The Repeal of: “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” ;And the Sodomization of Pensacola ,Florida :Home of several sprawling military complexes and the shameful Pensacola Christian College.

As I look back on the great work that has been done during the past four years you will understand quite well that my first feeling is simply one of thankfulness to our Almighty God for having allowed me to bring this work to success. He has blessed our labors and has enabled our people to come through all the obstacles which encompassed them on their way….

Today I must humbly thank Providence, whose grace has enabled me, who was once an unknown soldier in the War, to bring to a successful issue the struggle for the restoration of our honor and rights as a nation.

-Adolf Hitler, before the Reichstag, 30 Jan. 1937

My Dear Christian People:   ..  Over these many years, the radio has proven to be the dominant medium by which news and information   have been disseminated to the  listening public. It has also provided the masses with  hours of entertainment and a wide variety of  music.  

The radio differs  from television in  its obvious lack of any visual content. But this, in no way implies a lesser amount of talent in the broadcaster. In fact, the one who simply sits behind the microphone in many ways demonstrates a very unique talent, in his ability to enlist the participation of the  listening audience , in the content of  whatever message he wishes to transmit.

This he does by  creating  a lot of verbal imagery , which in time will settle onto the very  center stage  of one’s imagination ,the theatre of the mind. This of course allows the broadcaster to divert the listener’s  attention toward whatever direction he chooses.

And given that the  Radio Broadcast Business is capital-intensive ,meaning that  the station owners ,the  broadcasters ,  the  announcers ,and all  the technical staff

require to be paid high salaries for doing very little. And so   , there is little doubt that the attention of the listenership will be drawn to either buying the products advertised  on  the radio ;or in the case of Christian Radio Broadcasting ,the listener’s attention will be  drawn to their  appeal for donations.

 This can be done in subtle ,or not so subtle fashion. It all depends on the instincts of the station manager  and his administrative staff.


 hifi ssb cb radio audio Here is a  caricature of a typical radio announcer.  Here you see him trying to persuade his audience  to the correctness of whatever message being conveyed. In other words he is making a pitch ,that will  eventually lead into a request that you buy the product he has been  paid to sell,or in the case of the hundreds of fraudulent and deceptive  pseudo-christian radio broadcasters , he is leading you into sending him a donation ,to cover his costs ,to be sure.

 Are you smart enough to know when you are being tricked and deceived ,by those whose only intent is to get you to support them financially?   Are you strong enough not to be taken in  by their phony calls to your sentimentality ,which only have the effect of weakening your ability to know when  and how you are being misled? 

Boy listening to the radio

 Or  are you like this young man pictured here. Simply content to believe in whatever he may be listening to ;never dividing fact from fiction;never discerning true faith and true ministry from the fibres of falsehood.    And  never seeing  or understanding the  demonic attempt on the part of the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS  to  take advantage of  your gullibility and your abject stupidity.

 This of course is exactly what some of your favorite Christian broadcasters do every day of the week. One of the more accomplished and well-known of this gang of professional money-grubbing parasites ,is the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK that comes at you every day, from out of their bunker like studios located at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE. Pensacola ,Florida.

This gang of professional fund-raisers and assorted swindlers rely on the false sense of sentimentality produced in the minds of their moronic listening audience by the Christian theme music they play.  You don’t have to  fall for it.

The only way to sensibly defend yourself from all of the contrived and orchestrated nonsense you hear from the mouths of these jokers is to not listen to them ;but if you do,do so for the entertainment value and nothing more. If you are ever tempted to send them a donation, of any size or any amount ,remember to ask some very simple questions: how well do you know the broadcasters and all those that work with them..

How well do you know Craig Mattson ,he’s the main celeb at REJOICE RADIO [RBN] . How well do you know the other two vultures that work there? Do you really know Jimmy Mince or Caleb Keener well enough to trust what they tell you ?

So why would you send them any financial support?   The only intelligent way to understand how the conniving and fraudulent[RBN]  gang operates is to take a moment and analyse what they are broadcasting. Are they simply creating verbal imagery in order to entice you to into  entering the theatre created in your own mind?   Understand that  Craig is the master game-player  in the art of creating the required illusions in the minds of the naive and gullible audience .  That’s why he gets the big bucks.

 One of their favorite pitches intended to pry the cash from out of the wallets of the stupid, is to equate supporting their depraved lifestyles with donations with the good works required of all decent Christians.

Ask yourself :Why are you being told that sending in your money will reap rewards in the afterlife?  Can they say this as a   certainty ,or could this be a way of deceiving you out of your money. Why are you being told that donating to their radio station is the same as giving your money to  the LORD.  This is an obvious pitch being made for your cash ,and if it were done in any other  commercial transaction ,it would lead to the arrests of those making these obviously false claims.

