All of REJOICE RADIO’S double talking hypocrites ,liars and cheats wish to thank all the gullible imbeciles that participated in their FALL SHARE-A-THON.

    My Dear Christian People ; Wall Street is more than a financial district in Lower Manhattan; it is a mindset of greed and exploitation that quite often extends readily into the realm of religion and spirituality. Only the credulous and those easily deceived, will fail to understand the extent to which the Christian Churches have adopted for themselves this poisonous ideology. And that for all intentions has rendered these institutions of faith , useless and harmful ,to the advancement of the Christian Faith on planet Earth.

Only the more fearful of Roman Catholics will deny the involvement their ancient church has with the world’s financial movers and shakers. And how over the many centuries has exploited the weak and the superstitious throughout the world. But the use of fear and intimidation is not the sole monopoly of Catholicism but can be easily discerned by any true Christian of any denomination ,who is willing to see things as they truly exist ,and not as one would hope for.

 All churches use the clever tactics of fraud and deception on their respective congregations ; to enhance their worldly possessions, in stark contrast to the teachings of the Great Nazarene ,who never hesitated in condemning the demon possessed Pharisees and their god , Mammon.



Pensacola Country Club


The extent of this hypocrisy and criminal deception is so great and so financially rewarding to all the world’s clever and professional religion hucksters, that the overflow easily drips down to the basest elements in society. The tricks of the religion swindle are quickly picked up on by the wealthy investment class ,always on the look out for an opportunity to make a few fast bucks . And so, we quickly come to see all the clever chicanery involved in the Christian Radio Broadcast Industry ,that forms an informal bond between themselves and the pigeons in their listening audience.

The ministry, offered to the home bound or to those listening during the drive time part of their day ,can soon find the steady drumbeat of music and subtle suggestive calls to support the great service you are being provided with very effective. Effective in drawing you into a web of confidence ,that usually means a financial committment to their ministry of fraud and trickery.

 There are many ways to see them for what they are ,but all involve an intense interest on the part of the listener to listen and ask questions. One way ,is to inquire if the Christian Broadcast network;let’s say… the REJOICE RADIO ENTERPRISE is willing to provide you with a statement of their financial condition. This would validate any claims as to the necessity of constantly soliciting funds from the public. Another question to ask them is ;how does this help them in renewing their license to broadcast granted to them by the F.C.C.?

 Is it a matter of public support that is of the essence ,and must this be demonstrated to get a license renewal? If so then it must be so stated to the audience. Of course the free money is icing and pure gravy for these money bags. The money these pickpockets pick up is pure tax-free bucks they use to reload their entertainment credit cards ;which enable them to see and live the hot and sexy environment that PENSACOLA is famous for. A GLANCE AT THE LIFESTYLES OF THE FALSE -RICH AND UNRIGHTEOUS ,IN THE PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN BROADCAST COMMUNITY. MY DEAR CHRISTIANS : THIS IS THE ONLY HEAVEN THE LYING SCAM ARTISTS IN THE CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST BUSINESS DESIRE TO GO. AND THIS IS THE FAMOUS BEACH THAT DRAWS THE FAITHFUL TO ITS SHORE. DO YOU KNOW THAT PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ALSO HAS A CAMPUS CHURCH? Yes, that’s true .

 And they are a Local Church as Craig Mattson is wont to say every chance he gets. But is it a fair statement? Should they be allowed to consider themselves as part of the local Christian Community in view of the fact that they take a huge amount of money away from the local churches? Is it the Christian thing to do ? The dominance that this religious complex enjoys in the heart of Pensacola simply serves to draw funding away from the vital ministerial needs of many charities serving the legitimate needs of the Pensacola area. In fact many churches have had to shut their doors and many local charities have had to turn the needy away due to a lack of funding . This is due in part to the highly visible influence of Pensacola College and the attractions they offer to the many Christians without any denominational affiliation.

My Dear People: …. Pensacola and its depraved  environment and this is where your money goes. All monies donated to the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK stay in the Pensacola area and filter down into the depraved and degenerate lifestyle that this area is noted for. DO YOU REALLY WANT YOUR MONEY TO PROMOTE THE DEGENERACY THAT EXISTS IN THIS REGRETTABLE PART OF AMERICA?

