Rejoice Broadcast Network and VCY America .Into The Jelly Belly of The Two-Headed Beast.Ingrid Schlueter and ROBERT FROM BIRMINGHAM,ENGLAND; The Saga continues.

 My Christian People:   It is a shameful spectacle to see the predatory religion hucksters out in full force once again ,during what should be a time of festivity    and spiritual  contemplation .  

Many  of  the  problems  Christians face today can only be understood in the light of past events . And hopefully bring to mind certain parallels in behavior,

 that  remind us of just how vulnerable we are to being swindled by all the criminal minded snake oil salesmen ,pretending to be servants of God  .


The magic of the Christmas Season is again with us, but unfortunately, it is also a time when those with little regard for the religious  feelings and the  Christian sentiment of others ,attempt to cheat and swindle the gullible out of their hard-earned cash.

The main culprits can be found in the various churches, both large and small, of every denomination.  A typical church of  two hundred members ,tithing monthly can mean as much as a half a million dollars a year ,or more [net] into the pockets of the pastor and his cronies .

And all this cash is tax exempt ,to be used by the minister or pastor as he sees fit. This usually means  jewelry for his wife or girlfriend ,a luxury condo at some seaside resort ,possibly near Pensacola or  Destin ,Florida ,  an expensive car or plane.Con Artist 

When Christmas rolls around ,the first thought  that enters the brain of this parasitic pariah  is ; who to contact among the women of the church to begin the decorations ,the   carol singing , gifts for the children,baking cookies ,  figgy pudding   and cold cut sandwiches, to be distributed to the local gang of  homeless bums.

C. Mattson


It never gets around as to who will pay for all  this routine charity ,since it’s understood that it won’t be the pastor,minister or his cronies. The cost as usual ,will be borne by the church membership who will be asked again for a special offering to cover the costs.

The time spent on these projects  will not be on the part of the clergy ,but the  mothers of families ,the young volunteers who will have to cut   time  allocated for their own families and friends ,to do the needed Christmas chores.

What it comes down to is simply that the Christian community ,made up of hardworking and dedicated members of their local  church,  are regarded as a  resource to be mined;…a veritable slave population to be exploited by the pastors and all the associated teachers,  elders ,board of directors ,heading their  so-called ministry of Christian Love .    To be used as they see fit and at their  direction.

Is it really that surprising that many of these depraved degenerates engage  in child abuse and inflict horrendous physical and emotional  harm to the most vulnerable church members : our young boys and girls.

 The  reason for all    the game playing and spiritual charade is to create a veneer of religiosity ;not only on the mindless and less astute  membership, but to serve as a cover , to disguise  the cruel stranglehold the minister or pastor exerts over his helpless congregation.  

 Anything calling itself a ministry can cover a multitude of sins and evil  intentions .    It’s like selling musical CD.S that are of poor quality, and must be rid of to an ignorant mass of regrettable jerks.   Just put two useless and cheaply made disks into an envelope and tell the idiots it’s a special deal . Only a once in a lifetime bargain …A two for one Christmas music special !   In order  to support their music   and tape MINISTRY.   What a scam!!  But it gets the stuff off the shelf!

What you in effect are supporting is the luxury  lifestyle of the minister or bible teacher.    Or a gifted Radio cheat ,hate  mongering scam artist.  PENSACOLA: THE DEGENERATE RIVIERA.

  This is the home base for the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK IN PENSACOLA. Do you want to support this depraved lifestyle and the economy of Pensacola  with your financial GIFTS? 

But no scam or deception can last forever.    Sooner or later these conniving scumbags will be caught or at the very least exposed to their congregations for what they are and  then forced to resign.

The vultures operating furtively  behind the cover of a radio broadcast  network   or a  televised televangelist operation are equally minded, and are guided by the same contrived biblical principles  as their more sedate and locally landed brethren ; the bricks and mortar operations, working the fine art of the phony  religion swindle.

The” on the air “cheats and con artists seem to confuse a  granted license to broadcast with a license to steal.Stock Photo - man holding money. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, wall murals, images, and photo clipart

They in fact have an easier time of it than their landed pastors  and bible teachers,their fellow cheats and tricksters . These jokers never have to come face  to face  in real terms with their membership.  They can put on whatever disguise they choose and adjust  the face mask as  needed.  In other words ,they can do and say whatever the hell they please, as long as they stay within the bounds of religious propriety ,the morons in their listenership  will swallow it.

