F.C.C. grants Christian Radio stations a license to BROADCAST ,NOT A LICENSE TO STEAL! Rejoice broadcast network,TAKE NOTE!

 My Christian people: …Who among us has not heard of the infamous stock market swindler named Bernie Madoff?  ..Who is there in the Christian Faith Community  who has not  heard of or read about the little phony televangelist Jim Bakker, and the clever and deceitful enterprise known as the P.T.L. Club?

Both of these criminals were so ingenious in putting over their scams on an unsuspecting and very trusting public ,that it took many years before their lies and fraudulent practices came to light. 

Jim Bakker then

Real Name: Jim Bakker
Category: Sex & Scandal
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, the hosts, ran a gospel empire near Charlotte that included a theme park, shopping mall and housing. It all crashed in a financial and sex scandal, and Jim Bakker went to prison for defrauding his followers of millions of dollars.

 Before  the incredible evil   they both engendered, and which caused the loss of many millions of dollars from  the life savings of thousands of gullible jerks became public  knowledge ,they both had amassed huge fortunes for themselves , and had lived like royalty for  decades.

But sooner or later, all con artists who steal money  from the public, and take advantage of the trusting but less astute among their respective communities,will be caught.

What escapes  the notice of both the Christian and secular segments of society is that in both instances ,great  amount of thievery occurred by very crafty and intelligent thieves. And in  both cases  the guilty never used a gun or weapon ;nor did they engage in direct  threats of violence toward their victims.

They simply used their gifts of persuasion and that was enough to pull off  the swindle,the grand theft larceny. .Con Artist 

Sadly, the art of the religion swindle is something few Christians ever bother  to familiarize themselves with  ;given their trusting nature ,which is a feature  of the Christian psyche and mindset.

One ingenious way the clever and criminal minded religion hustlers use to defraud the public, is to apply for a broadcast license to the FCC ,thereby giving them  access to the hearts and minds of some of america’s  gullible and less informed; The Evangelical Church Community .

These dear people are beyond my ability to adequately describe, other than to say, they fall for any sentimentality that any  gifted and glib  Bible hustler can come up with and toss at them.

And these poor and exploited imbeciles number in the millions . Some of the worst examples can be found in many regrettable parts of the deep south. Places such as Milton ,Florida, Pensacola  beach, Mobile,Alabama ,Niceville ,Crestview ,and the entire state of Tennessee , show the utter desperation and abject mindless stupidity, that has taken a serious toll  on  America’s fundamentalist christian community.art of the phony  religion swindle.

The” on the air “cheats and con artists seem to confuse a  granted license to broadcast with a license to steal.Stock Photo - man holding money. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, wall murals, images, and photo clipart

In the minds of the calloused and demented cheats and swindlers operating behind the microphones of Christian Radio Broadcast Networks ,all these gullible and naïve jerks in  radio land ,represent a gold mine to be mined ,exploited and stripped of its monetary value ,before someone else gets to them.

When it comes to rank stupidity, and the inability to see what clever Christian radio scam artists are up to ,the imbeciles and assorted morons who live along the Bible Belt, represent the Mother Lode of riches ,  to all the con artists and pickpockets in the phony Christian Radio Broadcast swindle.  

 These jokers rejoice intensely when envelopes are opened containing checks and cash. In fact it fills their depraved and calloused souls with great pleasure  knowing that they have found the path to easy wealth.

 And this is an eternal quest for these crooks. This is what they live for;this is all they care about. Trying to convince you that your  soul is in the balance is their stock in trade.

These hateful sons of bitches couldn’t care less  about your precious soul. All they want is your hard cash. But why is that so hard for all the morons in the Evangelical community to understand.?

All this easy money, coming out of the wallets ,checkbooks and purses of America’s half -educated Evangelical boobs,anxious to fork over cash to these heartless bastards  ;hoping that these donations will have ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES….. TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS WHAT THESE CON ARTISTS THINK UP TO TRICK ,CHEAT AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE IDIOTIC EVANGELICAL COMMUNITY.

 Of course there are many hundreds of these professional tricksters operating the Christian Broadcast table of  cheap swindlers,but one of the more notable examples for Christians of all denominations to take notice of, is the REJOICE RADIO SCAM ,operating from Pensacola ,Florida.

C. Mattson

Now, I have to admit these jokers are GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO with the broadcast license the inattentive FCC has doled out to them.   They have put it to good use making a fortune for themselves.  All these many years they have been hard at it,tricking , cajoling , lying, cheating the Christian morons who depend on them for a few moments of Gospel music.

