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 My Christian people :  The two photos above,  serve to show you the typical homes in the Pensacola area of Florida, that those in the  PSEUDO -CHRISTIAN BROADCAST INDUSTRY reside in.

While there is no mortal sin attached to wealth ;it seems contrary to the WORD OF GOD ,that those who claim to be   His  ministers  should also live in the fashion of those whose primary interest is  in the accumulation of worldly things.

This is stark evidence that those in the ministry only see in the GOSPEL a means to further their financial status and   the luxury lifestyle they have grown accustomed to,thanks to those unable to see through their scams.

Those who have a clear understanding of God’s word are by commandment of THE LORD to be ever mindful of the needs of the poor.  One cannot be so mindful and at the same time reap a harvest of filthy lucre  for themselves.

The words; “Blessed are the poor” are not to be taken as a joke!

One clever way the ministers of deceit and swindlers   of the less astute and gullible in the Pensacola  area ,as well as those  living across the country ,is to engage in   a Christian Radio Broadcast

network enterprise. By so doing they gain entrance into the homes of many tens of thousands of  listeners on a daily basis.

And with the anonymity that this provides them ,they then can make whatever fraudulent statements they wish , for fund-raising purposes , and to enhance their position in the radio media.

One of the best examples to clearly show the extent to which these  professional swindlers  will go in order to convince you to continue sending them your hard-earned money is THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK  [RBN]

The way these con-artists put  their scam over  on the imbecilic EVANGELICAL CROWD   is to hire a  bunch of professional pitchmen  who use every verse of scripture and every theatrical

ploy they can think of ,in order to create a sense of religious sentimentality ,and thereby lower the ability of many in their listening audience to make a rational decision,as to whether to donate to their scam or not.

One of the best in the RELIGION RADIO BUSINESS IS,Craig Mattson. This character brings with him an incredible amount of

expertise from the theatre and the show biz industry.

This clever huckster knows what turns the gullible hicks and hayseeds on. And he can change course on a dime.  In fact his skills as an accomplished actor, are such that he trains others in the craft. That’s how good he is!

But is this what you think Christianity should be about ,my dear Christian people?

Should THE CHRISTIAN FAITH be about how to cheat and swindle, and how  to gain financial advantage over those least able to think for themselves?  This is what has been happening to you and millions of others, over the many years.

The Evangelical crowd is simply the most susceptible and the most vulnerable to the clever clowns you hear everyday coming from the studios of RBN ,Pensacola.

But as gifted a religion hustler CRAIG MATTSON  may well be ,he can’t do it alone. The poor boy needs help. And HELP HE GETS !  Another clever actor they throw in at RBN is DON SMITH  ;The professional OLD TIMER ,who does great with the nursing home crowd ,salivating at the thought ,that he may get some of  their  hoard of cash,before they depart for their mansions in the sky!

Keep in mind that this claptrap operation usually follows an equally deceptive  swindle and scam  CALLED CROSSTALK . A program produced by VCY AMERICA from out of  Milwaukee Ws.

One of the more macabre episodes recently heard on this hate-mongering ,one hour call-in program  dealt with  one of their more obsessive topics they enjoy  airing  , the subject of ABORTION.

And after about forty minutes  detailing how abortions are performed ,including the minute by minute description of the surgical scissors and procedures used to rip  apart the tiny fetus, and then its disposal in  the  

incinerator . The show finally came to an end ;and then by magic ,out pops CRAIG MATTSON ,the  clever clown and highly skilled joker at RBN with his TIMELESS and perfectly timed  ,HONEY FOR THE SOUL!


The only honey that Craig thinks about is seated in one of his communication classes!


Let’s not forget the voice of the incredibly deceptive and highly skilled pickpocket who serves as station and program manager; And  also does his level best to beat the bushes for the pigeons in the

credulous listening audience ,hoping to increase his incoming cash flow ,from out of the pockets of the many dupes ,too stupid to understand that this joker is nothing but a highly paid pitchman . How else could he afford to live in the luxury  found in the EASY LIFE of  Pensacola ,Florida?

Later in the evening ,before dinner time they hit you with the soothing an dulcet  tones of one of America’s long standing religion criminals ; THE REV.JOHN DUNLAP ,whose  voice sounds like something from mystery theatre: and no doubt this clever lying  bastard probably worked there.

Not to be  outdone , they fill in the airtime with an assortment of preaching styles that vary from the somber sounding JOEL MULLINEX ,who competes  with DUNLAP in style and  probably can show him a bigger bankroll as well.

No ,you can’t get ahead of JOEL ,he knows how to turn a buck! .. Now that he’s found a steady paycheck at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE; he can now devote his retirement years hustling the local churches out of their dinner money. I hear Joel has an unbroken  record of wins  at the poker tables found in the backrooms of PENSACOLA’S FINEST EATERIES.

My Christian people , you know what we face in this country. You know the extent of the deceptions that these lying bastards and all of their southern babes they bring along to deceive the weak-minded jerks that follow them around .

Southern dames  who sound like they are soliciting for phone sex ,such as DENILLE COMBE and  Tonita and others they parade out from behind the hidden walls of the bunker like studios of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE. All this done in order to convince the jerks in their listening audience that they need to donate money .

Who wouldn’t want to be a share partner with cutesy sounding TONITA or the somber and smarmy phone sex solicitor DENILLE?

 This is known as “ON THE AIR PIMPING” for money and for  your support.

Is this what you think Christianity is all about Comrade?

Do not fall for anything these swindlers say on the air or off the air. And this of course holds true for the hate mongering gang at VCY AMERICA!

If you can’t figure out what INGRID SCHLUETER is all about by now, then GOD HELP YOU! , you are destined to remain an idiot for the  rest of your life.

Poor INGRID really needs  meds. to help her cope with reality and to relieve her obsessive fixation

with selling books , damning RICK WARREN to hell , and trying to deal with her own divorce by condemning the rest of mankind.

Please remember , serial marriage and/or divorce is really nothing more than socially acceptable form of polygamy.

Its funny when you hear her condemn MORMONISM , think about it!



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