Awarding Doctorates to Country Preachers : A MAJOR FRAUD THAT DECEIVES THE CREDULOUS.

 My Christian People:  There’s no limit to the fraud and deceptions that continuously take their toll   on a helpless and pitiful community of Christians ,desperately looking for leadership and moral direction.Keep this in mind the next time you hear Pastor Joe Mullinex being referred to as Doctor Mullinex. on the REJOICE RADIO SCAM.ORG legalized pseudo Christian racketeering station.  Jo-Jo Mullinex is no more a Doctor than you are the POPE!   His real name should be JEW-JEW MULLINEX for his slavish support for all the jewish blackmailers and extortionists destroying the innocent people of the middle east.

This joker has a con that won’t quit . Now you will soon learn how he came to be known as DOCTOR MULLINEX.

 Around 250 years ago some universities began granting a “degree” called an “honorary doctorate” to persons it wanted to honor or recognize (usually a dignitary, benefactor, or notable alumni). However, neither the university or the honoree were gullible enough to believe the honor actually conferred a full doctorate. The purpose of the honor was simply to recognize a person for whatever reason, not to grant an instant education. Many times the honor was bestowed on someone who already had an earned doctorate.

Probably the most obvious proof that honorary degrees are not true doctorates is they are now granted by colleges rather than exclusively by universities. Unlike a university a college by definition cannot award an earned doctorate (or even a masters degree) because it doesn’t have the curriculum or accreditation to do so. How could an institution grant an honorary degree when they can’t even confer an earned one! Sure they can give someone a piece of paper to honor them, but only the most conceited, deceived or ignorant would actually believe this made them a true “doctor.” There is little confusion about this in the secular world. Honorary doctorates are routinely given to political figures, civic leaders, and others, but to our knowledge none of the secular honorees refer to themselves as “doctor” or allow others to seriously do so. Even Bill Clinton with all of his moral weaknesses and deficiencies doesn’t refer to himself as “doctor” even after having an honorary doctorate granted to him by Oxford University in England! He knows if he did he would not be taken seriously and ridiculed behind his back (more than he already is!). Vain and flamboyant country singer, Dolly Parton, was also given an honorary doctorate by a Southern Baptist college, but does she refer to herself as “doctor”? Hardly. But give one of these pieces of paper to many Fundamentalist preachers and what do they do with it? To them it is as serious as a heart attack. They treat it as if it actually confers a college education and they are full fledged doctors!

“Preacher,” “Doctor,” or What?It came as a shock to us early in our Christian life to discover that many of the most highly regarded “doctors” in Fundamentalism held only honorary doctorates. A few were granted by major Christian universities, but many were from small Bible colleges or obscure Bible institutes (which are usually an extension of a local church). A far cry from a university. Once we became aware of the distinction between honorary and earned doctorates we began to notice that most of the “doctors” at high profile camp meetings, revivals, preacher’s schools, and soul winning conferences were doctors in name only. Some never attended college (not to mention graduate school), and a few did not even finish high school! Furthermore, the presidents of several leading Fundamentalist colleges have only honorary degrees (usually given by one of their cronies at another similar school.), but that doesn’t restrain them from linking “Dr.” with their name at every turn and encourage its use in their books, sermons and throughout their ministry! To paraphrase another, “When a person goes to one of these “Bible Conferences” he is confronted by so many professing themselves to be doctorsone would think God was sick!” This person also apparently senses the doctor or (appearance of) education fixation that permeates today’s Fundamentalism. It seems everybody wants a “degree” and when they simply get a piece of paper from one of their buddies saying they have one they treat it as if it is an actual doctorate. No wonder a young Christian is lead to believe the same from their vain, self-serving rhetoric. As the Scriptures proclaim, all are subject to pride and vainglory’s diabolical stranglehold an how preachers tout their phony doctorates as genuine is a clear manifestation to its validity. “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” Phil 2:3.

What’s The Cause?What could possess a normally rational man who is born again, called to preach Jesus Christ, and otherwise scripturally sound to parade around with a phony doctorate, pretending to be “educated”? What power could cause him to boast of an attainment he has not attained and allow others to boast for him? The same universal vices that caused Lucifer to fall, pride and envy. The Bible bluntly says this “pride of life” is not of God, “…and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” (1 Jn. 2:16), and envy is clearly ungodly. But this doesn’t affect them. They apparently justify their indulgence in their mind with self serving reasoning.

One of their reasonings is the institution which granted them the “doctorate” must have felt them “qualified” or it would not have given it, but this argument is forced. First, the only way to qualify for an earned doctorate is to finish the requirements! Second, the “doctorate” is honorary by its very name. It is called a “doctorate” because it is given by an educational institution which confers true doctorates, their highest earned degree. If honorary doctorates make a person a true doctor, then an auctioneer who is given a certificate calling him “colonel” must also be a true colonel; a commissioned officer in the US military!

Another argument is, even though the person doesn’t have the required academic education for a doctorate they earned one through “life experience,” but this is still invalid and self indulgent. The person may have a wealth of “life experience” that equips him for certain aspects of Christ’s ministry much better than most Ph.D’s, but thatstill ignores the fact he hasn’t completed the required education for a true doctorate. Would you want to have surgery performed on you or a loved one by a true medical doctor who graduated from a university or by someone who has “life experience” only and no degree?

Probably the most desperate argument is “A doctors degree will further my ministry and open doors” implying it will help Christ’s ministry. But Christ’s ministry when He was on earth was not tainted by pretense, half-truths, and deception. Christ made no false claims to “education” or position but said humbling things like, “For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted” (Luke 14:11), and “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matt 18:4). Sayings that tear at the very root of the modern unearned doctorate craze. When pressured some will admit their degree is honorary (but that doesn’t stop them from using it), others, however, seem to actually believe they hold the advanced degree and resent anyone who questions it.

What we are addressing here is academic attainment and not necessarily spirituality, ability or consecration. Some preachers with Ph.D’s are so dry and lifeless in their manner and deficient in common sense and sound doctrine that they are little help to anyone. On the other hand a preacher with an eighth grade education can have more insight into the Scriptures, a better understanding of God’s will, and a superior manner of preaching and presentation than some men with two earned doctorates. Some of the best preaching I have ever heard came from men with less than a high school education. Education is no substitute for a humble heart, diligent study, or godly zeal


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