The International Blood Poisoners of All Nations and of All People.

  My Dear Christian Folk: … A clear examination of the various problems that beset the Christian Faith Community,one can see a common thread linking them all together.

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Whereas some may have differing opinions based on their own personal experiences ,as to the causes of our misfortune,we cannot fail to see

within ourselves the confusion and anxiety that exists when we are confronted with the lack of comprehension, and confidence required to envision a solution.

The anxiety that arises with the understanding ,that for the most part ,
 the Christian Community has been severely victimized by a relentless

and ruthless enemy . Whose only purpose is the total annihilation of all

things that pertain to Christ, The Church, and Eternal God.

To further compound this pervasive
sense of hopelessness is the epiphany that comes upon learning

that those in the churches as well as in the Christian media,have facilitated
the very enemies of Christ in their

diabolical scheme to destroy the Body of Christ.[The Church]

Whenever you hear anyone in the Christian Broadcast Network industry
praising or supporting the government of Israel or their Zionist advocates ,rest assured

they are simply acting in the role of servant . Completely beholden to the

Jewish media moguls in control of America’s radio airwaves.
Their jobs and their fortunes depend on it.

They are nothing more than paid Judases who scheme and plot the destruction of the Christian Community
behind the backs of God’s Faithful.


David Rubin in Israel, photo via

Former Israeli Mayor publishes new book on ‘Islamic Tsunami’

The former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, has written a new book about the biblical roots of the United States and the threat of Islamic ideology and terrorism, reports Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service.

David Rubin is not only Shiloh’s former Mayor, but also an expert on terrorism in Israel — himself and his son having been victims of a horrific terrorist attack by Muslim extremists. (see:

Rubin is the founder of a ministry which focuses on the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorism. He also has a heart for the return of Jews to the land of Israel and for Israel’s restoration.

The mission of the ministry Rubin started, called Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund ( ) is to ease the trauma of terrorism in children and rebuild the Biblical heartland of Israel.

This lying  Jew was featured numerous times on one of America’s most deceitful and hate mongering radio networks : THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK that runs its scam operation out of Milwaukee  Ws. 

This shady  character from the synagogue left the U.S.A. to begin his education as an  international blackmailer and a perverter of biblical truth.

Cartoon - The Jew as Race Defiler

While he claims to be an expert on terrorism ,he hides the fact that his current status as a Zionist and israeli citizen  more than  qualifies him to be a dangerous A+terrorist himself.

He in fact, can work both sides of the street. He can use his American identity to beguile the incredibly naïve and trusting gentiles in the U.S.A. and then to send his reports back to the headquarters of international racketeering ; to the modern state of Israel.

The incredible stupidity  of the Evangelical church in America, has allowed this traitor and subversive to operate freely within the continental borders of this country ,for the express purpose of convincing the masses that killing thousands of innocent Palestinians  ,robbing them of their homes ,farms, and fields is in conformity with the will of the Almighty.

His glib performance over the phone and his american dialect  work to give him a  credibility  to all those whose understanding of the Middle  East ,rarely extends beyond  an :I dream of  Genie episode. Or the purchase of a package of dates. 

All of  this  subterfuge is facilitated by those in the media who have gained the confidence of millions of Christians in America.  

This is what makes the scumbags and lying bastards working the crosstalk programming show ,produced by VCY AMERICA, and their sponsors who give them free airtime: The  Rejoice Broadcast Network , Pensacola , Florida

so totally evil and corrupted.

This amalgam of deceit and swindle work together to enhance their operations and thereby increase their year-end profits.  This two-headed serpent is making big money, cheating all the morons who listen and are easily influenced by their brainwashing .

The Rejoice Radio music outlet is part of Pensacola Christian College and happens to be one of the  wealthiest religious institutions in the state of Florida.[RBN] And yet they never fail to engage in some of the most deceitful fund-raising tricks and  schemes ever dreamed by the evil and corrupted mind of man.

 This gang is totally beholden to the Jewish media moguls and are willing to betray whatever Christian cause in the world ,to stay in good favor with the jewish world plague ,that spreads its poison thru the convenient  syringes  of the Christian radio airwaves.

Never ,under any circumstances, trust or believe what you hear  from the mouths of any Christian Radio Broadcaster  ,especially what goes over the air as “Vital news and Information”   All you are hearing is a clever scheme to convince the listeners  that it pleases the Almighty to side with the well camouflaged Jews ,murdering ,robbing and raping the helpless indigenous people living in ancient Palestine.

This is what they are paid to do.   And to cover their own traitorous performances they cleverly fill the airwaves with sentimental country gospel music!

What a bunch of diabolical monstrosities all those scam artists at REJOICE RADIO clearly are!


And they are good at it.  They hire the best around . Craig Mattson , and the conniving son of a bitch ,known as YOUR GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR are well worth the bucks they get from the money bags behind the scenes .

Never support any of these lying scoundrels ,but report  them to the FCC.

The day will come when federal marshals will cuff these criminals and frog walk them to a paddy wagon for an extended stay behind bars. .As happened with one of the best in the business JIM BAKKER. remember what a clever criminal he was?

Remember: That unless humanity rids the world of the jewish world plague;the jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity.





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