A Christian ministry that makes bogus claims and cheats other Christians is NOT a ministry and is NOT Christian…Rejoice Radio as an example.

 My Christian People:    Hard   times have never in the past prevented sincere Christians from  responding to the call to generously  help others .  This one  predictable  response ,that  is the hallmark of any true Christianity ,has become the compelling reason  for  countless charlatans and professional swindlers to view this  one singular trait, as an opportunity to profit at the expense of well-meaning and devout Christians… [ This is the main reason why so many Jews are passing themselves off as born-again ministers . THE MONEY IS GOOD!]

This characteristic of high morality ,which comes directly as a commandment from the Great Nazarene , is what  excites the lowest form of  exploitation known to civilized man; the art of cheating and swindling other Christians out of their hard-earned money.

The numbers of swindlers engaged in this activity are   roughly comparable to all those who have managed to learn the jargon of the average Christian;  who have memorized a few frequently used verses of scripture ,and have succeeded in imputing to themselves the sanctimonious aura they glean from others.

This is just about all there is to it.  If you want to exploit Christians this is the basic primer ,this is all it takes.

One listen to the gifted cheats and tricksters making a huge fortune ,over at THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK,and all    at the expense of   the naïve  farm boys  ,hayseeds ,   and urban hicks ,of which there are literally millions ,and a clear picture of  clever charlatanism emerges.


While the basic modality involved in the  wholesale cheating of Christians remains simple and easy to do, it still requires a special knack ,that comes with practice and a personality inclined to promote sincerity and concern in the lives of others.

And so ,the modality of clever and crafty deception, comes in the form of a SHARE A THON ,now underway at the studios of Pensacola Christian College .

Here ,coming to you from the REJOICE RADIO pseudo-christian fund-raising operation ,one can easily hear the many talented personalities that are uniquely qualified to lie,cheat, manipulate  the gullible members of their hapless listenership ,for the free money,they so desperately want.

To do this, they hire at some expense some of the best con artists money can  buy. Who can doubt the well rehearsed vocalization from Dr. Craig Mattson,this joker lies with a virtuosity that can bend iron beams!

C. Mattson

Or who can ever doubt the sincerity from another of the many personalities heard daily on REJOICE RADIO ,who goes by the name of your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR. 

Of course I’m speaking of the sleazy sounding DR. JOHN DUNGHILL.   This character enjoys exhibiting his theatre training with carefully scripted allusions, giving the audience the  impression that he enjoys visions of the celestial kingdom.  

And then ,there’s the great” prayer warrior”: DR.  DON SMITH ,the professional senior citizen ,who will pray for anyone ,anytime provided they E-MAIL him first, and then  click the donation box.  This joker is nothing but a snake in the grass!

DR.JEW JEW Mullinex is good . This character has made his mark with all the students attending PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.   Students who provide slave labor and whose parents are required to call in with their pledges during the many share a thons the  tricksters over at REJOICE RADIO  engage in.

But Dr. JEW JEW has his act together. This  crook has great voice control. He can adjust it to suit his  audience. And this he has learned to do over the years,allowing him to sound sincere and  wise   but   also  to cover      the  abject stupidity of his poorly thought out sermons he dishes out to all the numbskulls in his captive audience.

And so ,it seems that some skill is required to  trick and cheat the gullible ,and here ,the gifted double talkers running the show at REJOICE RADIO will not disappoint.

The remaining question is, what can the less astute do to protect themselves from this madness. The answer as  in dealing with any group of con artists, is to ask questions and then try to connect the dots.

Listen to the scripted lies and misleading statements spewing from the corrupted mouths of Caleb Keener and his stable of highly paid hookers ,he uses to whip up support for his money-making schemes : 

‘ The listeners only provide one-third of the cost of operating REJOICE RADIO ENTERPRISE ‘,as was so stated ,then who provides the other two-thirds?

Could it be that they receive huge amounts of support from undisclosed private and corporate entities?

Listener supported ,yeah right!!


The over arching question for all potential contributors should be ;what do you really know about the gang of hucksters at RBN?     Do you know more about them then the public knew about JIMMY SWAGGART or JIM BAKKER?

Or ORAL ROBERTS? … Why would anyone  believe that they are any more  honest   than  those that have gone before in the electrics media televangelism  industry??

 Why would any true Christian support an outfit whose home turf is in PENSACOLA . This area was often visited by SWAGGART AND JESSICA HAHN and is known as an easy way to score with a hooker.  The money the RBN gang gets ,filters out thorough the Pensacola economy of immorality and depravity.

Many of the visitors and clients of the booming sex industry in this part of Florida come from the many religious institutions found here.   Sexual repression always finds an outlet,but why should you support and  fund it?

Why would anyone for that matter support a phony ministry that provides FREE AIRTIME to the other  swindlers over at VCY AMERICA ?   What is Christian about financing a group of inveterate hate mongers who make their money stirring up the emotions of the delusional members of their sick audience?

THE REASON IS SIMPLE.  The axiom that charlatans and swindlers gravitate toward each other is still valid.

Paul, Hal Lindsey & Cliff Ford -




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