How Christian Broadcasters mock The Founder of The Christian Faith: VCY AMERICA, REJOICE RADIO:Co-conspirators.


Insulting Christians on Israeli Television: `The Crucifixion of Yeshu’

 In this Israeli television skit, a scantily clothed Jewish girl explains “Jewish history,” and why Jesus (“Yeshu”) is a great danger to the Jewish people. For the sin of preaching to “innocent Jews,” a little gorilla who wants to live like the “goyim” is painfully put to death. “Yeshu [Jesus], you are a Nazi,” she says as she kills him. Runtime: two minutes.

 My Christian people:  Two of the most offensive Christian Radio Broadcasters in America have routinely supported the very enemies of Jesus Christ ,and have been richly rewarded for their efforts.  While the familiar names of the two guilty parties may come as a surprise to many of their stalwart listeners ,there’s no denying that by promoting and defending Zionist causes ,both in the middle east and in America ,they  have done irreparable harm to the Gospel And to the person of Jesus Christ.

There should be no doubt that I’m referring to THE VCY AMERICA ENTERPRISE ,and the Rejoice Broadcast Network ,that produces the very clever and deceptive ,hillbilly  Gospel musical presentation ,they  laughingly refer to as : REJOICE RADIO!

The only ones who truly rejoice are the international maggots that  have poisoned the Christian Culture in America: The Jewish World Plague.

And to accomplish this end ,they have cleverly enlisted the aid of demonic minded personalities that operate their

 scam operations from out of cleverly disguised Christian Radio Broadcast businesses ,with addresses in regrettable places, such as the ones in Pensacola , Fla. and Milwaukee ,Ws.

The criminal  and hypocritical celebrities that serve as the syringes through which the Jewish poison  enters the body of Christian believers have been playing a good game for many years, decades in fact ,and have been getting away with it.

 Whether it’s the constant playing of Jewish theme music over the airwaves at RBN , or the extortionist tactics they use to extract money from their listenership ,it all serves to promote the enemies of all honest religion.

They know they must stay in the good graces of their Zionist bosses, or face ostracism and accusations of anti-Semitism. And so, willing stooges such as CRAIG MATTSON , Caleb ” the jerk”   Keener ,Beka Horton  who runs it all with her many millions  she swindled the gullible public out of ,with her  juvenile  selections  of mindless idiocy ,published by  ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING .

And then there is VIC ELIASON and his demon possessed daughter INGRID “CRUELLA” SCHLUETER  who produces the moronic CROSSTALK AMERICA CALL IN TALK SHOW ,that   delights the less astute in her audience.

Vic  is incredibly evil, as is his daughter. But Vic knows how to kiss up to the filthy Jews he invites  as guests to his criminal enterprise ,in order for them to sell books, or otherwise brainwash the  incredibly stupid Evangelical morons he cultivates on a daily basis.

He gets help from callers such as BRAD ,that routinely call in to kiss Vic’s rear end and to inform everyone about Israel in Bible prophecy and so on. As if the  jerk ever learned how to read a real book in his life.

I can   see him sitting by his phone ,   wearing his baseball cap  turned backward ,so everyone can see the one size fits all adjustment strap . A cap with probably   the  Logo: UNION 76 written in big red letters . Or something just as regrettable.  But then again one must consider the regrettable place BRAD resides in : WEST ALLIS WS.!  And it all starts to make sense.

This is the type of caller Vic and his mentally distressed daughter love to deal with. Just enough ass kissing to make it look good and a word of agreement ,followed by a little arcane ,biblical drivel and he’s good to go!

The real disaster is when the crafty pickpockets running CROSSTALK AMERICA push the demonic agenda of the jewish world conspiracy ,for fun and profit ,that things turn to the hilarious ,for the stupid in the audience, who never  bother to examine anything other than the handout at last  Sunday’s church swindle.

 Whenever Vic or Ingrid or Jim: The Budding Crook Schneider  refer to Israel as a great nation ,as did the fraudulent PASTOR JOEL MULLINEX did recently ,you know the Jews are applying the heat.

Pastor Joel, now referred to as; DOCTOR JOEL is another pathetic jerk on the Jewish payroll . He’s a Doctor by correspondence to a mail order university, that specializes in  theology. He paid them well!

The simple truth is that the jewish people are the sworn enemies  of Jesus  Christ and everything in this world that is moral,decent,ethical, compassionate . They are the enemies of all honest humanity  everywhere in the world. But these are exactly the very ones that VIC AND CRAIG and the whole gang of con artists at RBN  love and adore.

WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU BE THE JUDGE . This video is only a tiny glimpse of the perversity and  depravity of the jewish nation and the jews in general, STAY STRONG.


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