IAN TAYLOR ,KEN HAM: In The Minds of Lunatics.




CRACKPOTS do not come much more cracked – or potty – than Ken Ham, and Ian Taylor , founders of Answers in Genesis, and architect of the ludicrous Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Ken Ham with  an animatronic dinosaur at the Creation Museum in PetersburgKen Ham with an animatronic dinosaur at the Creation Museum in Petersburg

But now we learn that Ham is an appalling hypocrite too.

Last month the devious old fossil complained on his AiG blog that the BBC had “ambushed” AiG’s pet “astrophysicist” Dr Jason Lisle.

Ham elaborated:

We were told that it was just going to be an ‘examination of creationism’. Well, we are somewhat leery when it comes to dealing with the British media – by far, British journalists and commentators (and particularly those from the BBC) are the most mocking about biblical Christianity of all the media we’ve worked with over the years. We have had probably 20 different countries send reporters to the Creation Museum since we opened 22 months ago, and most of them have been fair and balanced in their coverage – but not so with the typical British reporter.

That’s why it was not too surprising that when Dr Lisle went on the air to be interviewed by the BBC, he quickly found out the BBC had not told us the truth – it turned out to be an attempted ambush – not an interview (as we had been led to believe), but a creation/evolution debate. On the other line was perhaps America’s best-known evolutionist defender, Dr Eugenie Scott, whose organization has as its sole purpose to counter creationist efforts wherever they can and to uphold evolution.

He then whinged:

The BBC has not responded to our publicist who has challenged them concerning their deception. Then again, for those people who don’t believe in God and there is no absolute authority, not telling the truth and deception would not be ethically wrong – as they have no basis for right and wrong!

Ham’s complaint left Michael Zimmerman, Dean of Butler University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, gasping in disbelief.

What makes Ham’s complaints so incredibly ironic and hypocritical is that this is exactly what he did to me a year ago. I was scheduled to do an interview last year on a fundamentalist Christian radio show only to discover, upon going on the air, that Ken Ham was also on the line, ready to debate me. When asked why neither the host nor Ken had the courtesy to inform me that I was to participate in a debate rather than in an interview, I was told that they believed that I wouldn’t have accepted their offer had I been told the truth. When I questioned them about the deception, I was told that since the debate was to further God’s wishes, a minor deception of this sort was acceptable.

Dr lisleDr Lisle

It’s worth noting that Lisle is no less of a crackpot than Ham. According to AiG:

Most practicing astronomers and astrophysicists believe in the big bang, a billions-of-years-old universe and other evolutionary ideas.  But based on Scripture and the best interpretation of the scientific evidence, they are simply wrong, according to Dr Jason Lisle, AiG-USA’s newest speaker and researcher.

An astrophysicist with a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dr Lisle is now helping AiG (and the creation movement as a whole) refute the evolutionary account of origins – using his strong science background.  He has designed exciting planetarium programs for the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky …


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