HOW VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK deals with dissidents. They throw them under the bus,that’s how!




  Ken Silva
Ken Silva is pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church in Claremont, NH. In addition he is president of an Internet discernment work called Apprising Ministries at He is also a contributor of Ingrid Schulter’s blog located at www.sliceorlaodicea.blogspot.comand has made numerous appearances of the Crosstalk Radio Talk Show on the VCY America Radio Network.The author of many articles pertaining to the seeker sensitive movement, Ken and his wife Donna feel especially led of the Lord to bring attention to the growing danger of contemplative spirituality and mysticism in the Body of Christ. Largely trained through the work of the late Dr. Walter Martin, for the past year Ken has been intensely studying the Emerging Church movement and its increasing threat to the historic orthodox Christian faith.


Ingrid Schlueter's photo  Hyena's Mating. Masai Mara, Kenya

*Update* In what appears to be an ongoing situation surrounding the resignation of my friend Ingrid Schlueter from VCY America, where apparently there’s more than initially meets the eye, she now informs us:

This post originally appeared on May 27. As of today, June 7, 2011, it appears that our old VCY America email addresses are still functional. They were resurrected without our knowledge so that my father could read all incoming. We have never had a written confirmation or any contact with my father, Vic Eliason, to confirm that our emails are no longer being read by him. As a result, I am reposting our original warning to anyone who may unknowingly use my old address or Tom’s address.

For those who missed the original warning, here it is. When VCY America’s Board of Directors sends us a letter certifying that our privacy and those of VCY America listeners is no longer being violated, we will update this post. The claim that legally Vic can do this is not the point. That a father would do this to his daughter and son-in-law after 45 years of combined service at the ministry and that a ministry leader would so disregard the privacy of others emailing me in good faith at my old address is disgusting. (Online source)

Let’s be praying Eliason will repent. You’ll find all the current details over at Ingrid’s Hope blog right here.

 My Dear Christian People:  Will you be praying for Vic Eliason to repent?   Can you get a  hyena to   surrender carrion?

In both cases it’s a complete waste of time.

Laughing Hyena Picture


Those of you who were stupid enough to  have ever believed that the VCY AMERICA crosstalk scam had any semblance to a Christian religion enterprise should think again.

Here you have the chief criminal of this professional club for scam artists ,swindlers and budding crooks ,and all eager to relieve you of your  hard-earned cash ,making a spectacle of  themselves with the forced  resignation of INGRID SCHLUETER :the executive producer of this on the air swindle.

Not since the dark days of the former Soviet Union ,where those who were deemed  too controversial or otherwise not productive for the good of the party   were designated as non-persons and quietly  shipped  off to an  insane asylum or permanent exile in Siberia. [ And those were the lucky ones ] have we seen such a serious attempt to put  a lid on the corruptible dealings of some of America’s vile religion  fraud peddlers.

Quite often  in the Soviet Union ,undesirables    were  simply dispatched to the happy hunting grounds for  luckless party  hacks

but in the case of Ingrid Schlueter , her  curmudgeon of a crusty old fart of a  father ,simply shoved  her under the bus. And as  in the

Soviet System ,no one is ever again allowed to publicly mention her name . She  is now listed  among the names

discreetly spelled out under the  nomenklatura of  :   NON-PERSON.

No one ,not even  Brannon Howse is to mention her name or ask about her ever again.. WHERE’S INGRID VIC ?

Why do you hate your  daughter and your grandchild VIC?      That’s what INGRID HAS BEEN SAYING ABOUT YOU VIC!

Pity all the idiots like that autistic sounding moron that  calls in to the CROSSTALK program ,on a daily basis , by the name of  SHAWN ,from Chattanooga Tenn.

And many others ,that enjoy  kissing the rear ends of the VCY AMERICA STAFF. for a chance to spew out their unintelligible drivel. And Vic is right there to take advantage of their stupidity.

And whatever loose change he can pick up along  the way..

In all seriousness, can this claptrap of an outfit  that broadcasts as VCY AMERICA crosstalk ever be called a MINISTRY?

I’m sure that many of the imbeciles that trust these filthy bastards that operate behind the scenes at the  VCY AMERICA broadcast studios are too stupid to understand what is happening to them.

  And there are quite a few too blind to see that  these  swindlers are sponsored by another equally vile and deceitful gang of pseudo religion crooks ,that work under the ALIAS of the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK .

  These jokers really  have their scam  down pat. Just give a listen to the daily dose of deceit spilling out of the mouths of CRAIG MATTSON , DON SMITH :the professional senior citizen . And then  we have Denille Combe : the deep-throated and very sultry sexy sounding gal they picked up to add a little spice to their fund-raising activities.

Denille ,working the phones in a former career was skilled at giving   good phone, and now she’s putting her expertise to good use by giving good radio!

 The pros over at the studios of Pensacola Christian College really got all the bases covered. It helps during their fund-raising operations . It brings in the big bucks!    

Be smart ,never support either one of these two scam outfits ,deceivers, and professional pickpockets.

   This is the image of REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK’S true behind the scene boss.    This is why    RBN should be renamed  the  REJEWISH  BROADCAST NETWORK!

This is why CRAIG MATTSON loves to play his Jewish medley of music.

He knows who signs his paycheck every month. By the way ,the pickpockets  working their scam operations at Pensacola Christian College need more money.

Help the jews get richer than they already are and send your donations to support their radio ministry of deceit. 


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