Unfortunately ,we live in a country that does not protect its citizens from the  abuse ,both financial and sexual ,that is a common occurrence in both the churches and in all the Christian Radio Broadcast Networks  plying their trade in deceit and religion scam artistry. Taking advantage of the ignorant and overly trusting radio audience.

We never heard of the many times that the F.B.I. warned Oral Roberts and Benny Hinn that they could be prosecuted for stacking their audiences with paid actors to pretend they were being instantly healed of various illnesses. We are never warned about all the many scams and cleverly packaged schemes that the credulous receive everyday,dealing with charity scams or hundreds of phony missionary outreach programs that never seem to materialize.

The only  thing that will keep  you from getting ripped off, by any one of the many thousands of radio swindlers is your own commonsense. If you fail to use it then no one will pity you when you find yourself victimized by them; just ask all the millions of gullible dupes who sent their fifteen dollars a month contribution to the P.T.L. Club and financed the depraved lifestyle of that little son of a bitch: Jim Bakker.

Jim Bakker then

Real Name: Jim Bakker
Category: Sex & Scandal
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, the hosts, ran a gospel empire near Charlotte that included a theme park, shopping mall and housing. It all crashed in a financial and sex scandal, and Jim Bakker went to prison for defrauding his followers of millions of dollars.

Add to Bakker ,the  tearful double talking hayseed: JIMMY SWAGGART who rode to the pinnacle of  televised religion fraud until he was caught in a motel room filled with  porn  ,sitting on the bed with some young hooker.  He, all the time claimed he was reviewing Bible verse with her.   She claimed they both enjoyed watching hard-core porn during the bible lesson that Jimmy gave her and paid her to hear.

But whether it’s Bakker or  Swaggert or Oral Roberts ,Benny Hinn and countless others ,they all have one more thing in common ,aside from their  devout determination and dedication to cheat and swindle you;and that is their   unrelenting denial of wrong doing. These lying bastards will protest their innocence til the very end.

In fact Bakker claimed he knew nothing about the fraud and swindle involving millions of donated money and funds intended to purchase time  shares at the famous theme park . it was all a frame up he protested til the very end of his trial,when he heard his sentence.

 I truly believe this joker did not fully accept any blame in his rotten little brain for what he did ,  until he heard the clanging sound of his cell door slamming shut behind him.

This is a common trait found in the personalities of almost all con-artists   : religion based or otherwise.  They can never admit  to themselves or to others ,what a bunch of low life dirt bags they truly are.

I know that the Christian public has choices and    can listen to whichever Christian Radio station they like ;but if you really want to focus in on a couple of extraordinary gifted operations that radiate fraud and deceit at every turn in the drive time road , then you can do no better than to tune   the radio dial and give a listen to the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK and their companions in cheating the gullible christian public, the infamous gang of con artists over at VCY AMERICA .

Vcy America is produced at their Milwaukee studios and R.B.N. comes at you from the Pensacola Christian College campus.

Both of these scam operations are a mutually supportive swindler’s match,each one trying to take advantage of a particular class of imbecile. One, the jokers  from Pensacola specialize in ,is the ageing sun belt seniles crowd and VCY AMERICA deals with the extra stupid urban hick variety, you run into all across the fruited plain.All the avid listeners to the CROSSTALK radio  talk show and call-in program ,produced by the incredibly

 deceitful  on the air religion swindlers :the  VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK, will instantly recognize the name: ROBERT  from Birmingham ,England.

  Well, this is ROBERT in his favorite drag outfit. Here he is flying over London ,dressed as Mary Poppins.  Robert is a notorious charismatic sounding ,cross dressing homosexual

mary poppins

 who quite often calls in to the crosstalk call-in show to  pay his respect ,as well as his  love and admiration  to Vic Eliason and the entire staff ,busily deceiving their vast radio audience ,across the U.S. and round the world ,thanks to the internet.

Robert listens on the internet and calls in toll-free.

 Robert thinks the cross talk show  is for Christian  cross dressers, and  no one dares to tell him otherwise.

 I urge everyone to listen patiently for the next time he calls in with his usual commentary about the price of petrol or about  Israel or those nasty Muslims.  Listen carefully and you will hear the sounds of an ageing Mary Poppins trying to get fresh with old Vic and the call screener.

  Sadly, Robert has made a devil’s bargain with Vic Eliason to be his  foreign  correspondent and thusly, lending an  international footprint to Vic’s broadcast business trick.

Robert has a keen interest in meeting the call screener  for the CROSSTALK SHOW  as well as maybe   meeting Caleb Keener or any of his moonshine gang..  

