This Winter Help Work is also in the deepest sense a Christian work. When I

 see, as I so often do, poorly clad girls collecting with such infinite patience

in order to care for those who are suffering from the cold while they

 themselves are shivering with cold, then I have the feeling that they are all

apostles of a Christianity– and in truth of a Christianity which can say with

greater right than any other: This is the Christianity of an honest confession,

for behind it stand not words but deeds.

-Adolf Hitler, speaking of the Winter Help Campaign on 5 Oct. 1937

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Remain strong in your faith, as you were in former years. In this faith, in its close-knit unity our people to-day goes straight forward on its way and no power on earth will avail to stop it.

-Adolf Hitler, in a speech at Coburg on 15 Oct. 1937

 My Dear Christian People:  Yes,there truly is a very popular beach front hangout in Pensacola called BAMBOO WILLIES.
And ,no ; I’m not promoting Pensacola’s chamber of commerce ;my aim is to  acquaint you with the prevailing depraved lifestyle of this sun drenched sin city  : Pensacola,  Florida.
Pensacola is also the home of the renown ,Pensacola Christian college ,and within its hallowed halls ,the famous REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST network is sent out over the nation’s airwaves.
This  Christian radio programming is rather unique in that it brings together some remarkably talented and gifted personalities;all working together to enhance your Christian listening experience.  
Anyone who has listened to this amalgam of music and message will not fail to see the pivotal   role  that Craig Mattson plays in harmonizing this  day long presentation of well-balanced  sermonizing , country gospel music , intermittent sound bits that include such things as ‘ Honey for the Soul”” Pause for a Proverb”and more.
  Can’t  forget the humorous :”The Daily Dilly Bob” ..and  Craig also runs the daily DRIVE TIME SEGMENT for which he has gained raving reviews.    He gets paid well for what he does and without his many talents he brings to the table ,the money-grubbing vultures that produce this show would have to look far and wide to ever replace him.
But like all the other celebs that are featured ,he’s an actor ,just an actor . You can’t take any of these crafty characters that appear on this radio show  seriously . All they hope to do is convince you they are a legitimate ministry and worthy of your financial support.  This is how they pay their bills ,finance  their luxury condos on the  Miracle strip that extends along the sugar white sandy beaches of Florida’s Panhandle.  And Panhandling  is what these jokers know how to do.
Invariably during this day long adventure into Christian musical and theatrical presentations ,the subject of missionary outreach will come up.
And what better missionary field is there than that presented to the devoted Christians ,not only of Pensacola Christian College but  throughout the Panhandle area of northern Florida :The degenerate and  perverted   lounge lizards  seen on a daily basis visiting BAMBOO WILLIES?  
[About Willie]:

Bamboo WilliesBamboo Willie’s Beachside Bar located on the Whitewater Beach Boardwalk next to the famous Hooters in Pensacola Beach, Florida offering the scenic beauty of the Santa Rosa Sound. Accessible by car or boat, Bamboo Willie’s offers an experience unique to Pensacola Beach. Our great live entertainment is offered Friday and Saturday nights

 At Bamboo willies you have all  the makings of a true Mission Field ,or are you hearing FISHING REEL?
Half naked heathens ,jumping to jungle music  ;swallowing strange concoctions , engaging in every form of sexual savagery and more.  What need is there to force our young ones   to  risk their lives and waste their time trying to convert and save the souls of the primitive savages inhabiting equatorial Africa ;who probably have a better understanding of ethics and personal morality than the beer  guzzling morons sitting at the bar at BAMBOO’S beachfront nightspot !
If trying to convert the hedonistic scum of humanity that spend their money boozing and are out cheating on their wives doesn’t impress you ;if maybe its not thrilling enough for you, then  try going to a JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD and see how you make out there  ;   try    reaching  the black souls of the demons in human form ,residing there.  See if you can escape with your life.  Dangerous to say the least.
The fact that nothing of this is ever done attests to the fact that the REJOICE RADIO enterprise and the PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, the financial mother lode, are nothing but  cleverly rehearsed scam operations ;designed to pick your pocket and to help them increase their ratings ,at the expense of your mental health.
One funny incident as told to me by one of Pensacola’s Christian College co-eds is   when PASTOR JOEL MULLINEX decided to do a little missionary work at BAMBOO WILLIES one saturday night ,dressed  incognito with a bandana around his head, and a five-day growth on his face with some extra-large shades over his eyes; and as he was surveying the mission field of  young scantily clad females ,he recalls getting a gentle pat on the shoulder . Try as he could he could not recognize the one who was trying to  catch his attention. After a minute or two the unexpected stranger turned out to be none other than JIMMY SWAGGART himself .   
Hard to recognize due to the fact that he was similarly disguised as our dear preacher , JOEL.
JIMMY loves wearing the bandana and  beard disguise and with the large shades. And yes ,the reason for him being there was to find some lost savage soul to preach to. Well ,looks like Jimmy is still up to his old tricks .
Needless to say they had a lot to share together. And a lot of hearty laughs . I think the joke was on all the  credulous and unsuspecting Evangelical crowd that has been financing this type of lifestyle for many decades now.
The idea that the REJOICE RADIO SCAM has the gall to ask for donations ,and will more than likely engage in another fraudulent SHARE-A-THON escapade is so contemptible ,it challenges the mind.
Given the fact that these professional scam artists, operating behind the microphones of RBN, live the depraved and degenerate lifestyle they continuously pretend to hate , and also  attempt to hide from public scrutiny ,is in reality exactly what they are up to their necks in.
Pensacola College and the entire  Pensacola Beach area was a favorite hangout for JESSICA HAHN , JIM BAKKER”S :HONEY FOR THE SOUL!  What does that tell you My Dearly Beloved?

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