My Dear Christian Folk:… One word I have never learned the meaning of, is the word surrender.   

..In fact the word has never been part of my vocabulary.

This has been especially true as it applies to my Christian beliefs.

As a Christian I feel duty bound to fight for this faith in the one area in most need of defending ; those living in the realm of the unsuspecting ,trusting and gullible members of the faith community.

And to fight and defend them without thought of rest or compromise against the forces of darkness arrayed against all true believers.

These forces can be found living among us in various circumstances ;in the church community,in government ,the professional media ,and in the popular culture.

The one area that has been most overlooked lies foisted upon it like a hidden parasitic boil ,slowly poisoning the entire body ,draining it of its life and meaning.

In this dark realm , a veritable army of trained deceivers ,liars ,exploiters of the naive and gullible are ready to swindle the God-fearing out of their finances ; also eager to leave

them devoid and stripped of their beliefs and convictions, as seen when a horde of black rats devastate a field of corn just prior to harvest.

The best way to leave someone disillusioned and disgusted with his faith convictions is to abuse him,swindle or deceive him, in the name of Christianity.

We see this currently in the Roman Catholic Church , now reaping the rewards of a bitter harvest.

How many committed Christians in this Church will never return due to the unbridled sexual abuse that continued against

the most vulnerable , by the very ones sworn to defend them ,the bishops ,pastors ,the priesthood itself ,will never be known ,but to God alone.

The deceptions ,the treason ,the sexual abuse continue throughout the Christian community and in fact an entire

industry has been created, free from governmental oversight that lives and prospers at the expense of the naive and gullible ,all the

unsuspecting members of the various church denominations and other concerned Christians as well.

In most cases this abuse goes unreported due to the inability of many Christians to understand the strategy and scam techniques used against them.-And there are many!

One is to simply rely on a perceived position of power and authority as seen occurring lately within the Catholic Church.

This ploy is usually most effective when used against the young ,but can sometimes work well against the adult segment of the church population.

But there are more subtle scams at work throughout Christendom;in fact the more subtle ,the more convincing ;and here is what divides the more successful from those easily detected :their ability to use subtlety in their promotions, fund-raising scams and false and deceptive practices.

It hardly surprises anyone since a lot of this double-talk is derived from a lawyer’s pen,trained to cloud and trick, to mince the difference in meanings and intentions.

This is what you hear when a famous Christian radio talk show host claims to be LISTENER SUPPORTED. – Hinting that this is their only means of support and without which they would depart

from the airwaves ,leaving you at a loss as to what to do in the future.

It never registers to the incredibly stupid listening audience that even if only one listener sent a donation to them either by credit card ,check or over the net on their craftily manufactured website ,this would technically make them LISTENER SUPPORTED! What a clever trick!

Another of their many clever tricks is the NON-PROFIT designation to their ministry scams and operations.

Few in the Christian faith understand that huge amounts of money can be collected and distributed to those in charge of their MISSIONARY or FUND-RAISING operations in the form of large salaries and

expense account entitlements, with practically nothing going to the poor heathen and destitute they claim to have a heart-felt interest in helping ,and still retain their NON-PROFIT STATUS. – NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT!

In fact practically all fund-raising for missionary work is handled by private NON-PROFIT CONTRACTORS who do all the phone-calling and mailing and once they squeeze as much as they can

from the sentimental idiots in the population ,they then sit down to divide the booty ,taking for themselves huge amounts in compensation for their so-called NON PROFIT CHARITY.

Any money delivered to the charity itself is also eaten up by huge salaries and compensation to third parties and the never-ending but always opaque expense account allowances .

Expenses that may include personal items such as dinner and drinks at expensive restaurants in the PENSACOLA AREA ,gifts

for their girl friends or imbecile children ,pornography,visits to the out-of town bordellos and massage parlors ,or even for their car payments.

I assure you none of you will never know exactly where,but if you look at past RADIO and TELEVISION personalities that had a long spree swindling their listening audiences ,these ” expenses” are common and usually seen when a complete investigation takes place.

Do not ever fall for any of these scams.

Technically they can claim NON-PROFIT but in fact it is just another legalised form of religion swindling.

Always be wary when these jokers make a pitch for donations but never provide you with precise details as to how these funds to be collected will be used.

When they simply claim a need to cover their , OPERATING EXPENSES ,be especially cautious ,since this is basically a

meaningless term. It could mean anything! Whenever you send these jokers any money ,you lose all control over it ,no matter how they decide to use it.

Many charities that are found in certain SIN CITIES such as PENSACOLA are especially suspicious given the general environment of the area.

Pensacola is noted for its high-priced restaurants and watering holes ,not to mention their bordellos and strip clubs that are

frequented by the administrative staffs of many of the religious institutions in that area.

Do you really want your charity dollars to support the strippers,whores ,massage parlor sex workers of that area?

If you ever decide to send money to any charity scam always ask to see a statement of FINANCIAL CONDITION beforehand.


Remember that lies ,deceit, crafty manipulations can never be part of a CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH or organization.

Anyone selling you books or useless fraudulent reading material is not a CHRISTIAN but only interested in fleecing you out of your money. Anyone who is affiliated or in any way associated

with deceivers or clever money grubbers ,willing to lie ,cheat ,steal and falsify history or demean other church organizations

to the end of creating discord, is not worthy of anything but condemnation. AND LET’S GIVE IT TO THEM!

Always ask them to verify and prove everything they say,especially when it comes to a pitch for money.

Stay strong my Comrades ,remember who the true enemies of CHRIST are and remember those traitors and disciples of JUDAS ISCARIOT who exploit the body of Christ behind their

sanctimonious and saccharin readings and presentations ,no matter how legitimate they may sound.

Remember when you hear someone on the radio ,you are hearing a trained voice ,an actor ,a trickster ,hired as a stooge in

order to drum up the profits to the radio station. And they can say ANYTHING they please in order to trick you. DON’T LET THEM!

Sooner or later they will be exposed for the criminal minded pick pockets they truly are, it’s just a matter of time.

keep your ears open and free of wax and they will betray themselves.



When was the last time any of these clever money grubbers ever criticized the enemies of Christ? How can they ?– They are beholden to them for their broadcast licences.


They are willing to cover for the international maggots and fleece their fellow Christians rather than stand up for the CHRIST they pretend to be in AWE of!

Anyone who is a friend of those who murdered CHRIST and attacks His Cross can never be our friend . Let us REJOICE in their demise which shall surely come upon them.

“IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD” is an offence to these international criminals ,and this statement acknowledging the

CHRISTIAN ORIGINS of this nation causes them grief but where are those who stupidly condemn ISLAM for fraudulent and selfish motives but remain strangely silent at this latest attack on the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY AT LARGE.?

Why they are busy preparing to attack OTHER CHRISTIANS ,THAT’S WHERE!

These judases are totally working under the JEWISH WHIP ,therefore must be equally condemned not only by

Christians but by the whole world. –Do your part ,and never support them. JUST SCORN THEM –and may God reward them accordingly.


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