 Robert loves everyone he meets .  He thinks the call screener sounds sweet. I’m sure he won’t be flying to the  states  using his Mary Poppins magic umbrella.  He just uses it to cruise the back alleys of Birmingham,England. Poor Robert  . Hiv /aids is prevalent in England as much as it is  in Nigeria.


These two herky jerky outfits are rather unique ,and I’ve as yet found a more despicable gang of frauds and  cheats anywhere on  the radio dial. But credit is due for all the ingenious and clever machinations they put on to deceive the already dumbed down audience.

The VCY AMERICA operation , a one  hour-long call in talk show ,is usually included in the day long Rejoice radio programming.  And it’s push and pull from then on out.  The typical radio listeners to the VCY AMERICA crosstalk radio network.

Vcy America  ,thanks to the conniving and criminal minded Vic Eliason puts on a political diatribe against all those either too weak or unwilling to defend themselves against the   unrelenting attacks directed at them.  I’m inviting you to read the words of his own daughter ;INGRID SCHLUETER as written in her own words and appearing on her blog.My name is Ingrid Schlueter, and I am a Christian wife, mother, radio host, producer and columnist. I love to read many different kinds of books, enjoy classical and sacred music, antique shops, used bookstores, history and theology, and time with my children and my husband, Tom. This is my personal weblog where I share my thoughts and reflections about what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others around me. I also get to write here about some of the eclectic things I’m interested in. Thanks for reading.

What is of particular interest are the reactions of those who have listened to the VCY produced Crosstalk program and did not have a clue as to the evil and demonic nature of INGRID’S FATHER.    If you have the time read it for yourself ,and keep in mind that this is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

I have just gotten off the phone with one of the members of the VCY Board this evening, and Tom and I have been assured that despite appearances, our emails authoritatively have been deleted. I want to state in the strongest possible terms that had our initial request for deletion been respected weeks ago instead of being ignored, none of this would have happened. When we first discovered that our old emails were active, we were told (May 20) that the email forwarding had been changed. It had not been changed and the forwarding of my mail continued for over a week until we discovered it. This is what created our concern today that our emails may still not have been deleted. We have had zero communication on these issues from anyone except the board member who has graciously worked to help us. We are deeply grateful to him for communicating directly with us in a clear-cut and Christian manner. That’s all we have ever wanted. Tom and I only went public when we had to alert those using my old address that their personal emails were being accessed by someone other than me. We had no other recourse, and we stand by that decision. We trust that this is the end of this issue.*

My sincere apologies for having to raise this issue in a public forum, let alone a forum that I have tried to keep a place of encouragement.

For several years, my primary email has been I had it posted for four years on my About page as a way to get in touch with me here at my personal Hope Blog. If you still have that email address, as many of you do, please stop using it immediately.

I am no longer with VCY America as of Monday, May 16, and our son, email administrator at the time, deleted my account prior to my resignation. I learned last week that after my resignation letter was received, my email account there was resurrected and the incoming emails directed into Vic Eliason’s email in box. In that my account was used, as Vic’s is, for both personal and ministry mail, many are unaware that their emails are going to VCY America and not me. As of this morning, fully a week after my initial demand that the account be deleted, mails are still going through and are not bouncing back, showing that the account is still active.

This is a gross violation of my privacy and that of anyone else who uses that address in good faith. At no time was I as an employee informed that upon my departure, my account would be started up again for purposes of reading my incoming mail. The excuse that it was a “corporate account” and appeals to Wisconsin State Statutes are meaningless in the face of simple Christian kindness and family relationships involved here. You can win the legal case and lose everything else that matters in life.

As of this morning, I have asked for an immediate response and have received none from my father or anyone else at the ministry regarding this shameful situation. I am only going public because friends of mine are finding their emails going into a black hole. Because they are not bouncing back from a deleted account, they believe I have received the emails and have ignored them. In reality, they are going into Vic’s email. Additionally, they are seen by the Administrator. That is a violation not only of my privacy but that of my friends and colleagues who send email to that address. For a Christian organization, this is inexcusable.

In that private attempts to address this have failed, I am publicly calling on my father, Vic Eliason, to permanently delete both and and to show respect for his daughter and son-in-law who have a combined 45 years of service and over $26,000 dollars worth of donations given to the ministry just in the last few years. If basic love and respect can’t compel you to delete these accounts, what will?

 Vic has not only  abused his daughter Ingrid but other members of his family ;namely his grandchildren that he cares nothing for. Ingrid’s daughter Emily was born with challenges and while Vic blathers away about his love for the unborn he refuses to visit his own granddaughter .   What does he really care for the children of others who are born with genetic deficiencies.