The Rejoice broadcast  network is just one of many related ministries:[another funny word] of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE , itself, the umbrella organization  for other equally deceptive fund-raising operations ;not the least of which is the jewish controlled ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING OUTFIT.                                                  

                           THIS IS CRAIG MATTSON,THE ONE AND ONLY.

And then  you have the comical but conniving jackasses pushing the six  day creationist scam on the gullible jerks in the listenership. Ken Ham,Ian Taylor are getting fabulously wealthy drawing crowds of idiots to their creation museums and soon to be completed  NOAH’S ARK theme park. 



Psalm 148:7, 9-10
“Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons,    



Ian was born in the UK and graduated with degrees in metallurgical engineering. He immigrated to Canada and spent nineteen years as research metallurgist with the Aluminum Company of Canada and obtained patents including a novel process for the manufacture of armor plate. He became a Christian in 1974, lost his position as metallurgist and joined David Mainse, Canada’s TV evangelist. He became producer of 39 television programs of the “Crossroads” series including a 13-part TV episode exposing the fallacies of the theory of evolution. He wrote the book In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order in 1984. In 2008, the book was updated and expanded to 518 pages, and it is available from Creation Moments.

   If the authorities had the cojones they would slap the cuffs on these two frauds and frog walk them to a paddywagon .    How far can these two pickpockets go ,in their  phony scientific deceptions, before someone takes notice and puts the cabash on these two characters.

And then again,Pensacola Christian College is operating under false premises by promising diplomas that are about as useless to the graduating class as the paper they are printed on. Any kind of degree taken at this phony college will get the  student nowhere but lost.

My understanding is that KEN HAM and all the idiots from ICR visit the campus and conduct seminars on man’s origins and on the subject of THE GREAT FLOOD . This is well-known throughout the world of academia ,rendering any classes in Biology or earth science, totally useless for the student as well as to the casual observer.   If you’re looking for a school to send your kids to,PASS THESE RIDICULOUS JOKERS BY!! And you will be glad you did.

These scumbags hardly miss a trick putting out an endless scriptural charade of misleading and craftily devised hokum. The result is that they are preventing you from learning anything positive about the Christian Faith .And so ,you are not only being cheated out of your money,if you are stupid enough to support these cheats financially ,but they are causing you a great deal of spiritual damage to your mind and your relationship with CHRIST! 

The personalities operating the Rejoice Radio operation are incredibly wealthy people ,making a fortune talking the jerks in the audience out of their money,and  there’s no limit to what they will do or promise. The more you donate the better your chances of winding up in Beulah land . Be a share partner and experience the joy of helping to make JIMMY THE MINT MINCE EVEN RICHER THAN THIS PILE OF EXCREMENT ALREADY IS.

Send in your money now and help CRAIG MATTSON move into an even larger mansion. Donate and help Denille Combe get her much needed plastic surgery.   There’s no end to their idiotic demands for gifts.

Pay your  tithes to these crooks and you will help caleb keener make his truck payments and the down payment for a new condo on DESTIN FLORIDA ‘S SUGAR WHITE BEACHES.  I could go on.

But I can’t stop until I mention a real crook on the broadcast airwaves . This double talking cheat wrote the book on how to swindle the morons in the EVANGELICAL FAITH COMMUNITY. He’s known among his contemporaries as MR.STICKY FINGERS. or sticky fingered Vic .

Yes, it’s none other than MR.  MILWAUKEE ;the one and only Mr. Vic Eliason!

And yes, he thought up  another  good scam.  You see his co host of the crosstalk radio call-in program ,Mr.Jim Schneider’s daughter is getting married this weekend , and clever Vic thought up a nice way to show how much dear Jim is appreciated by the mindless boobs in his audience .And so he requests that all the idiots listening to   some  of his  ninety  plus radio stations ,coast to coast ,send in a congrats card to jim’s daughter  and the happy couple ,and he will see they all get to JIM and or the happy  couple.

What a scam artist this bastard is!  Just another way to get some free money out of the hides of all the imbeciles in his corrupted and cheating VCY AMERICA BROADCAST SWINDLE!  Why not take the morons for all they are worth??

Trusting sticky fingers around a table full of cards with  checks is like trusting a hungry fox around sleeping chickens,.

Now ,of his more than ninety stations ,even if only a hundred per station sent in cards with congrats, that would be a lot of cards;and if only half the cards had sizeable checks of any size and any amount ,that would still add up to a goodly sum.   And this demand coming from an incredibly wealthy scumbag.

These on the air  Phony christian radio hustlers are operating nothing more than a  licensed extortion racket. And they are cheating you ,lying to you, stealing money from you ,without putting a gun to your head or making violent  threats .   You see what the

power of persuasion is all about.

From your good news commentator;GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU MY DEARLY BELOVED.


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