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My  Dear Christian  People:    This response from an interested reader  makes sense ,and mirrors my own thoughts on the incredible stupidity taking its  dread toll on the Christian community in America. Take a look:

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  Author Comment In Response To
This nonsense will continue as long as there are idiots in the world to support them, and there seems to be no lack of idiots!


German retro propaganda poster

 3 Go on soldier! And fulfill your duty! Christ, the good shepherd watches over his flock. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.

 The time has come to fight back!     The time has come for the Christian  community to come to the stark realization that the CHURCH AGE HAS  ENDED. This may or may not be a permanent end ,but simple reality strongly suggests   that what we have today are fund-raising operations, working  under the rubric of religious institutions.And all this being done with the tacit approval of the Federal government.

This is no less true for the myriad Christian Radio Broadcasters plying their trade in fraud and deceit .This usually takes the form of a group of clever and evil-minded businessmen getting together to form a non-profit enterprise promising to serve certain community needs.   Eventually they gravitate to a particular Christian School or church ,and forming a close partnership, they slowly begin their fund-raising appeals.

 In time, others are drawn to their  money-making scheme ,anxious to take advantage of the benefits that a non-profit   Christian ministry can offer to the typical money-grubbing pseudo-christian hustler.

 Invariably they make certain pleasant-sounding appeals  aimed directly at the incredible gullibility and naïvety of the listening audience.  Slowly they gain a sense of respectability and become more open and bolder in their fund-raising techniques. Using the airwaves by which they reach out to a wider audience, the money starts to flow in .

The more money these religion criminals make, the more they invest in hiring accomplished actors and clever tricksters ,enabling them to maintain a certain sense of convincing credibility with the Christian  public. 

Their appeal is usually for that segment of the population with the  most money and those that will have it for the least amount of time: The elderly.  Here ,these clever criminals hardly miss a trick.

For the best  example of this high-tech criminality and con-artistry, give a listen to the well-known organization known as THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK emanating from the radio broadcast studios of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ,located in Pensacola ,Florida.

Long known for their old-time Gospel Music ,they make a concerted pitch for the sun belt seniles ,knowing as they do, just how to play on their  sense of Christian sentimentality.  

  The rejoice Radio schemers know what it takes to pry open the wallets of the old and infirm. And this they do with glee  and gladness for the money it brings them. This is all they crave, and everything else   they spew out    ,is pure charlatanism.   And that’s exactly what CRAIG MATTSON , the main host of the REJOICE RADIO SHOW IS : A charlatan. 

The other members of the Pensacola Christian College staff are just sideliners.   There to lend their support to the clever meanderings of Craig and his cleverly thought out readings from long dead Christian writers and poets . He gives the impression of someone with a vast knowledge of  deep Christian mysticism.

Of course it’s all a bunch of prefabricated  balderdash ,designed to  trick and deceive the unsuspecting. Don’t fall for it.

Craig’s job depends on how much money these jokers drag in from out of  the wide net of deception they throw out everyday.

Listen to DON MORRIS another clever prop they installed some time ago to gain the confidence of the sun belt seniles in their listenership.

This character is as phony and false as he is clever and criminal in the woeful and prayerful presentation he makes;willing to pray,willing to make subtle demands for your cash. This old bastard doesn’t miss a  beat.

It’s all about money and anyone with a modicum of intelligence will quickly see through all the subterfuge they present you with. Radio is the greatest medium con-artists and swindlers use  to deceive the unwary. And that’s exactly what the greatest in the audience consist of : a bunch of  suckers.

If  more is needed, then give a listen to another group of criminals operating the regrettable VCY AMERICA ,CROSSTALK PROGRAM. These two gangs are joined at the hip and cannot be   separated. 

Both coming at you from different directions ;VCY AMERICA, producing   political corn ball blather ,designed for the sick and delirious in the Evangelical mob of happy clappy folk ,and rejoice radio,the more serious musical and sermonette  oriented delivery system.

It all boils down to the same crude ,mean-spirited pitch for your cash.  And they are not above hiring scandalous  and    sultry  sounding   gals ,to further entice the weak-minded roobs in their audience. The queen of the deep  throat trick is the well-known poetry reader and Craig Mattson’s newest aide-de-camp  : Denille  Combe.

This babe ,long known for giving good phone, now  uses  the same skills giving  GOOD RADIO.   And she works hard for the money!  But ,no matter ,as indicated in the response to an earlier    post:There is no lack of  idiots in Christendom.

And so the money will keep rolling in for whatever idiotic reason they give you. The love to call it OPERATING EXPENSES . But will they every specify exactly what they consist of?     I hardly think so;anymore than they will

offer to  show to any potential contributor ,their financial statements for the past two years. Something they are required to keep on file. And one would think this  would be  their  Christian duty and  an obligation ,given their  invitation to the public to join the REJOICE BROADCAST MEMBERSHIP and become their PARTNERS! – A partnership without seeing the  business balance sheet? 

They really do take you for a bunch of  schmucks!

And if that’s not good enough ,then take them  up on  their offer to be a member of THE RBN  TEAM ,or  better yet ,THEIR FAMILY!

Playing games for cash is not how honest FAMILY MEMBERS treat each other. But in the name of Christian ministry ,as they put it , anything goes.’s a ministry all right ;a ministry of lies ,deceptions and fraudulent claims ,and they pull out all the stops to get at your hard-earned money.

We need leadership in the CHURCH :The right kind of leadership.

  Keep in mind that Christians do not have a duty to provide a luxury lifestyle for those in the  clergy ,and certainly not   those who have been able to take hold of America’s radio airwaves.    Whether or not the clever minded swindlers operating the Rejoice Broadcast Network live in million dollar homes, and travel in private jets ,will not have any bearing on your immortal soul. Nor will it affect its final destination.

 But one thing for certain, is that the Almighty has no use for the gullible,the stupid , the weak or the cowardly . And does not answer the prayers of those too timid to stand for  truth.

The phony religion hustlers you listen to on the RBN radio station are playing you for all you’re worth.   If you desire to stand with the LORD then you will listen carefully to their feeble presentations and learn to discern fact from fraud.

Ask questions. Why would any true ministry be involved with the obvious criminal hate mongers such as THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK, that RBN  supports and sponsors with free airtime?

Why would any true ministry refuse to reveal their financial statements to prospective financial supporters and still refer to them as  PARTNERS?

Why would any true ministry engage in extortionist type demands for financial support ;suggesting that you will fail in your Christian duty ,and possibly wind up in hell ,if you do not respond to their demands for  cash?

Why would any true ministry engage in subliminal suggestions to turn over your property to them in your wills or even before your death?

Why would any true Christian enterprise support the blood thirsty Zionist atrocities being committed every day of the week in GAZA and in the WEST BANK?

All this is being accomplished at your expense and at  the cost of your spiritual standing with the Lord.. JUST SAY NO,to their attempts to win your confidence and thereby increase their chances of getting a  cash donation.

Remember ,stay united and together we will defeat the enemies   of  all  mankind  ,whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity.


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