 What is truly amazing is not the clever and meticulous presentations they offer, but the certainty they place in the abject stupidity of their listenership. This gives them the confidence to say pretty much whatever they please, to get the credulous and misinformed, to open their wallets and send in their so-called FREE WILL GIFTS.

Even a chance listener will quickly see past the bogus claims they make and the hyperbole they use to excite the religious emotions of all the Evangelical roobs hanging onto their every word. One of their often used falsehoods is that REJOICE RADIO is totally listener supported . This can mean anything they want it to mean ;considering that everyone ,even the rich corporate entities that support them can be thought of as listeners. Are corporate sponsors precluded from tuning in ,and LISTENING?

 Do all corporate sponsors require time to advertise their products and services to the public on the air ,to qualify as corporate contributors? Can they financially support THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK for reasons other than direct ,on the air advertising, of their businesses ? Does this technically prevent them being listed as corporate financial backers? The only way to know ,is for RBN to post their statement of financial condition for the last two years ;listing all the funds they receive from whatever the source .

The acts of deception run deep and vary from the many different personalities they present the imbecilic listeners. Craig Mattson, who now has fallen into the deceitful and highly misleading claim to being a doctor [PhD.] This is par for the course, and very effective on the minds of the dupes who need added confirmation from those whom they trust ,to trick,deceive ,and to rip them off.

“[Probably the most obvious proof that honorary degrees are not true doctorates is they are now granted by colleges rather than exclusively by universities. Unlike a university a college by definition cannot award an earned doctorate (or even a masters degree) because it doesn’t have the curriculum or accreditation to do so. How could an institution grant an honorary degree when they can’t even confer an earned one! Sure they can give someone a piece of paper to honor them, but only the most conceited, deceived or ignorant would actually believe this made them a true “doctor.” There is little confusion about this in the secular world. Honorary doctorates are routinely given to political figures, civic leaders, and others, but to our knowledge none of the secular honorees refer to themselves as “doctor” or allow others to seriously do so.

 Even Bill Clinton with all of his moral weaknesses and deficiencies doesn’t refer to himself as “doctor” even after having an honorary doctorate granted to him by Oxford University in England! He knows if he did he would not be taken seriously and ridiculed behind his back (more than he already is!). Vain and flamboyant country singer, Dolly Parton, was also given an honorary doctorate by a Southern Baptist college, but does she refer to herself as “doctor”? Hardly. But give one of these pieces of paper to many Fundamentalist preachers and what do they do with it? To them it is as serious as a heart attack. They treat it as if it actually confers a college education and they are full fledged doctors”]……

 So ,now it’s DR . CRAIG MATTSON ,just as it’s Dr. Jew-Jew[Joel ] Mullinex and soon it will be Doctor John Dunlap [your good news commentator] .Now here’s a character right out of twilight zone. This joker has become incredibly rich pouring his heartfelt concerns for every babe with a checkbook that looks his way.

 The female voices one hears are basically used to send the message that Rejoice Radio is not entirely male oriented ;that it’s family friendly ,concerned about the elderly and their specific needs. The truth is that the female voices are part of the strategy of RBN ; that they are a timely and targeted operation[ministry] and invite all to send in their cash. The secondary role they play goes unnoticed. The babes are only used for poetry reading and storytelling ,traditional roles not apt to upset the stone faced church elders.

 The sexy and sultry sounding pitch and vocal tenor to their voices come in handy during their SHARE-A-Thons which will soon be starting. These gals are then used to solicit funds, just as any street-walker on the prowl would do , promising more than they deliver. In fact the babes that get a paycheck from THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK lack the Christian moral integrity of an ordinary PENSACOLA street-walker.

Most of them have married and divorced many times over,breaking up families and ruining lives as they go. Most of them lead double lives ,as is the case with DENILLE COMBE, who now uses her talents giving good radio, as once she did giving good phone;……..albeit for 2.97 cents per minute. At least then she made an honest living. Now they are all required to hustle for the bucks in the inviting environment of Pensacola Christian College .

