My Dear Christian People:    For those of you among the Christian Radio  Broadcast   cognoscenti ,and possess the gift of discernment well enough to know that an endorsement from Vic Eliason ,would normally be considered a kiss of death for any sincere endeavor.

Griffon Vulture

If you pledged money to the vultures at the RBN FALL SHARE A THON ,this is what you look like, this is what they did to you ,and you never caught  on  to them ripping you apart or is it ripping you off! 

But in this  culture ,where PLAYBOY is the Gospel, and where the BIG O is the primary source of inspiration for America’s women ,Vic Eliason represents a reasonable source of comfort to all those engaged in any clever money-making scheme of legalized extortion :  The Christian Share Partner Solicitation Scheme,now in operation ,is one such swindle. 

The axiom that cheats and swindlers gravitate towards each other, is no less true in the field of religious charlatanism,than it is in the basements of telephone solicitors and stock market manipulators.

Paul, Hal Lindsey & Cliff Ford -

 And so a  heartfelt public statement of support went out to all the imbeciles in the listenership of VCY AMERICA from the curled lips of  Vic  ,begging people to send in cash  to the clever cheats and deceivers running the show at the studios of REJOICE RADIO,PENSACOLA FLORIDA.

Not much difference here than with any other gifted con artist working the phones ,selling you a sure-fire pension plan or a set of encyclopedias.  The end is always the same: to relieve you of your hard-earned cash.

Con Artist 

What a travesty!..

The distinguishing trait of a pseudo-religion trickster is that he appeals to your better nature. He cajoles   in glib fashion and entreats you to do the right thing. The inveterate con man uses several ploys to help him along and to increase his credibility with his pigeon. Just listen to REJOICE RADIO long enough and this becomes very plain.

The most favored of devices the pseudo Christian religion huckster uses is anything that would impute to himself a religiosity that he otherwise would be hard-pressed to deliver.

And here he has a range of gimmicks and cheap tricks at his disposal.

These professional tricksters use just the right mix of  Gospel sounding music and woeful  ,repetitive calls to sentimentality ,to wring out the last drop of christian religiosity with which to anoint themselves. All this ,to convince you ,that they are a true Christian ministry worthy of your financial support.

It’s all smoke and mirrors ,but sadly, few in the Evangelical happy clappy mob are smart enough to figure it out.

The truth is something quite different. The REJOICE RADIO operation is an incredibly rich organization and definitely not in need of funding. Not from their incredibly naïve listenership or from anyone else. They have huge corporate backing for their  sleazy on the air religion hustle.

 The Rejoice Radio is a free airtime operation with a granted license from the F.C.C. and is currently  up for renewal. One requirement they must comply with, is to show public support for their programming . With little oversight being provided these scam artists ,can get away with all manner of hate filled programming ,as witnessed by the partners of rejoice radio;the infamous gang of deceivers running   VCY AMERICA .

 Or they can engage in any clever money-making scheme  as we see going on at REJOICE RADIO. This   scheme can involve the imbeciles in the audience or can  include big moneyed interests globally.

While they will scoop up the money donated ,they are also interested in  documenting audience interest . This data will then be forwarded to the F.C.C.

All those who stand for God’s truth may well petition the F.C.C. to look into the renewal request with eyes wide open ,before  granting these tricksters a license renewal.

 Another shameful truth is that    money pledged or handed over to these vultures will be used for entertainment purposes only which will simply add to the depraved economy of Pensacola ,Florida . Remember that Pensacola was one of JIMMY SWAGGART’S best hangouts when he was out on the prowl for hookers.

JIM BAKKER and Jessica Hahn would often meet in certain hotels in this very area. Pensacola is also known as being the wife swapping capitol of DIXIE.

Why would any sincere Christian finance this depravity, now  being foisted on a very unaware segment of the  Christian Community of America.


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