Have you been lied to? Has your pastor ,minister or priest been giving you the usual song and dance you normally get from CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS..[RBN]



 My Christian people:  Few experiences are as hurtful than finding out that someone you trusted and had faith in has lied to you.  You might feel embarrassed ,upset or  deceived.  Lies have a very harmful effect on friendships ,marriages and relationships and usually cause their demise.   Lies and untruths   swindle people out of countless millions of dollars everyday.

But try to imagine how  deep the sense of disappointment and betrayal   many must feel, when  they discover that their pastor  , minister or bible teacher has not only lied to them, but has been actively involved in abusing them for financial purposes.   And abuse does not stop at the pocketbook ,it eventually leads to the abuse of one’s small children; the most vulnerable in our society.

Of course this is something all Christians have painfully come to know by the simple reading of today’s newspapers. This is an old problem that constantly undergoes modifications that at times seem to be so clever ,they could have been crafted by satan himself.

You might be confused by the apparent endless reports of crime and corruption within the Christian faith community at every level ;but few attempt to learn or understand the real source of the problem.   Many are perplexed by the  lurid stories of sexual abuse involving small children and have no one to turn to for an answer.

Many of  the  problems  Christians face today can only be understood in the light of past events . And hopefully bring to mind certain parallels in behavior,

 that  remind us of just how vulnerable we are to being swindled by all the criminal minded snake oil salesmen ,pretending to be servants of God , Bearers of God’s truth, and simple clay pots.   How clever can these jokers get?

Jimmy SwaggartDo these two hypocrites look like clay pots to you?   formed by the hand of the Almighty?…   Only when JIMMY was caught did the truth come out.


The Televangelists’ Hall of Shame!  
“Jesus wept.”


Jim Bakker then

Real Name: Jim Bakker
Category: Sex & Scandal
Posted Date: 2004-01-02
Last Modified: 2009-03-16
How long did it take for the authorities to catch this son of a bitch.  and how many millions did this swindler cheat the gullible morons in the Evangelical faith community out of?
There are untold thousands of clever and cunning religion criminals working the pulpits ,the missionary outreach scams ,and the usual CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST NETWORKS ,trying their best to cheat the gullible idiots in their listening audience.
With the sentencing of Bakker and the revelations about Swaggert and ORAL ROBERTS and his crime family  does  not mean that vigilance is no longer required. In fact ,it is more necessary now than ever before.
Now the criminal operators working the airwaves ,such as, the REJOICE RADIO SCAM have the full faith and credit of the JEWISH masterminds of perversion and blackmail  behind them. The Jews are  in total control of the media ,in all its myriad forms ,and are cleverly using the Christian media and the Christian community   as a battering ram against itself.
This includes all Christian radio  broadcast networks , and THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK is one of their most loyal and obedient servants. Slavishly working under the jewish whip , supporting all the blood thirsty sadistic jews   trying to annihilate the Palestinian people.

The Rev. John Hagee

   This modern-day image of  Judas Iscariot is only one of many enjoying instant recognition among the millions of mindless evangelicals, anxious to do the bidding of the demon possessed Christ haters that have wormed their way into America’s Christian community.  Here is the   face of the chief priest in  service to the international maggots that have  turned the Christian faithful into the willing accomplices of murder and genocide.

 This lying fraud of a minister ,who is in fact a  servant  of Satan has grown immensely wealthy doing  the job for the  Jewish cabal

that they themselves would have found difficult.

 Difficult that is until the lure of money,fame and possessions became too much to resist for this bloated termite who betrayed the Christ he had  once  claimed to serve.

The Jews love this type of minister, one they can easily manipulate for their own motives. One that can easily be bribed ,like the greatest thief and traitor of all times ;Judas Iscariot ,the disciple John Hagee loves and adores.

For wealth and flattery this lying bastard has brought upon himself and all the other mindless  and naïve members of the CORNERSTONE CHURCH of San Antonio ,tx. the blood of the  innocent children of PALESTINE, murdered at the  hands of all the bloodthirsty Jewish sadists he so willingly blesses and gleefully applauds.

He encourages their murder and blesses the genocide of the hapless Arabs living in GAZA and throughout the West Bank.

