My Dear Christian People:    Very  often throughout the year ,many  stations and organizations  in the

 Christian Radio Business conduct their  fund-raising activities  :they fondly refer to as SHARE-A- THONS.

This is where the general listening public is invited to become share partners with them  ; by donating to their on the air  ministries ;or at the very least calling in with a pledge to do so ;and this is how they claim they meet their financial obligations ,allowing them to stay on the air.

In order to bring this all about and for it to run smoothly ,without hiccups ,they need to bring on board quite a few people extra hands . Here they rely on volunteers  from other departments in their organization ,and thanks to the dedication of many in the upper echelons ,they usually have a very satisfying result to all the work involved.

  One of the more proficient  at this type of money-making endeavor is the well known REJOICE BROADCAST RADIO NETWORK [R.B.N.] outfit in Pensacola Florida , that has worked this ploy in religion based fund-raising to the point that they can write the manual on how to  do it. 

 In fact they are so well know in the PENSACOLA AREA that many eateries and night clubs have tables reserved  especially for them ;so that there is always space available  when the PLEDGE DRIVE IS OVER and the stampede begins.


 The guys that run this operation know what they’re doing . And  they are extremely  proud of the work they do; from preparing  well in advance for the 3-4 day event ,staffing the phone lines ,so no call is left unanswered ,to clueing in the volunteers as to how to remain polite listening to all the imbeciles that call in  ;and after a few dress rehearsals ,they are all good to go!

None of this would ever have a chance at success if it were not for the skillful coordination of long time operators  in the business , namely;Craig Mattson,Caleb Keener , And the artful RHONDA AUTRY!   Later in the day ,they roll out the ever folksy sounding TONITA who is bound to delight even the stingiest of gullible listeners .

Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would be able to see through all of this religious and scripture based banter that goes on ;but this doesn’t concern them in the least :they are bound and determined to get as much loot their hot little hands can  grasp. 

 For every one in their extensive listening audience ,that is up to their tricks and cute little devices   that they use to whip up support for their money-making schemes ,there are hundreds if not thousands of totally dumbed down and gullible audience members who will go along with their contrived theatrics . And that’s where the problem lies ; in the general stupidity of their listening audience .  This is how these criminal minded charlatans never lose ,and can continue their scams in perpetuity  ,without ever having a bad year.

My Christian people ,many of you know this ,but what is interesting to note is how the frauds and scam artists running THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST BUSINESS engage in a little R nR after the SHARE-A-THON is over ,the money is counted and on  its  way to the bank for an overnight deposit ;

after the last dupe is invited to give his credit card number to the money-grubbing ladies of the night operating the phone banks,.THEN THEY ALL GIVE OUT A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF ,And it’s time to PARTY!!

The money collected is immediately put to good use ;it restores their credit lines and their entertainment and lodging credit cards are instantly reloaded and good to go!

But in all fairness to the staff that put in all those extra hours manning the phones , using the credit card terminals ,doing the accounting and sending out their inspiring thank you notes;well that takes a lot of effort and effort must be  rewarded.

And the Best place in Pensacola to let your hair down and  be rewarded   by popular demand ,and voted the best place to hoot and holler by the administration and faculty staff at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and students alike  is : BAMBOO WILLIES!! 

 Here the excitement never ends and the ambience is perfect for a little moonlight dip.

BAMBOO WILLIES butts out into the Gulf and is perfect for  watersports and is highly recommended by Joel Mullinex who is often seen hanging about with his high powered binoculars he loves to wear round the neck.  He claims he doesn’t want to miss anything that happens in the water  and uses his glasses to keep an eye on everything… Good thinking Pastor!


 Don’t you think these folks deserve a little R nR ?  After working the phones for three days?  

Nick Dodds -

 These employees and their families have gone above and beyond the call of duty ,just in having to put up with CRAIG MATTSON and that incredibly rude and sexist station manager ; Jimmy the mint.

Don’t you think they deserve to let their hair down?

No one is quite sure about this young lady , I think someone said she was a new hire and was in fact in charge at BOOK SALES over at ABEKA BOOKS and was just helping out at the SHARE-A-THON.
I’m sure she will very quickly become well-known throughout the Studios of Pensacola Christian College.

Well ,my Dear Comrades ,welcome to another SLICE of Christian life at the very buckle of the BIBLE BELT: Pensacola ,florida at its best.

until next time; Good day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU.

And may God richly bless you my beloved!


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