PATHETIC LIARS: ‘ We have had some listeners ask about remembering RBN in their will.’ :Christian Radio ,Deception and fraud ,at its best.


 We have had some listeners ask about remembering RBN in their will.  

YEAH RIGHT! .. They waited for some listeners to  ASK… NOT!   .. The vultures operating one of America’s biggest pseudo -christian religion scams not only rip-off the living but extort money from the DEAD!

This is a good way to honor the Lord, support His work, and lay up treasures in Heaven.

WRONG! :  This  is a good way to take control of some poor gullible hayseed’s estate and live  high on the hog for many years to come.  I wonder how many of the unsuspecting dupes in the listening audience of REJOICE , really know how rich these clever vultures really are ,or how well they live.  

Stock Photo - luxury home longboat  key florida. fotosearch  - search stock  photos, pictures,  wall murals, images,  and photo clipart This is the typical home  where criminals in the fraudulent Christian radio broadcast business in the Pensacola ,Florida  area live ,and all thanks to you!

For more information, write Treasurer/Estate Planning Office, Rejoice Broadcast Network, P.O. Box 18000, Pensacola, FL 32523-9160, or e-mail at    

 :  They would love to plan on getting as much  out of your corpse as the law would allow. And they can’t think of anything better than to help you fill out the necessary forms needed to  get at your remaining assets. Hopefully the assets will consist of prime beachfront real-estate . But if not,they’ll take whatever they can get.  Why do you think they love playing  :”This Ole House”

ole house once knew his children
This ole house once knew his wife
This ole house was home and comfort
As they fought the storms of life
This old house once rang with laughter
This old house heard many shouts
Now he trembles in the darkness
When the lightnin’ walks about

Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer
Ain’t a-gonna need this house no more
Ain’t got time to fix the shingles
Ain’t got time to fix the floor
Ain’t got time to oil the hinges
Nor to mend the windowpane
Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer
He’s a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

This ole house is a-gettin’ shaky
This ole house is a-gettin’ old
This ole house lets in the rain
This ole house lets in the cold
On his knees I’m gettin’ chilly
But he feel no fear nor pain
‘Cause he see an angel peekin’
Through a broken windowpane

This ole house is afraid of thunder
This ole house is afraid of storms
This ole house just groans and trembles
When the night wind flings its arms
This ole house is gettin’ feeble
This old house is needin’ paint
Just like him it’s tuckered out
But he’s a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

This ole house dog lies a-sleepin’
He don’t know I’m gonna leave
Else he’d wake up by the fireplace
And he’d sit there and howl and grieve
But my huntin’ days are over
Ain’t gonna hunt the coon no more
Gabriel done brought in my chariot
When the wind blew down the door


We need your help on a regular monthly basis, if you are not already doing so.  

These lying sacks of excrement need all the money they can get out of your sorry rear end if they could get it.   The monthly basis is what the TRAFFIC WILL BEAR.  But everyday of the week would be just fine for these blood suckers.

We depend entirely on your gifts to support this Christian radio ministry. 

 WRONG!   They depend on gifts from wherever they can get them and most of the cash they get comes from corporate sources.    The corporate executives are listeners also!  And  can be claimed as LISTENER SUPPORTERS!… Can’t you gullible idiots understand the clever games these pickpockets play with you everyday of the week?

 Thank you from all of us at RBN; your gift is an investment in the lives of listeners around the world. 

This is where a good portion of your monthly donations go:  Just look at the faces of those who have benefitted from your Christian kindness and generosity.  The wonderful look of satisfaction and gratitude!


Can they point to anyone anywhere in the world and give evidence that RBN was an investment  in their lives?    Claims made by unknown and unverified sources that rbn’s musical repertoire saved their souls from hell is simply a pitch designed to impress all the simpletons in their audience. 

 The only ones benefitting from your donations  can be seen here and those operating behind the scenes.   Namely their JEWISH BOSSES that provide these scavengers legal cover for all of their deceitful and fraudulent activities. THE JEWS CONTROL THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK. As they do all the media of this country.

 Sincerely yours, Tonita Ohman Program Director

Rejoice Radio

  My Dear Christian Folk:  I cordially invite you to meet THE KIKE.    Here he is in caricature, and I call him IZZY , Izzy the kike.


This year begins the 40th year of operation for WPCS and the 15th year for the Rejoice Broadcast Network. On June 21, 1971, WPCS began broadcasting Christian programming in the northwest Florida area. We signed on the air as an educational, noncommercial, nonprofit, Christian radio ministry operating 17 hours a day at 89.3 FM. In 1985, WPCS began broadcasting 24 hours a day. In 1987, we moved to a new tower and the frequency changed to 89.5. In 1988, WPCS moved to its current location in the Communicative Arts Center of Pensacola Christian College.

THE JEWS ARE IN CONTROL .Rejoice Radio Milestones

In December 1996, RBN began with its first station in Eugene, Oregon, and since has grown to a network of over 40 stations across the country. And with the Internet, RBN can be heard anywhere in the world. If you have friends in an area that has no RBN station, be sure to tell them that they can listen on the Internet at On April 23, 2010, our new full-power station KPCS 89.7 FM began broadcasting in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area.


 When you write, be sure to let us know how long you have been listening and how God has used Rejoice Radio in your Life.

The Vision for Rejoice Radio





 This is the image of the VIRTUAL KIKE.   His name is  IZZY,  same as the one above,  but this kike is no caricature.  He exists in human  form and    is the master of lies. He has to lie in order to survive. He lies for the same reasons that ESKIMOS have to wear furs and all sorts of warm clothing  in the cold climate of the north : In order to survive.  

 If  he told the truth,[impossible]  or if honest humanity learned the intentions of this representative of the Jewish World Plague ,they would unite and rid the world of this enemy of all mankind.

Over 40 years ago, God placed a desire on the heart of Dr. Arlin Horton, president and founder of the Rejoice Broadcast Network, to start a Christian radio station that would reach listeners all along the upper Gulf Coast. June 21, 2010 began the 40th year of operation for WPCS. Through these 40 years, Dr. Horton has kept the vision of what the Lord can do through this listener-supported Christian radio ministry. WPCS expanded its outreach in December 1996 when the Rejoice Broadcast Network began broadcasting on its first satellator station in Eugene, Oregon. Now on over 40 stations and the Internet, Rejoice Radio reaches listeners across America and around the world. From the beginning, Dr. Horton’s desire was to broadcast good Christian music and programming that would encourage believers in their daily walk with the Lord and provide a gospel witness in the community. That desire to serve God and reach people continues today. We are grateful that Dr. Horton has kept the vision for Rejoice Radio. We look forward expectantly and say, “To God be the glory, great things He hath done.”

  CRAIG  MATTSON shows his appreciation by constantly playing his favorite JEWISH SONGS ,such as ; IF I VER A RITZ MEN ,YA DA DA DA  DA DEE, That’s something that will surely have ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES AND REAP RICH REWARDS in the future.

Comment from Georgia Listener“I love the old songs and some of the new ones. I found your station the day my husband died, and I’ve been listening ever since. The music makes me listen to the words and know that God wants me to learn more. The programs have encouraged me to want to read more about what the preachers/teachers are saying. Here is my pledge. Thank you again.”


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