Vic has also gotten into difficulties with his employees whose workers rights he continuously violates. WHAT A DIABOLICAL MONSTROSITY THIS SCAM ARTIST IS!!  And yet this is what passes for Christian dialogue. Let’s have dialogue !   What a scam artist this jokers is.

 Vic calls this, providing his listeners with vital and important information.

What the jerks listening ignore is,  to put this over, he uses former members of whatever group he targets. His pure unabridged hatred for Mormons is legendary, as is  his hatred for Roman Catholics ,and of course ,those terrible nasty muslims .

And so, what  better way to tell the public about these groups than to hire former muslims, Mormons ,catholics and then toss in a few former Jews and there you have it ; a totally unbiased review of all the important and vital information the average Christian needs to know. What an incredible joker this bastard is.

Of course the only former Christians in the VCY AMERICA STUDIO is Vic Eliason and his ridiculous side  kick ,the trouble making JIM SCHNEIDER.

These two swindlers have learned well, the money-making opportunities in the art of Christian play acting.

This is interesting ,since  this is what the imbecilic audience thrives on, but is too stupid to understand how they are cheated out of the truth ;how they are being manipulated by some clever con artists  posing as invited on the air guests .

Remember cheats and swindlers gravitate toward each other .  This  is why cheap hustlers such as Jerome Corsi , Joseph Farah just happen to pop in at times pushing their poorly written books or pushing their vital and important news websites.

 And so, Vic gets richer by the day ,selling all the second-rate merchandise[Books ,CD.s  he can get his hands on ,and all this compensated by the incredible stupidity of the American public. .Ingrid Schlueter's photoINGRID SCHLUETER,


And is well-known in radio circles as being very good in conducting scam fund-raising operations for undisclosed charities ,he claims to exist in Africa.

He practically invented the PRAYER RACKET FOR  AFRICA SCAM and has grown incredibly rich, using this money-making device ;a scheme that is seldom questioned by the less astute in his radio audience.

But this is just one leg of the two-headed monster that thrives on the basic fundamental idiocy of the Evangelical community. 

The Rejoice Broadcast Network tries to pass itself off as a deeply Christian ,deeply concerned organization ,interested in the spiritual health of its audience. And  deceitfully  call their scam :The  Rejoice Radio   ministry.  Rejoice radio

provides the softer touch to the two-way tag team match of con artists, out to get as much money as they can out of the idiots in their respective audiences.

You won’t hear much in the way of hard-core political banter with R.B.N.  ,just soft Christian Gospel music, some hillbilly jamboree medley ,and  a little Jewish music  designed to gain favor with the sadistic murderers of Jesus Christ . And so they stand a better chance of getting their license to broadcast renewed.  And it’s coming up soon.   The softer touch you will hear from the voices of REJOICE RADIO!

Unfortunately few will  bother to take the time to write the FCC and alert them of all the on the air abuse going on at both VCY AMERICA and their partners in crime ;the REJOICE RADIO SCAM.  These two crime families are joined at the lip and the hip!

It is well to be aware how these two gangs operate, but the Rejoice Radio outfit is truly amazing,and I recommend everyone listen and learn how they do it.

These jokers have a well entrenched ministry in the heart of Pensacola ,a semi-resort town catering to many thousands of U.S. servicemen who prowl the area looking for sex and drugs.    Pensacola has a thriving sex industry that the chamber of commerce tries to hide and the depraved hypocrites at Pensacola Christian College that has as one of its many related ministries ,the RBN musical presentation.

The liars and hypocrites try as best they can to sweep this fact under the rug , to not create unfavorable concerns on the part of the parents of young  boys and girls that might be thinking of attending classes at their below standard college .   Afterall, what Christian mom or dad would agree to send their daughter or son for that matter ,to attend classes where their safety is put at risk?

This is nothing more than pure deceit and a cover up for Pensacola Christian College ,but remember the principle of applying a veneer of religiosity and  christian integrity as a way of hiding and covering the nefarious and godless activities of any false ministry.

Remember how JIM BAKKER DID IT and got away with it for many years.  This is common practice at both VCY AMERICA and the Rejoice broadcast network.  

It all starts at RBN with the cast of characters that come at you daily. Probably the most gifted of the cheats and religion hustlers they use, is the glib sounding Craig Mattson. This guy knows his stuff;not only in putting on the sincere Christian disguise, but in skillfully painting himself with   a thin veneer of erudition. How better to  trick  prospective parents into  considering Pensacola Christian College as a suitable institution of higher learning for their kids.

