How Muslims View the Christian Community in Pensacola,Florida and the the Barest of Terms.


Spring Break 2010 In Panama City Beach Photos

My Dear Christian Folk:…  At the end of the second world war ,polling agencies from American news media conducting surveys throughout the 

Muslim middle-east ,happily discovered that the U.S.A. was at the   top of the list  among     Arab populations for being the most admired and most respected nation in the world.

America , having defeated the Axis and     liberating  half of Europe  ;the   Arab nations also aspired to being free from colonial rule ;and
looked to the U.S. as their best  hope to obtain freedom and independence for themselves.

After 1947 sympathies and feelings changed when the Muslim Arab nations realized this
was not to  happen.

Slowly the process began whereby instead of The Palestinian people receiving their promised freedom, the  opposite was to unfold.

 Thanks to the efforts of Joe Stalin  of the U.S.S.R.and the communist bloc of nations, Israeli independence was put on fast track and rushed through the

general  assembly of the United Nations.–Joe ,knew that this jewish nation in the middle east would forever bedevil   the  west.
The majority of nations opposed independence for the  Jews living in traditional Muslim territory ,and sensing what this would mean for world peace attempted to shelve the resolution .

 But then as now, American foreign policy was not determined by those who had America’s best interests at heart.   Despite warnings to the contrary the  Jewish controlled congress and a cowardly president agreed to support Israeli Independence at the U.N.

And by 1949 a racist Jewish state made its debut on the world stage. 

   And its first world performance was to drive some three million Arab civilians from their ancestral homes.

Over the decades America’s support for Israel has not wavered ; thanks again to a series of   spineless presidents and congressmen who are beholden to  Jewish interests and for the sake of their political futures gladly carry water and do the  bidding of the small but wealthy and highly influential Zionist community living in the U.S.; as well as those living abroad.

International news media  are  replete with one seemingly endless depiction of Zionist brutality inflicted upon a helpless ,mainly muslim population in  Gaza and in the West Bank .
The only supporter of this slow genocide of an innocent population,whose only crime is to defend their homes and to fight for their liberty is facilitated by the Christian U.S.A.

We all know the support the  Jews of Israel get from the criminal congress and the spineless president.

But what should the Christian faith be about if not to prevent this state of   inhumanity

 from bringing about the final solution of the Palestinian Question?
My Dear Christian Folk: ..Only a psychologist can explain the reasons why many Christians support this genocide of a people who have been violently

driven off their ancient lands.Only a deceived people can support a Zionist state whose population is the sworn enemy  of the Church ; Christians in general, as well as the Founder of The Christian Faith.

The Jews who have opposed any attempt to spread the Gospel,continue to vehemently  attack the essential teachings of Christianity ;to the extent of ridiculing Jesus  Christ in the most depraved manner ;ridiculing His claims as

messiah  ;referring to him as a deranged lunatic,a fraud and boastfully state that they would crucify him all over again if he were to appear  again. The depravity and perversion never ends with the  Jews ;Claiming that   Jesus of Nazareth deserved to suffer and die and they were correct in condemning him to  death.

And yet we have  many duped christians

  who maintain that the  Jews are   to be helped ,and still remain as  the  CHOSEN ONES!  OF OLD TESTAMENT FAME!…[ Chosen POISON ]

My Dear Christian Folk;… All the problems that beset the christian faith are due to your abject stupidity ,your naiveté,your credulity .

The Church is the primary culprit in deceiving you to believe falsehoods and half-truths.

And they have their own charlatans in the radio ministry who daily deceive you regarding the main issues facing the people of God.
One of the primary outlets on  the radio dial for this planned deceit is the Crosstalk radio program aired everyday by the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK.

Here the stooges who serve  Jewish interests attempt to portray muslims as enemies of America when in fact it has been world  Jewry that has introduced every social evil we now encounter in America.

The reasons for this servitude  are simple.In order to maintain their media status they must remain friendly to all things jewish;never be critical no matter the issue.

This means the all important chance to continue their deceptions of the less astute in their sycophant listening audience.and thereby enriching themselves financially and living a lifestyle the duped in the audience cannot even imagine.

Mr Jim Schneider is their in-house stooge who doesn’t have a shred of personal integrity in his body.  Here is someone who will do and say anything he is told by the ring-leader of the radio deception , Mr.Vic  Eliason.

His  daughter Ingrid Schlueter follows in step with one scam after another in their crass attempt to sell their useless literature and poorly made CD.S .

  While they demean and discredit those more qualified than they on the issues they love to  stir  the public with,their own lives remain shrouded in mystery.
What do we really know about dear Ingrid Schlueter?

What do we know about her second husband who acts as call-screener?

how nice to get everyone in the family on the VCY AMERICA payroll.

I t gives you an idea how many ways your ill-advised donation to this criminal gang is  divided.

What do we really know about the mastermind of this criminal operation;Mr Vic?

how many times has he swindled the gullible audience with his prayer rackets for Africa scams?

how many times has he been sued for violating his employees civil rights?

Another indication as to where your donations go.

  What about Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter’s second husband and his dubious past employment working in the entertainment business and the night club scene.?

What about the alcohol and drugs not to mention the carousing that goes on in that environment?

Interesting how Ingrid feels competent to determine what is right  or

wrong in the lives of people she doesn’t know. but expects us to  turn a blind eye to her own situation. We are beyond taking anyone’s word for anything! 

Deceptions of one sort or another never cease once you begin the process.

remember that charlatans attract other charlatans ,which makes for why so many like-minded stooges appear on their crosstalk program.

Do not believe them; learn to research the truth for yourselves.
What do we really know about Jim Schneider?
How can he discuss issues regarding personal morality such as pornography and sexual conduct when he has yet to come to terms with his  own personal failings on these  very subjects.

Learn to ask questions and you will never regret doing so.

Stay strong,stay united and together we will defeat the enemy whose power  is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!


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