He encourages a nuclear first strike by the Israelis against the citizens of  TEHRAN as a further guarantee that the bloody work of the diabolical jewish monstrosities goes unhindered.

How evil can one person be ;disregarding the hideous suffering and destruction that innocent people would  experience. The small children ,the aged ,the pregnant women ,the young teenagers hoping for a decent future ;all meaningless to this high priest of SATAN.

But he is not alone in the world.   In fact he has engendered an entire industry of like-minded criminals in the ministry that are all too willing to follow in his bloody footsteps and enlist in the service of this diabolical cabal of Jewish mass murderers .

You can hear them everyday in the service of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE on the radio dial from coast to coast.

You can hear and listen to RBN ;THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK that comes to you on wpcs. PENSACOLA ,fla where they habitually present to the gullible idiots in their audience sermons

designed to paint a more sympathetic understanding of this international pestilence called world JUDEO-MARXISM ,masked in the form of Judaism. They battle everyday trying to convince their moronic listening audience as to the divine plan of returning the Jews from the DIASPORA back to the Palestine they abandoned 2000 years ago.

Of course they fail to explain to the mindless jerks listening how THE ALMIGHTY would sanction the  murder and theft of Palestinian property in the process !

How would a merciful god sanction  and bless the taking of property and the wholesale murder of small children to satisfy the LEBENSRAUM of a race of depraved Godless ,CHRIST HATING ATHEISTS never crosses their mind to explain.

And  by so doing ,they stay on the air ,pushing whatever con job they can think of , to lift your wallets and to pick your pockets.  Knowing that as long as they are on good terms with the Jewish world plague they will continue to be granted a license and carte blanche in their determined efforts to deceive ,cheat and swindle the Christian community of America. PZ-Dino.jpeg KEN  HAM , exponent of the six-day creation  theory is riding this scam operation for all it’s worth.   This lying piece of excrement is a featured speaker on the REJOICE RADIO operation coming at you from Pensacola ,Fla.   But there are more cheats and swindlers just like him that make their faithful appearance on this well-known radio scam operation[RBN]
I’m sure you can add many more to this list. File:Vic Eliason in Studio.jpg   Here’s a character that has slipped detection for decades and has grown incredibly rich pushing whatever falsehood he can make sound credible. To the end of exciting the credulous in his vast listening audience.
My dear Christian : You are under no obligation to allow yourself to be swindled .  Just because someone tells you he is a Christian does not give him the right to  deceive you ,trick you or to cheat you.    Just say no!!
  This is not intended to be a thorough discussion of deception for fun and profit within and without the Evangelical community ,but merely a cursory review of how easy it is to take advantage of a mindless wandering mob of some incredibly stupid people ,who enjoy the pretense of belonging to a community of like-minded dupes ,erroneously believing they can make a difference.
The only word of warning  I can give you  is found in the axiom that ,Cheats and Swindlers gravitate to each other. So when you hear Vic Eliason presenting you with an important guest ,ready  to impart vital information ,keep in mind that Vic attracts other like-minded criminals and religion deceivers just like himself.  DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THEM ,PERIOD.
Is this, in reality, what your church looks like from the inside, empty ; totally devoid of any intelligence ;where your pastor or bible teacher is nothing but a money grubbing swindler and con artist?  Where your small children are unsafe to be left alone.   Where your minister is nothing but a thief ,lying to you ,trying to get at your hard earned money . And if not  your  money ,then your sexual favors .
 Is this the church you go to where you are constantly being deceived as often happens at the campus church of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.    
 Where  your legitimate needs ,both financial and spiritual ,are ignored, and where  all the money they collect goes to support a small gang of insiders . Church officials who laugh at you behind your back!!

 Or are you one of these morons you see here?  This mob of idiots is also being cheated and tricked out of their money, their dignity and their intellect ,if they  had one to start with. Stay away from these jokers!!


These disgusting Jews pictured here, are the very antithesis of what it means to be a true Christian. And yet , all the criminal minded Christian Radio Broadcasters in America ,slavishly support these demons in human cover.

This is what we are up against, and it will take unity and great strength to defeat these  international maggots  . Do not support the criminals operating behind the microphones of the VCY AMERICA swindle or their chief sponsors, the clever charlatans at THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK.


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