of these moronic beliefs ,making them appear more main stream.

The Jehovah’s witnesses and there are hundreds of other sects just like them who forbid blood transfusions and even meager medical attention to themselves and to their children.

While they may be free to decide for themselves,surely denying a small child or even an infant the needed medical help is not only criminal on its face but barbaric to say the least!

Who can look at a small boy or young lady shivering and trembling with a fever ,that may threaten to bring on a stroke and yet deny them a visit to the doctor,relying on the advice of their half-educated  preacher,advising them to simply trust in God ?

Yet this nonsense happens everyday of the week,across this country.

Life in prison is too lenient a sentence for these depraved parents who allow their small children to suffer and die ,lacking a simple transfusion or a transplant or even simple medication ,that might save  the  young lives of their children!

But what about the daily diatribe coming out of the mouths  of so-called Christian conservative broadcasters that decry any attempt to make health care accessible to those who simply do

not have the resources to pay for much-needed medical operations;not only for themselves but for their children as well?

Is this not also abuse of the community of believers?

You hear this almost everyday coming out of the mouth of Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter ,probably the most amoral personality in so-called Christian broadcasting!

She would deny affordable access to healthcare even to the youngest and most vulnerable.

But what does she care ?

She puts this over on the less astute by voicing her craftily devised opinions from the scriptures,regarding trusting in God and in His power to provide.

How nice for her to advise us,while she enjoys the medical and health benefits few others enjoy.

And she does it all thanks to all of you,her friends ,who continue to support her useless ministry!

She takes your money  buys the best health insurance and then tells all of you,to simply trust in God’s will. If you don’t have insurance then just buck up!


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