If they tell you that your donations will help pay their end of month expenses ,why won’t they tell you exactly what they consist of?

The truth is that the money they demand from you goes directly into their expense accounts and for ever higher salaries. These lying bastards may be crooks but they’re not STUPID crooks!  They want your MONEY ,not your worthless soul.

But even more significant in understanding just how false and deceptive they are can be found, is in the conniving and crafty personalities  they include in their so-called inspiring and soul-stirring musical repertoire and programming . 

Again,attempting to appeal to your abject stupidity in areas such as biology or the study of human evolutionary science, they present you for pay, clever con-artists such as; IAN TAYLOR ,whose deceptions in the past have turned his brains into

yorkshire pudding and Ken Ham ,  a clever businessman who knows how to work the system. This son-of-a bitch has convinced the  municipal authorities where he plans his ridiculous NOAH’S ARK scam  to treat this joke as a non-profit enterprise.

 The joke is that this scam is totally a” for profit” business simply being excluded on the tax rolls ,for the sake of promoting religion business in the community. And all done at the expense of all the hardworking small business people in the very same city.  What an example of CHRISTIAN CHARITY! NOT! 

Ian Taylor ,Ken Ham and all the other creationist cartoonists that pop in at the Rejoice radio scam operation are not credible biologists and no one in this field of study would ever consider them as such.   They ridicule  the teachings of human evolutionary biology, but all they offer is their comic strip theology and childish understanding of GENESIS.. And they call it biology.  

 Did man evolve from other primate like creatures millions of years ago?  You be the judge. Do not let these swindlers  make a monkey out of you.

The simple truth is that they hardly believe their own nonsense.  The only reason they come at you with their crude  statements  is because they can ,and they can get away with it, as long as the station they appear on will never allow a

   Whoopi Goldberg

  differing  opinion as to man’s origins. Remember that all honest scientific discovery has a spiritual expression.  So there’s no need for any Christian to automatically deny what science has proven over and over.  Remember how the Christian community in times past, attempted to burn Galileo for his theory regarding the Earth orbiting the sun?

Close up on eyes of young gorilla at rehabilitation center
  And then there’s the question regarding what these jokers do not want you to know. As an example ,the repeal of the “Don’t ask,Don’t tell” policy for the military will have dire  consequences ,especially for the already perverse drenched city of Pensacola ,Florida.

Military Bases in Florida

 This city, long known as the wife swapping capitol of Dixie will experience a  moral catastrophe   when the full effects of allowing the degenerate members of America’s military to openly flaunt and express their sexual preferences. 
 The question now is this; Do you really want to send your son or daughter to Pensacola Christian College to study or to even live in that environment ?   Given the high number of military bases and training complexes that stretch from Biloxi ,miss all the way to Tyndall Field at Panama city ,it would be naive to believe that this large expanse of territory would not become the  HOMELAND FOR HOMOSEXUAL PERVERSIONS.
In fact most of the decent Christian people of that area have left and those who remain simply refer to this stretch of beach and military establishments as THE GAY RIVIERA!  Do you really want to support REJOICE RADIO or Pensacola Christian College financially, given the proximity to this veritable SODOM ON THE MIRACLE STRIP?
The result of repealing “Don’t  ask -Don’t tell ” is not hard to figure out. No one need guess as to what Pensacola will look like in weeks or months to come.
Given that the many tens of thousands of military personnel will be free to give vent to their perverse impulses in public for the first time ;it doesn’t take a great imagination to foresee GAY PRIDE parades ,public nudity on all beaches , sexual activity in full view of Christian families  trying to picnic.  
But the question for those not in close proximity is simply , why have the criminal and deceptive liars running the show at REJOICE RADIO,PENSACOLA not relocated. 
 Why are they willing to put up with this degeneracy?
 The truth is that Pensacola Christian College and the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK  do not care for anything other than the cash they receive from gullible idiots such as those in the EVANGELICAL COMMUNITY of America.
 All  they are is a large fund-raising institution, totally isolated from the reality of  national disgrace and the depravity existing throughout this nation.
 But for those who intend to financially support these con-artists,remember that any money received by these pickpockets eventually will permeate throughout the Pensacola  cesspool of sickness and depravity.  
 Do not support RBN rejoice radio or their partners in Christian swindle the professional liars  club  ,A.K.A. crosstalk america produced by the  double talking cheats and book hustlers , operating VCY AMERICA NETWORK! 
 The fact that these two gangs of liars and cheats are connected at the hip should convince anyone but the most stupid ,that you are dealing with a totally corrupt and spiritually evil broadcast business.

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth

 If America’s youth resembled those pictured here our problems would be solved. 


Never forget: …Unless humanity rids the world of the  Jewish world plague, the Jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity!

Anytime you hear anyone talking about gentile christian zionism,it’s time to change the station.   ..


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