CRACKPOTS do not come much more cracked – or potty – than Ken Ham, and Ian Taylor , founders of Answers in Genesis, and architect of the ludicrous Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Ken Ham with  an animatronic dinosaur at the Creation Museum in PetersburgKen Ham with an animatronic dinosaur at the Creation Museum in Petersburg Ken Ham and the other incredibly deceitful fraud and charlatan Ian Taylor are often asked to teach biology and earth science to the gullible students attending PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.  Is this what Craig Mattson and the entire staff running the show at RBN really think of the minds of their   listenership? I guess so. 

But now we learn that Ham is an appalling hypocrite too.

This joker is a phony as  the day is long and can lie with a virtuosity that bends iron beams. 

But for the seniles there’s Dr. Don Smith. This character sounds like a stand in for the little old wine maker. A really charismatic sounding professional senior citizen who claims to pray for the recovery of  those suffering every disease known to modern man.    

They use this stooge as a way of exacting funds from those about to depart this vale of tears. And he has the exact pitch and scam presentation to do exactly that.

Then we have the incredibly deceitful female hyenas in heat, that give  sincere   ,pious and even tearful story telling episodes of missionaries about to be eaten by cannibals and other such stuff . All designed to create the required image of devoted  sincerity  ,much-needed for any scam presentation to survive. Don’t fall for it.Hyena's Mating. Masai Mara, Kenya


 ,  This is Linda Fannin , a true hustler, who learned the art of deception during her younger days ,bending elbows with all the staff sergeants stationed near and around PENSACOLA,FLA.  Getting free drinks was a snap for this female hyena in heat ,and more than that, from some of the brass that would often show up ,after duty.

She now uses these skills to lie ,cheat and trick the vapid yahoos that are too stupid to know    the difference.

All they present you with is a theatrical presentation designed to serve as a cover for a very sophisticated phony religion appeal that takes advantage of the christian religion sensibilities of the radio audience.

Or who can ever doubt the sincerity from another of the many personalities heard daily on REJOICE RADIO ,who goes by the name of your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR.  This character is like a shark smelling blood in a pool full  of young ladies riding their cotton ponies.

All of them are money-grubbing hypocrites who came out of odious and depraved histories. Many of the women you hear earned their living at one time in the phone sex industry and learned the skill of giving good phone to their paying customers[credit,debit cards accepted] and now put their talents to work giving good radio.

If they really need an accomplished liar and cheap hustler they put Bethany Crawford on the air to read a children’s story.    And of course at times they are required to make a direct solicitation for money . Many of RBN.s ladies date colored men and have often been seen carousing at BAMBOO WILLIES!    Could this be the reason why Craig loves playing Black Gospel music all the time? Such as Amazing grace.About Willie]:

Bamboo WilliesBamboo Willie’s Beachside Bar located on the Whitewater Beach Boardwalk next to the famous Hooters in Pensacola Beach, Florida offering the scenic beauty of the Santa Rosa Sound. Accessible by car or boat, Bamboo Willie’s offers an experience unique to Pensacola Beach. Our great live entertainment is offered Friday and Saturday nights

Back to the fraud and deceit.

The real problem with donating to these crafty and clever cheats is that it takes money away from the few truly legitimate care givers in the Pensacola area.   If you allow these bastards to trick you into  supporting them financially  you are allowing them to not only steal from you but from those in true need .

 This is the equivalent of allowing them to   STEAL FROM THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!  And this is exactly what cheap bar hustlers such as Denille Combe ,Bethany Crawford And the rapidly ageing  RHONDA AUTRY are in effect doing ;allowing this phony ministry to rob,cheat and steal from the LORD!!   DON’T LET THEM DO IT!!

Listening to Rejoice broadcast radio one hears a constant barrage of lies such as: the station is only listener supported ,or they have operating expenses ,or donating to their fraudulent operation will mean you get a first class ticket to Beulah land : giving them money will have ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES . and so on..

All this is designed to lower your ability to think which is not hard to do considering the education level of the imbeciles in their audience.

Just don’t  fall for it . Just find a truly needy group of people and give whatever you can afford to them and let all the liars and parasites at RBN find some honest work to do.

Let’s  put that incredibly  deceitful DR. JOEL [JEW JEW] Mullinex to work,doing something productive rather than   making a huge amount of money giving his usual twenty-minute  sermonettes on historical  inaccuracies that sound like children’s bedtime stories. And for this he’s become fabulously wealthy ,all at the expense of the idiots that keep referring to him as a doctor. How stupid can people get.

Til next time: good day and good news to you……… SELAH.

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