VCY AMERICA: Unmasked! The fleecing and skinning of Christian America.


Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Cruella Deville - 101 Dalmatians "Unforgettable Villains" 1st in Series - 1998 (QXD4063)
 This is the face of Ingrid  CRUELLA DE VIL     Schlueter without her Christian radio ministry mask on.  This is the face, all the gullible Evangelical roobs never get to see.

Cruella De Vil - Eyes Hair Lips Graphic

 My Christian people:    What sometimes appears  to be  pure fantasy ;such as the characters in Disney’s classic ,101 Dalmatians ,  can often  take on   a totally unexpected

dimension ,especially in the lives of all those in the Christian community ,who become easy prey for the cunning and clever predators ,taking advantage of their trusting nature.

Christians have often been  seen  as  the trusting sheep, in search of  the Good Shepherd ,but in the context of the animation , 101 Dalmatians ,one could say that quite often Christians are seen as little puppies trying to escape the shearing and fleecing of CRUELLA De VIL :  A vainglorious type trying to satisfy her ego by slaughtering the innocents for their precious fur.


And this is what we have with the likes of MRS.  Ingrid Cruella de Vil Schlueter ,who will  advocate whatever cause she thinks will maintain the popularity of  her convoluted talk show ,that goes

over the airwaves as CROSSTALK AMERICA ,produced by the money-grubbing gang of swindlers ,located at VCY AMERICA,Milwaukee. WS. 

While no one can accuse Ingrid of skinning puppies for their fur  ;what she  pushes on her audience exceeds even that cruelty . It’s the old “literal hell” belief that puts her in the same ball park with CRUELLA.


 The punishment of the serpents in dantes hell

 This is the literal hell that Ingrid claims she believes in, and is quick to damn anyone who disagrees with her. This is the place ,flames added in later, where Ingrid believes your small child will go for all eternity ,if  it  doesn’t accept the GOSPEL according to Ingrid Cruella Schlueter.

What a sick woman she truly is!

Here is where Cruella believes your dying child will be sent forever ,if he cannot understand that three equals one ,and one equals three.   Given the general depravity and her long history in deceiving the gullible Christian faith community in Milwaukee, and across the country ,a case can be made that Ingrid makes CRUELLA DE VIL look like  Mother  Theresa!

Unfortunately ,the naive and gullible in her audience, will not quickly understand her depravity due to all the support her demonic programming receives from various sources.

The biggest contributor to this infamy is the Rejoice Radio scam , coming from the Pensacola Christian College Studios, and in turn, supported by the corrupted  swindlers who brain wash  the hicks and assorted roobs along the bible belt: the  ABEKA  BOOKS PUBLISHING HOUSE.


This is a mutually supported  religion scam society  ,that appeals to the wandering mob of evangelical hicks that feast off the cutting and mean-spirited diatribes they are presented with.  And of course the burning for all eternity in the black flames of hell, is something they can’t resist . And Ingrid is right there to give them as much as their twisted little brains can handle.

To understand how Ingrid’s demonic brain works  ,all you have to do is listen to her enough times and her crass and cruel demeanor shines through; as when she left the microphones on Thursday before GOOD FRIDAY ,without a single word to her moronic audience   ;not even a HAPPY EASTER TO ALL and not so much as a fair thee well.  Knowing as she did that her GOOD FRIDAY would be spent doing the books and opening the envelopes filled with the checks from the idiots in her audience.

But not one to miss a business opportunity ,they patched in a cold ,clinical appraisal of the suffering and death of Christ :and to be sold for six dollars or more . What a bunch of diabolical monstrosities!


And this is the outfit that CRAIG MATTSON ,the one man show over at RBN takes pride in supporting with FREE AIRTIME!


 Craig Mattson PDF Print E-mail

C. Mattson


Sorry Craig, but you are just a lying scumbag ! Your  religiosity goes no where ,in view of this infamy and lying hypocrisy that you are so good at.

An entire area of this nation was devastated and it took a caller to INGRID’S  bankrupt program to call for aid to all those suffering due to tornadoes and so on.

How did INGRID respond? She referred one and all to the RED CROSS!

..Did she offer airtime from her 91 stations across the country to rally support?..or to begin a fund raising drive ? HELL NO!

Did she extend any assistance from her lucrative money making broadcast corporation to those who have lost everything ?.. HELL NO!!

This  woman is Satan’s daughter!

 This becomes clearer when one understands that those adversely

effected by the natural disasters are in the Bible-Belt and make up 

the majority of this poor demented woman’s audience.  How little ,this demon possessed creature  cares for humanity.

 Anyone with even a modicum  of intelligence will scorn this satanic creature and expose her  for all the world to see.


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