When Swindlers Meet Hypocrites ,They Start A Christian Radio Broadcast Network: THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK Meets VCY AMERICA.


Here is the sight of  Milwaukee’s shame: The very citadel of deception and religious charlatanism :the criminal enterprise referred to as VCY AMERICA :   A blight on the Christian landscape of America.

This is where hypocrites and swindlers meet, across the vast expanses   ,to prey on the gullible and down right delusional for the express purpose of cheating them out of their money.

My Dear Christians:  It is shameful how the Christian community  of  America is so easily  deceived by those  having any position of

either influence, or self-ordained authority   ,to claim a ministry of sorts , to deceive ,cheat and swindle the mindless and naive among the Evangelical mob of  gullible jerks.

What is interesting is how the usual hypocrites, many of you listen to on the radio, and the clever criminal minded pickpockets, eventually find themselves drawn to each other, and fit quite

nicely together. Something like a hand in glove;and it quite often becomes hard to see where the hand leaves off, and the glove starts. It’s a tight relationship. 

  This relationship usually takes the form of a mutual assistance pact drawn between the two parties for the sole reason of holding onto their respective market share.

Rejoice Radio provides the  Happy Clappy crowd  ,with  all the sentimentality in their musical repertoire they can handle ,along with words of wisdom ,and sure to please sermonettes, from

overly paid  preachers  such as , Pastor Joel Mullinex who serves as the   woeful sounding ,in need  of an anti-depressant  type of con-artist , and who feebly attempts to keep the less astute in line .

The purpose here is to create a false sense of obligation to be met by donating as much Free Will money as the morons wish to send in.

 And also to keep them sufficiently distracted from the truth, that they can  become easy work for the more direct approach, provided by the criminals working the phones and the accounting department of the clap trap organization  known as RBN.

But why not give the delusional and those suffering from episodes of thought disorders what they truly crave,a chance to  vent  their  obsessive feelings of hatred onto those unable to defend themselves. 

 And so the handoff goes into effect .  This is when the gullible are turned over to the masters of hate and deceptive practices ,the

infamous   gang of religion hustlers ;the clever mastermind of scam ,the notorious Mr. Vic Eliason ,his backbiting daughter,Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter and last but not least ,the budding crook of the crime family,  Mr. Jim Schneider.

Here this gang ,that pretend they are performing a public service by disseminating every lie and half truth they can dig up from the trash bins of society,come at you as would any clever group of

con-artists , who might be trying to   persuade you to buy non-existent ocean front property. 

 The only difference is that these bastards hide behind their free-speech and   religion freedom  guarantees.

How clever of them, and how low down these vultures are.

  This trio of sick  crooks are the lowest form of life in modern society. They are in effect the very scum of humanity, for cheating and swindling the elderly ,the destitute and the stupid out of every penny they can talk them out of.

These criminals work in the dark. Does anyone know about their backroom dealing? Does anyone stop to think that   VCY AMERICA has provided a  luxury lifestyle for all those involved in this criminal enterprise?  Limited to the gifted crime family ,already mentioned.

Promoting their operations through radio call-in programming , called  ,Crosstalk and their satellite and internet businesses ,that provide them a tax-free umbrella ,to engage in every type of financial deception known to the evil mind of man.

The book  selling ,very often in evidence, is in reality a subterfuge for this type  of charismatic con-man. It’s what the public doesn’t see that keeps them flush in cash.

The mailing lists ,the tax-free status they  extend to other equally criminal minded hustlers ,the business deals they make with all kinds of fraudulent missionary work  world-wide ,such as the NEHEMIAH , GET RICH BY GIVING OPERATIONS and so on.

These swindlers send out a swarm of Black beggars in three-piece suits to talk the easy to persuade and quick to weep over the deprivations found in  Third World Cultures , into making donations for which they receive tax write-offs of whatever size and amount they may want to claim . And of course, an honorary  citation ,they can show off to church members.

The money these scam artists make, adds up in the millions.

The Rejoice Radio operation simply   provides the Milwaukee pickpockets with ‘ Free  Airtime’ ,and they get it back in free

advertising and in kick backs to the money bags operating again,behind the scenes ,in the secret chambers of the clever and crafty ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING OUTFIT ,that makes millions daily selling their childish reading material.

In fact ,Abeka books runs the  Pensacola Christian College operation, which in turn serves as a tax  exempt front  by which    they launder their profits.

The RBN gang have their scam down pat and they know how to put the squeeze on .

Nothing is beyond  the scope of their deceptive imaginations , in terms of  tricking the credulous.

Whether it’s hiring the sultry sounding Denille Combe or the professional senior citizen, Don Smith ,who works the silver hair crowd ,or the glib performer CRAIG MATTSON ,known for his erudition.

This character earns the money. He serves to calm the fears of all those who may think that REJOICE RADIO is just another hick outfit, and simply turn the radio dial.

Craig jumps in with his HONEY FOR THE SOUL  segments and calms the waters. The skeptics ease back into their lazy boys and start thinking maybe they should write  Craig and tell him just how much they appreciate all his proverbs and  co-opting sermons from dead preachers . What an inspiration ,he provides.

Rhonda Autry is no slouch when it comes to beating the bushes for cash . This alone is what endears her to the vultures operating behind the scenes. She sounds convincing ,that’s what they like to hear.

Denille ,I’m afraid, sounds a little too much like a retired sex-worker;not good inspiration for the sexually repressed. But ,I’m sure she has a future with this gang of clever hustlers.

One of their star attractions ,  the eerie sounding  bootlegger

turned preacher, is the great Texan; Pastor John Dunlap ,who found an immediate attraction to the Pensacola area.  This lying bastard is as filthy as he is false .

 This joker along with Ken Ham and the personality disordered Ian Taylor , [of six day creation fame]have been cheating the public and the F.C.C. for years and getting away with it.

But Preacher Dunlap loves Pensacola ;in fact likes it a whole lot better than his former digs in the  Texas Panhandle . And what a difference  in the handles.


 Many in Pensacola’s Christian Community believe this is pastor Dunlap’s, aide-de-camp .  
 She, also at times ,serves as his  chauffeur,especially at times when Dunlap’s schedule becomes hectic and requires him to relax in the backseat of his brand new Crown Victoria.   All paid for by the useless wandering mob of idiots that send him those much-anticipated FREE WILL  offerings.
Christians ,this is not true Christianity . This is one gigantic con-job and all of you are the pigeons.
  Learn to fight the feelings of false  sentimentality these swindlers engender in your psyche, and put the bastards out of business.

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