Mr. Ken Ham : A Charlatan ,and Religion Hustler Featured on REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK,Pensacola [RBN]


According to the Creationist theory, the world has not been evolving for millions of years (as stated by the theory of evolution), but was created only 6,000 years ago. Calling scientific experiments and proofs as ‘based on a ton of assumptions’, the videos played at the museum’s auditorium state that it is better to “start with the word of someone who has seen everything from the beginning and told us exactly what happened.” That someone, they say, is God. Some of the other attractions at the museum include life-size models of Noah and his Ark, Adam, Eve, and other characters from the Bible. Also on display are a few fragments of Torah scrolls that were supposedly saved from the clutches of Saddam, in Iraq.

Creation Museum Kentucky 550x412 The Creation Museum   A Controversial Attraction in Kentucky

The founder of the museum, Australian Ken Ham, has a degree in applied science. This is highly surprising, but I suppose the word of God has been more powerful than scientific principles in his case. “If you don’t believe in God, you are without excuse,” he quotes from the Bible. He also says that it is very “obvious that there is a designer behind life.”  What is not surprising is the fact that Ken Ham’s museum has met with a lot of criticism around the world. Many say that it is not a museum in the true spirit at all, but merely a ‘propaganda place’. The creationists, however, are unfazed by all the debate and criticism. Ken Ham is a popular local figure, signing autographs and running a radio station that spreads the Creationist theory.

Creation Museum Kentucky2 550x412 The Creation Museum   A Controversial Attraction in Kentucky

» Ken Ham whines again Category: Creationism Posted on: February 15, 2010 1:20 PM, by PZ Myers Shorter Ken Ham: Other museums have dinosaur models with saddles, so why does everyone pick on my “museum”?. Ham seems to have been scrambling to save face by finding a few other places that put out exhibits of dinosaurs with saddles, but he, as usual, misses the point. Yes, other places will display dinosaurs as fun exhibits for the kids, and I have no problem with that. The natural history museum at the University of Utah had a talking dinosaur out front — throw a coin in its mouth, and it would roar and thank you for your donation, and my kids were always pestering me for my spare change. That’s fine; they knew it was for fun, and when you went upstairs, you saw serious displays of real fossils with accurate ages and relationships posted by them, and no one argued that they could talk, or that people coexisted with them, or that they could be saddled and ridden. Ken Ham doesn’t do that. Right after he blubbers that he is being unfairly mocked, this is what he has to say: By the way, we do believe that dinosaurs and humans have co-existed; I am only pointing out here how these evolutionists can be inconsistent–and also misrepresent what is in our Creation Museum. The Minnesota professor we mentioned above knows that our saddled dinosaur is in a children’s play area and is not a museum exhibit. Even though there is a sign next to the sculpted dinosaur that says it is only for children to get on (“wear and tear” is lessened that way), this atheist professor–consistent with his belief that he lives in a universe without purpose and standards of any kind–felt that he could disregard the child-only sign (even after he signed an agreement–drafted by the tour leader of his atheist group–that he would obey the museum’s policies rules). Kenny baby. That’s the thing: your “museum” pretends, in defiance of all the credible evidence, that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. That’s what makes your whole preposterous edifice a great big joke — not that you have kiddie rides, but that the dinosaur with a saddle is so perfectly emblematic of the whole Creation “Museum” experience. That’s what makes this picture funny.

My Dear Christian People : Either Ken Ham is a gifted swindler or he suffers from thought disorders.

In any event ,do not support the sick jerk or the equally scandalous scam artists that give him massive exposure.

In particular the glib and musical promoters of the REJOICE RADIO GANG and the venomous and ever deceitful group of radio talk show hosts featured on the VCY  PRODUCED CROSSTALK PROGRAM ,from Milwaukee Ws.

If you listen to these lying bastards enough,they will rot your already debilitated brain ,and you will sound and  resemble DENILLE COMBE or caleb keener ; stars of the REJOICE RADIO THEATRE!


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