 And the roobs listening provide them with the luxury lifestyle they would otherwise have had to put their health and safety at risk. Another device these hucksters use ,is the one that can be seen in operation in any card room in America, involving the use of shills. Keep YOUR EARS OPENED DURING THE FALL SHARE-A-THON ,THE REJOICE RADIO MONEY MAKING MACHINE WILL BE STARTING TOMORROW. During this travesty and serious injustice to the cause of Christ and his true ministry , those involved in the on the air operations will claim that they have an anonymous caller who has pledged a large sum of money to the kitty on condition that within the next 50 minutes or so ,an equal amount can be raised from the listening audience. ..

If the hapless and stupid in their homes rise to the challenge then the mysterious caller fades away ,as any true shill would do. This obvious trick played frequently to liven things up is one of the many clever devices these lying bastards use to rip off the stupid. Does anyone with half a brain truly believe that giving these lying cheats even a small donation, will have eternal rewards? Either for yourself or for someone equally deluded?

I’m reminded of certain sad events that occurred to two of the more elderly and gullible who attempted to contact RBN for the purpose of donating to their share a thon or to ask for PRAYER. One incident involved a dear lady from MILTON, who called RBN during their share a thon ,asking for Don Smith [the professional senior citizen who daily prays for the sick and dying]. After many attempts to speak to a live person she finally got through to a young man who asked her how much she wanted to donate. She responded by asking if Don Smith could pray for her ,as she was scheduled for surgery in the morning. And Lord willing she would send her money in at a later date , if she survived the operation. The young man told her that the phone lines can only be used for donations and told her to call some other time. She was heart-broken but kept insisting that Don Smith should pray for her. This went on back and forth until an older sounding man came on the line [Caleb Keener]…and explained to her that Don Smith only responds to E-Mail requests . And if she wouldn’t mind getting off the line ,since they were conducting a fund-raiser; and there were people with money wanting to call and donate. But the poor dear lady remained adamant wanting to speak to Don Smith ;the prayer warrior. Finally, she related that in the background she heard someone whispering to the man speaking to her ,instructing him to: “Tell the old bitch to go to hell”. In tears she finally relinquished the phone.

Another sad incident involved an elderly man from Mobile Alabama who called to pledge fifteen dollars a month for as long as he could . He just wanted to know if he could send in cash ;since he did not have a checking account or a debit and/or credit card . And did not need a receipt for tax purposes ,since he was too poor to pay any taxes. He related how they kept hustling him to make a much larger donation ,that would reap eternal rewards in Beulah Land. He insisted that fifteen dollars a month was all he could afford and after sometime he heard a voice in the background ,calling him a cheap son of a bitch! Now how is that for CHRISTIAN GRATITUDE! The incredible amount of deceit and trickery these jokers use to swindle the elderly and less astute is mind-boggling and could fill an entire book. 

 The only way to understand how they work is to listen to their pitch and try to analyse it as best you can. By so doing you will not fail to see the contradictions and ineptness of their clever sleight of hand operations . They all suffer from a clumsy ignorance of geography and history as well as THE SCRIPTURES THEY CLAIM TO BE INSPIRED BY.

On a recent occasion, I had the opportunity to listen to one of their highly touted Bible Scholars ,whose name I will not reveal to not embarrass him. But I will reveal the title to his poorly thought out sermon ,or was it a Bible lesson ,entitled:” LIGHT SHINING AGAINST DARKNESS.” This joker emphatically placed NAZARETH as the city where Christ was born. Now this could have been an honest misstep. But coming from one of their more highly prized Bible hustlers .and a more expensive to hire ,you would think he would’ve edited his thoughts before vocalizing . Only as a way of maintaining a certain sense of credibility with his already dumbed down audience. Many of which will soon be singing [[[[” O little town of Bethlehem.”]]]] Too funny for words! His stupidity extends to his understanding of European history as well, and the events leading up to the Second World War. But that’s for a different time .

Do not fall for anything these incredible con artists come up with. All they want is your money as the case with any cheap low life gang of swindlers would hope for. Keep in mind that THE GREAT Nazarene would never support this lying gang of swindlers and would never call their cheap theatrical presentations   a TRUE GODLY MINISTRY. CHRISTIAN…Let your conscience be your guide. AND, GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!


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